Female politician who was raped multiple times by her ex-partner appeals against a family court ruling allowing him contact with their child

  • A woman is in court with her ex-partner regarding contact with their child
  • She is challenging the decision to contact her and requesting that she be allowed to share the costs 
  • A judge in dispute decided that a woman had been raped months ago 

A politician who was a victim to multiple domestic rapes is awaiting a High Court judge’s ruling in a family court dispute with his ex-partner.

The woman is currently involved in a court proceeding with her ex-partner, relating to their child’s contact.

The woman is the mother of the child. She has challenged the family court judge’s decision that the man should have contact with her and that she should share the costs of meeting arrangements. 

The dispute was settled by a judge who ruled that the woman was raped while they were living together.

The judge found that the man began to rape her while she was asleep and subjected her domestic abuse, coercive, and controlling behavior.

A politician who was a victim of 'multiple' domestic rapes is waiting for a High Court judge's ruling on the latest round of a family court dispute with an ex-partner

A politician who was a victim to multiple domestic rapes, is waiting for a High Court judge’s ruling on the latest family court dispute between an ex-partner and a politician. 

The balance of probabilities was used to determine the outcome. The man also refuted the allegations against him.

The details of the case were made public Wednesday after the woman appealed against a decision by the family court judge relating to her child.

A High Court judge presided over a public appeal hearing at the Family Division of London’s High Court.

Mrs Justice Arbuthnot decided that the woman could never be identified in media reports but suggested she could be called a ‘politician.

She suggested that the man could be called the woman’s ex-partner’. 

Mrs Justice Arbuthnot was informed that an order had been issued allowing the man to contact the child in a supervised contact centre.

She was also informed by the family court judge that the woman should split the costs of the contact arrangement with her ex-partner.

The woman is still waiting to hear if Mrs Justice Arbuthnot will allow her to appeal and’set aside’ the order of contact and the order that the costs should shared.

Mrs Justice Arbuthnot will likely issue a ruling in the near future on the appeal of the woman.

The lawyer representing the woman described the man’s ‘abusive’ behavior as ‘prolonged’ and ‘insidious’.

Mrs Justice Arbuthnot was informed by Barrister Charlotte Proudman that a fact-finding hearing had led to serious findings against the father for multiple rapes, which began while the mother slept, domestic abuse, coercive and controlling behavior.