Barbour’s very nostalgic Christmas advert revealed: The brand promotes its sustainable credentials with this animated Festive Film featuring original Paddington Bear illustrations.

  • EXCLUSIVE! Barbour’s 2021 Christmas Campaign features Paddington Bear
  • First time animation of illustrations using film from 1958’s A Bear Called Paddington
  • A Christmas film that follows a beloved character as he looks for a gift for Christmas Eve  
  • A heartwarming story about sustainability shows the bear waxing Mr Brown’s jacket

Barbour has entered the Christmas advertising ring with a nostalgic Christmas tale that features the original Paddington Bear illustrations. It also includes a sustainability message.

The heritage and lifestyle brand’s 2021 festive campaign is inspired by Michael Bond’s much-loved children’s book ‘A Bear Called Paddington’, which was released in 1958. 

Following the beloved character as he searches for a gift for his foster father Mr Brown on Christmas Eve, the seasonal film includes the original Peggy Fortnum illustration style which has never been animated before.

The A kind-hearted bear can be seen After scratching his brain trying to find the perfect gift, he pulls out his wallet and finds the tag he brought to Paddington station. The tag reads: “Please look after this bear.” 

Barbour's nostalgic Christmas advert is a heartwarming tale on sustainability featuring the original Paddington Bear illustrations. The seasonal film shows the beloved bear re-waxing Mr Brown's old Barbour jacket

Barbour’s Christmas advertisement is a nostalgic tale about sustainability with the original Paddington Bear illustrations. The beloved bear waxes Mr Brown’s Barbour jacket in the seasonal film.

The kind-hearted bear is scratching his head, trying to come up with the perfect gift when looks in his pocket and finds the tag he arrived at Paddington station with, which reads 'Please look after this bear'

The kind-hearted bear is trying to think of the perfect gift, but he looks in his pocket and sees the tag he brought with him to Paddington station. It reads: ‘Please look after the bear’

He holds it in one of his paws and reminisces about the day Mr Brown found Mr Brown. 

He then recalls the Barbour wax tin in the shed. He reads the instructions, and concludes that it’s as easy as spreading marmalade onto bread. 

He then proceeds to re-wax his jacket in the kitchen, restoring it to its original condition but causing damage to the kitchen. 

Paddington presents Brown on Christmas Day with a muddled wrapped gift. It reveals the jacket that bear’s original tag has been attached. 

He holds it in his paws, reminiscing about the day Mr Brown found him - wearing his beloved wax jacket

He holds it in his hands, reminiscing about Mr Brown’s discovery of him in his wax jacket. 

Paddington spies Mr Brown's Barbour jacket hanging up in the hallway and noticing the jacket has seen better days decides to try and re-wax it

Paddington notices Mr Brown’s Barbour jacket hanging in the hallway. He decides to re-wax it after realizing that it is very worn. 

He proceeds to re-wax the jacket in the kitchen, restoring the garment to as good as new - but destroying the kitchen in the process

He proceeds to rewax the jacket in his kitchen, restoring the garment as good as new but also destroying the kitchen.

Paddington encourages Brown to turn the jacket over and has written “Thanks for looking after me.” Brown is touched and says that his jacket is part the family, just as Paddington.  

Paul Wilkinson, Group Market Director at Barbour, said: “Paddington Bear” is a much-loved character that is kindhearted and full if good intentions, even if it does get in trouble! 

We have chosen to celebrate our Re-Waxing Centenary by focusing the story on a thoughtful gift from Paddington, as he re-waxes Mr Brown’s Barbour jacket in time for Christmas. 

‘It’s nostalgic, humorous and sentimental and shows just how much our Barbour jackets are loved and become an important part of the family; if re-waxed at least once a year, they can last a long long time. ‘

On Christmas Day, Paddington presents Mr Brown with a messily wrapped gift to reveal the jacket, which has the bear's original tag attached to it

Paddington presents Mr Brown a messy wrapped gift on Christmas Day. The jacket has the bear’s original tag attached.

Paddington encourages Mr Brown to turn it over, where he has written "Thank you for looking after me." Mr Brown is touched, insisting that his jacket is part of the family, just like Paddington

Paddington encourages Brown, where he has written “Thanks” and urges him to turn it over. Brown is touched by the gesture and insists that his jacket is part family, just like Paddington.

Every frame of Barbour's animation is hand drawn and painted with close to 3000 hours of work since May going into the design, animation and composition of the final film

Every frame of Barbour animation is hand drawn. Nearly 3000 hours of labor went into the design and animation of the final film.

Each frame of Barbour’s animation has been hand drawn and painted. Close to 3000 hours of work went into the design, animation, and composition of the final film.  

Barbour will launch a Paddington Bear children’s collection with soft jersey sweats in navy, red and grey, as well as hoodies in ecru and ecru. 

Nightwear will be available in the new range, featuring humorous Paddington Bear illustrations. Accessories include hat and scarf sets as well as beanie hats, cosy socks and cozy wellington socks.