Ben Goldsmith, a wealthy financier’s daughter, tragically lost her life trying to scare a friend while she was zig-zagging with an all-terrain car on the farm of her father. The inquest is now closed.

Iris Goldsmith turned sharply right on a field, and was then thrown out of the mule vehicle. It resembles an open-top quadbike with a roof.

Following a six-seater Buggy flip over and trapping her under the metal roof, pressure caused her neck to burst.

The tragedy also claimed the life of her best friend (15-years old).

Iris Goldsmith, pictured with her father Ben, made a sharp right hand turn on a dry field and was flung out of the all-terrain vehicle, which resembles a quad bike with a roof

Iris Goldsmith is pictured here with her dad Ben. She made a sharp left hand turn on a field, and was then thrown out of the all terrain vehicle. It resembles an open-top quadbike with a roof.

Taunton, Somerset inquest heard that Iris was seen driving the left-hand drive mule in an unsafe manner in the past.

A friend of hers told the coroner Iris had previously driven the car – with some flaws – in such a way before she was scared.

Tony Williams, the senior Somerset coroner recorded an accidental death.

He claimed that Iris drove the car to its overturn, but it was due to defects.

Williams stated that “Iris was having fun with her friend at the time of this tragedy.”

Inquest found that neither the teenage driver nor the passenger was using a seatbelt when they crashed into the Cannwood Farm, a 120-acre farm owned by Goldsmiths near North Brewham.

Mr Williams stated that Iris turned sharply to the right, which caused instability in her mule. The vehicle lost control and she was thrown onto the side. This resulted in her neck being trapped and fatal injuries.

Iris’s father was an environmentalist and financier named Mr Goldsmith. He said that his daughter was “a force of nature”. 

He said, “Whatever happened to my girl was an accumulation of bad luck.”  

“The Monday that the mule wasn’t being used was unusual, and was bad luck.

“The ground was extremely hard following a dry period of two months, which could have caused the wheels to skid. This was unfortunate luck.

It was bad luck, he said. Iris was also thrown out of the car that rolled onto her. There was nobody to assist her.

He stated, “It is unbelievably unfair.” Iris was the force of nature. She did everything she wanted, and I can’t imagine anyone could stop her.

At her private funeral in London, Iris's mother Kate Rothschild, paid tribute to her in the eulogy, saying she was 'simply spectacular and life-giving'

Iris Rothschild was the sole guest at her London funeral. Kate Rothschild, her mother, spoke out in tribute, calling her a’simply amazing and life-giving’ person. 

Iris’s best friend, who is from London, told the coroner in a statement they were at the farm for the start of the school holidays and drove off in the mule to meet another friend to go horse riding.

Iris’s name was said by the little girl to be ‘zig zagging through a field’.

‘She had done in the past to scare me when driving the mule – I am not sure how fast we were going,’ she said.

The mule turned on its sides and ‘Iris’ suddenly turned abruptly to the right.

She was temporarily trapped by her ponytail, but she thought she were OK. Iris then said ‘please help me’.

After trying unsuccessfully to get the mule free, Iris screamed for help and called 999.

Nick Marsh, the 38-year-old Goldsmiths gardener, heard her cry but could not rescue her.

He called other farm staff to assist and Iris was eventually freed, but she was still unresponsive and had lost her pulse.

Staff gave her CPR, tried to save her, but she went into cardiac arrest. Paramedics spent over an hour trying to revive her.

Hayley Lippiatt worked at the stables and tried to rescue her. She said that it was a tragic accident. Iris was 15 years old. She was happy and lively, and was greatly loved by everyone who knew her.

Astrid Mr Goldsmith, Astrid’s PA stated that “I have seen Iris driving the car in the past.” She didn’t tell me who it was she had learned. Ben was the one who taught her.

She said, “I’ve witnessed her drive it well. I’ve also seen her recklessly drive it on numerous occasions. Zig-zapping, tight turns, speeding, etc., but this was the driving that caused this accident.”

When the incident at the weekend retreat occurred, Mr Goldsmith was playing cricket in Surrey.

According to him, the mule was bought ten year ago for leisure purposes to see his ponds as well as wildlife on his property.

Iris's father, the financier and environmentalist Mr Goldsmith, said his daughter was 'a force of nature'

Iris’s father was an environmentalist and financier named Mr Goldsmith. He said that his daughter was “a force of nature”.

According to him, the staff used the mule on Monday afternoons so that was why it wasn’t being used.

Mr Goldsmith stated that he had taught Iris to drive, both with supervision at the age of 8 and independently at 14 years.

He warned her that he’d discipline her if she drove recklessly or not properly.

According to him, his PA said that she was a reckless rider on quadbikes and horses but not the horse.

According to PC Sharon Little, a police collision investigator said that the mule was underinflated and had other problems which could have contributed to the accident. This is because of the manner Iris drove.

There were no criminal charges.

Iris Rothschild was the sole guest at her London funeral. Kate Rothschild, her mother, gave a tribute in her eulogy.

She explained that she couldn’t explain the sea of grief in which we’re caught or the sensation of feeling separated into thousands of unfindable fragments.

She was truly amazing. Her light shined brighter than all I had ever seen.

She was simply magical. I can’t find the words to describe her, or she doesn’t exist.

“Iris was a life-giving, free, wild and joyful girl. But she worked hard and cared deeply about her life.

“She was ambitious and had many dreams, and plans. She would do anything to achieve them.”

She encouraged everyone to remember Iris and to love like she loved.

“Now live your life as she intended. Live like you would. Then maybe it won’t all be for nothing.