After being fired from a Mississippi daycare, a worker at the center apologized. She had worn a horrible Halloween mask in order to scare toddlers. 

Following the public release of video footage that showed her scare kids for not doing their chores, Hamilton’s Lil’Blessing Childcare worker (known as CeeCee) posted an emotional Facebook video lasting 19 minutes. 

CeeCee can be seen grasping children running in terror, and then getting just inches from their faces. This is one of many horrifying videos shared on social media this week.

CeeCee stated in video that it was not meant to hurt anyone and wasn’t malicious. The teachers asked me whether I would do it. [the mask]for their class to learn or to tidy up. . . I am not an abuser of children.

CeeCee worked in the daycare since she was 16, and has been there for nearly four years. CeeCee claimed that all of her teachers understood her plan, but the school’s proprietor did not.

I did not enter there on my own initiative. She said that she didn’t intend to traumatize the children by going in.

CeeCee stated, “I expected them react in the same way I did.”

According to the ex-childcare worker, her former students were her whole life. She will never again work in daycare.

The Lil' Blessing Childcare worker in Hamilton, who referred to herself as CeeCee, spoke out in an emotional 19-minute Facebook video to apologize for her actions

Hamilton’s Lil’ Blessing Childcare worker, CeeCee, apologized for her actions in a 19-minute Facebook video

The horrific video released earlier this week shows CeeCee in a Halloween mask terrorizing children other teachers said were 'bad'

CeeCee is seen in horror wearing a mask for Halloween terrorizing students whom other teachers thought were ‘bad.’

Multiple students were seen covering their faces while another was hysterical as CeeCee got close to her face

Multiple students were seen covering up their faces. CeeCee, a hysterical student, was also close by.

CeeCee later walked into a second classroom to scare three other toddlers who were hiding from her

CeeCee then entered a second classroom in order to terrorize three toddlers hiding behind her. 

Footage shows the horrifying mask CeeCee said she bought from Dollar General to scare her co-worker

Footage captures the horror mask CeeCee purchased at Dollar General for her co-worker.

CeeCee, a Dollar General employee, purchased the mask to scare her fellow worker. 

CeeCee explained, “Long Story Short, I bought the masks for her to scare eventually but they were misused inappropriately.” 

But what you didn’t notice was that after I left the room I removed it and went back to the classroom. I then said, “CeeCee got this monster.” The monster isn’t coming back. They would hug me. They have been my best friends for their entire lives. 

CeeCee’s 19 minute video explains that toddlers react emotional because they are children.  

CeeCee said, “I would like to offer an example. It may seem that way but it doesn’t have to.” 

“So, like last Christmas, there were some kids who took Christmas photos and the Grinch would hide in the bush and scare them. People thought it was funny. It’s basically the same thing. 

Later she said: “They knew that it was me. They had the reaction because they were children. That’s all.” 

CeeCee posted the video through Richard McCandless, not her own social media accounts. 

CeeCee ranted throughout the video

She repeated herself multiple times while crying

CeeCee didn’t hide her sorrows as she explained to the toddlers why they reacted in the manner they did, because they were kids. Later, she said that the children were her life.

Terrified children were seen attempting to run away from the childcare teacher as she avoided their sobs

The terrified children tried to flee the caregiver teacher, despite her trying to ignore their sobs.

The children appeared to be terrified, even after the woman left the room. Their tears can be heard from the other side of the classroom door

The fearful expressions of the children could be heard from across the classroom, as the woman left. You can hear their tears from across the room.

Ashley Wood, the mother of CeeCee’s son who attended daycare, posted the video. Wood took a stand for CeeCee, and asked that the public stop making death threats and slanderous remarks about the day care. 

‘There will be consequences but it’s not our place to judge anyone or even make someone feel so alone and down,’ Wood wrote on Facebook. ‘[It] isn’t right. I don’t wish cece no bad on her. Did it go wrong? I’m not saying it’s not and she knows that’s – and is what she is trying to get thru to everyone she is truly sorry.’ 

