21-year-old female rookie officer in police is expelled from her job because she was convicted of stalking an ex-lover three weeks into the start of her career.

  • Emma Bewick (21), from South Wales was convicted for stalking Gavin Burrows. 
  • Cwmbran Magistrates Court gave her a suspended 10-week sentence
  • Bewick is now banned from serving any other police force.  

After being convicted of stalking an ex-lover, a rookie female officer in police has been barred from any job within the country.

Emma Bewick was 21 years old and a liar after she followed Gavin Burrows around in her car, as well as on foot.

Cwmbran Magistrates Court handed her a suspended sentence for consistently showing up at the defendant’s home and workplace.

MailOnline received information from a source that said she had an initial relationship with Mr Burrows in January. However, it ended just before she joined South Wales Police Force. 

The court was able to hear that Bewick hid outside Mr Burrows’ home and showed up repeatedly at the job, and other places he frequented often.   

Now, a misconduct hearing has heard that Bewick’s name will be added to the barred list, preventing her from working for forces in England and Wales. 

Jilted PC Emma Bewick, 21, ignored warnings to stop harassing former boyfriend Gavin Burrows after following him in her car and on foot

After following Gavin Burrows in his car and walking, Emma Bewick (Jilted PC) ignored all warnings not to harass him. 

Bewick admitted stalking without fear, alarm, or distress between October 7 and 25 at Talbot Green, South Wales

Bewick confessed to stalking between October 7th and 25 at Talbot Green in South Wales.

Jeremy Vaughan, South Wales Police Chief Constable said Bewick would be fired if she had not resigned. 

Bewick was awarded a place as a trainee police officer, but she had just started her student period as a constable police officer when she was caught stalking. 

Burrows was repeatedly pestered by her, even while she was out on bail. She received a restraining orment from a judge for harassing.

Miles Goodman was the Detective Inspector. He stated that Emma Bewick had been involved in a domestic-related incident with Gavin Burrows, her ex-partner.

She was advised by the man to not contact her again and told that she should cease all contact.

“Another complaint was filed regarding unwelcome contact with him. She was taken into custody and released on bail with the conditions that she not contact him.

“She did not adhere to the bail conditions. A further complaint was that she had following him on foot on 19 October.

DI Goodman claimed that she was arrested for harassment on 26 Oct and pleaded Guilty at Merthyr Tydfil Magistrates Court.

Bewick was sentenced by a Cwmbran Magistrates to a 10-week suspended sentence, a five-year restraining or ban on her from speaking with Mr Burrows and the payment of prosecution costs.

Bewick studied a policing degree at the University of South Wales before getting her £21,000-a-year job.

South Wales Police headquarters held a misconduct hearing. It was revealed that she had been dismissed and that she had resigned from her position.

Now, a misconduct hearing has heard that Bewick's name will be added to the barred list, preventing her from working for forces in England and Wales

A misconduct hearing heard Bewick’s name added to the banned list. This will prevent her from serving in forces in England or Wales. 

Rookie PC Emma Bewick (pictured), 21, was handed a suspended sentence at Cwmbran Magistrates Court for repeatedly calling at her victim's home and work

Cwmbran Magistrates Court handed Emma Bewick, 21, a suspension sentence for calling her victim at work and at home repeatedly.

Chief Constable of South Wales Police Jeremy Vaughan claimed that the crimes occurred ‘just a few months after she joined South Wales Police.

He stated that she had been arrested just before the beginning of her probation for stalking someone she was with prior to joining the force.

Chief Constable Vaughan claimed that stalking was an ‘egregious offense’, and that the behavior of Vaughan was ‘premeditated.

He explained that officers of the police are supposed to be there for victims of harassment or stalking.

She was not sent to the streets of South Wales, but she is grateful for that.

“A South Wales Police officer must maintain the highest professional standard from the moment they walk through the doors.”

He claimed that although the 5,500 personnel of the force ‘work tirelessly in protecting the public,’ Bewick’s actions had undermined trust and confidence in police.

He stated, “There’s not room for that type of behavior in South Wales Police.”