Res-coo and fire! After cordoning the streets of city center, firefighters release a pigeon that was tangled up in nets.

  • Three South Wales Fire and Rescue units deployed yesterday
  • A member of the public claimed to have seen a pigeon on the roof netting.
  • After being lifted from an aerial platform, one firefighter untangled a pigeon. 

Cardiff firefighters closed down a busy street in order to rescue a pigeon caught in nets to deter them from roosting. 

South Wales Fire and Rescue used an aerial ladder platform of 100 feet to help firefighters reach the bird and remove him from the Net on the roof at a Nat West Bank. 

The rescue footage showed the firefighter standing up on top of the ALP that had been lifted to the roof. Before releasing the pigeon, the firefighter meticulously untangled it from its net and handed it to an animal welfare specialist. 

The bird was untangled by a fire fighter to the delight of the people on the ground. The response on Twitter was less positive, with many suggesting that the fire fighter should not have shot it. 

South Wales Fire and Rescue deployed their aerial ladder platform to lift a fire fighter up to the roof to rescue the pigeon in the centre of Cardiff

South Wales Fire and Rescue deployed their aerial ladder platform to lift a fire fighter up to the roof to rescue the pigeon in the centre of Cardiff

The fire fighter leaned over and untangled the pigeon from the net while people on the ground cheered them on

While people cheered, the firefighter leaned forward and freed the pigeons from their nets.

Social media users expressed disbelief having seen fire engines deployed to rescue a pigeon

Users of social media expressed shock at the sightings of fire engines being used to save a pigeon.

Griffin Card (18, a student at Cardiff University) filmed the rescue using his smartphone. He described the experience as uplifting.

There were approximately 150 to 200 people who watched.

“The rescue was quite lengthy so it took a long time for the crowd to build up. 

Peter Rees said that taxpayer money was wasted in the rescue. Unidentified tweeter added: ‘I’m glad they saved it, however did it take so many fire trucks and police to save it?

Martin Howard was angry too. Martin Howard was also angry.

Carl Terry asked, “Why didn’t they just film it instead of spending thousands on this absurd rescue?”

Tony Burns added: ‘Seriously, a f****** pigeon? They are rats with wings, Jesus!

A third person stated, “Should’ve just shot it and then left it.”

It is intended to save people trapped on windows higher than the 10th floors of a tower block. 

This incident occurred on Monday. It saw Cardiff’s Queen Street close for about an hour. 

The fire fighter handed the pigeon over to an animal welfare expert who assessed the bird

An animal welfare expert assessed the bird and the firefighter turned the pigeon in to him.

Witnesses reported that at least three fire engines were visible at the scene. This included the platform for the aerial ladder. 

The spokesperson for the fire department said that they received reports about a small rescue of animals on Queen Street, Cardiff at 3:45 PM on Monday November 15th 2021.

“A crew arrived on the scene in order to save a pigeon caught in netting.

The stop message was sent at 4:23 pm. After that, the bird was placed in the hands of specialists.

It is against the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 to injure or kill any wild bird including seagulls and pigeons unless you comply with general licensing regulations.