A Mississippi mother who had a child at a daycare posted the horrifying footage of CeeCee terrorizing toddlers to Facebook. It was later removed. 

Kelsey Tackett posted the video online, while calling for closure of the daycare. 

“Now Lil” Blessings — IF THIS HAD BEEN. MY CHILD, MIGHT AS WELL LOCK ME UP! This IS NOT CALLED FOR !!!! I feel so bad for those babies & those mamas who will have to comfort their children while they try to sleep tonight & the nights to come,’ Tackett wrote. 

‘Not mention having to find somewhere new for their child to go- excuse my language but I BE DANG*****!! It has led me to S I CK !!!’

A little girl who was attempting to eat her lunch got a fright when a daycare worker in a creepy Halloween mask approached  her and yelled in her face

A little girl who was attempting to eat her lunch got a fright when a daycare worker in a creepy Halloween mask approached  her and yelled in her face 

CeeCee can be seen pointing to the children while asking a fellow teacher if the student by her was misbehaving

CeeCee can often be seen asking fellow teachers if the student is misbehaving while pointing at them. 

The video was reposted by Ashley Wood of Hamilton whose son attended the day care. Wood stood up for CeeCee and asked the public to halt their slander and death threats toward the former childcare worker

Ashley Wood from Hamilton, whose son was a day care worker at the centre, reposted this video. Wood stood for CeeCee, and asked that the public stop making death threats and slander against the ex-childcare worker.

CeeCee’s video of her terrorizing children was shared widely online. One woman was in the background instructing CeeCee to steer clear of certain toddlers who had ‘been good,’ saying “Don’t get her.” 

The woman is seen looking at a child, who she considers ‘bad’. She asks: “Are you bad?” Can I take you outside?

Visibly distraught, the child tries to cover his face from the woman wearing the mask. He cries and then shakes his head at the question.

The young boy did not respond to the shouting, but the mother yelled directly at him before screaming, “You better be good!”

After the crying children continue, the child care worker moves to another classroom and informs them that the other group should be available.

Three children are seen hiding behind a shelving unit while the mother pounds the door.

CeeCee approached the children and began to make them scream. CeeCee then began screaming at the three children for them to stop. 

Another teacher stood by and pointed to the 'misbehaving toddlers' for CeeCee to handle

CeeCee was pointing out the misbehaving toddlers to CeeCee’s attention, while another teacher stood nearby. 

Children hid behind a shelving unit to try and get away from the daycare worker who was hellbent on scaring them into being good

The daycare worker was determined to scare the children into good behavior so they made their escape behind a shelving unit. 

The statement, posted to mixed reactions, from Jennifer Kayla Newman on Facebook Thursday

This statement was posted by Jennifer Kayla Newman to mixed responses on Facebook Thursday

Monroe County officials say they are investigating the videos from inside the daycare

Monroe County officials claim they are looking into the video from the inside of the daycare. 

Jennifer Kayla Newman is a daycare worker and claims she filmed these videos. She posted a lengthy response to Facebook on Thursday saying that she did not record the incident because it was humorous, but to demonstrate to parents the actions of her coworkers. 

She said that a few weeks ago, some of the girls from the daycare purchased Halloween masks in order to scare their children.

According to the daycare worker, her motivation to keep a record was derived from prior slaps on her wrists that she received to coworkers for issues that she raised to owners.

The woman said that she recorded the incident to prove her innocence and sent the footage to the parents so they could see how the child was treated.

‘I did not video this for sh**s and giggles. I found it not amusing. It was not something that I found amusing. I am not the one screaming at the children’s faces. I am not the one next to that girl who is screaming. Newman posted on Facebook, “That laughing in the clip is NOT me.”

The Monroe County Police Department is currently conducting an investigation into the matter after residents complained.  

A statement was posted on Facebook by officials Thursday indicating that they are looking into the matter.

“The Monroe County Sheriff’s Department, MS is aware that video was taken at Hamilton daycare and working with the prosecutor to determine if criminal charges can be brought against the person involved,” a post stated.