British 18-year old student cheats death after friend pushes 10ft CROCODILE into her death roll. The predator dragged her to her death and mauled her leg during whitewater rafting in Zambia.

  • Briton (18) was on a gap year vacation in Zambia when he was attacked and killed by a 10-foot crocodile. 
  • The girl was rafting Victoria Falls, before she went swimming in a short break.
  • Reptile bit her leg. As a male friend, he fought to get her out of the death roll.
  • Croc finally gave up. She was rushed to the hospital and had her leg amputated.

While on holiday with his friends in South Africa, a teenage British backpacker was attacked by a crocodile.

An 18-year-old girl from a public school was enjoying Victoria Falls, Zambia’s rafting when the reptile at 10 feet attacked her. She fell to her death roll.

One of her male friends ran up to her and kicked her until she released herself. She was then bandaged and flown to the hospital to be treated for her broken leg.

An 18-year-old British public schoolgirl on a gap year holiday in Zambia had her leg bitten by a 10ft crocodile while white water rafting the in Zambezi river (file image)

While whitewater rafting in the Zambezi River, a British schoolgirl aged 18 was attacked by a 10ft-long crocodile.

The hospital can be found in Lusaka which is the capital of Zambia, approximately 240 km from the site where the attack occurred.

The exact time and condition of the victim is unknown.

She was whitewater rafting along rapids of the Zambezi River, below the Falls. The girl took a break when the reptile attacked.

A friend and she had taken a refreshing dip in the river with a guide. However, they were told that it was safe as all the large, crocodile-sized crocodiles could be found upstream of the falls. 

The Sun was told by a source: “They were taking a break form rafting, and she was swimming with an acquaintance when it occurred.”

“He dived underneath the water, and began punching at the crocodile furiously.

“Then, others joined in and helped. It was chaos. It was chaotic. There were people running around and blood everywhere. She’s lucky to still be alive.

An acquaintance of the family said that it’s a rare occurrence for crocodiles to attack a girl, adding that the girl was very lucky to be rescued. 

Though attacks at the waterfalls are uncommon, they’re not unusual. 

In 2018, a Zimbabwean woman canoeing above the falls with her British fiancé had her arm bitten off by a crocodile which attacked their boat.

Zanele Ndlovu, a former national tennis player, had been enjoying a day out with Briton Jamie Fox when the reptile attacked and punctured their raft in April.

Inflicted into the water by Ms Ndlovu, her right hand was bitten while she was holding on to the other arm. This horrifying attack occurred just days before the couple’s wedding.

After being rushed to the hospital, medics were able to save her life and stitch the wound. She then got married at the hospital chapel in the next month.

Zanele said that the incident occurred at The Chronicle newspaper Zimbabwe in Zimbabwe.

“It flew out of the water, bit my right arm and joined the side of the canoe. Then it started to collapse and everything happened so fast.

“The Crocodile bit me once more and pulled me in the water. My husband was knocked to the side and the boat fell between them.

Jamie waded over to my side, where the crocodile was pulling me down to the bottom. Jamie grabbed my waist. With the other hand, he was able to rain blows on the crocodile.

The guides saw us battling the crocodile and joined in. There are conflicting stories about what happened. After seeing us fighting the crocodile, the guides joined the fight and eventually the crocodile let go.

“The pain was unbearable, but Jamie stood by me and helped me to find the strength and courage I needed. He was still in shock and he calmed my nerves.