EXCLUSIVE: First images of the hero train guard, who calmly led 92 terrified passengers away from the wreckage of the Salisbury rail collision. People on board share their stories.

  • Martin Miller, 52, moved from carriage to carriage after a crash, calming passengers.
  • Conductor stated that days have been ‘not enjoyable’ and that he has had ‘a lot of questions’.
  • Martin’s efforts to stop panicking passengers aboard are lauded by witnesses

MailOnline can reveal that this is the hero train guard who saved 92 rail passengers from death in Salisbury’s horrific collision on Sunday night.

Martin Miller, 52, moved from carriage to carriage in the aftermath of the collision to calm down passengers, including a mother with her baby following the collision between two passenger trains.

Miraculously, nobody was killed when the trains collided at the Fisherton tunnel in Salisbury at 6.45pm Sunday. 

Two Great Western (GWR), trains from Southampton to Cardiff were traveling in the same direction. They collided at the tunnel entrance when their tracks merged.

The SWR service was headed for Honiton, Devon when it collided with the GWR service. 

Mr Miller, a veteran conductor who has 16 years of experience, was in one the rear carriages at the time of the crash.

Hero train guard Martin Miller

Hero train guard Martin Miller

Martin Miller (pictured), has been identified by the heroic train guard who led terrified rail passengers to safety following Sunday night’s devastating collision in Salisbury.

In the aftermath of the crash, the South West Railway train (left) is seen with its cab mangled after hitting the back of the stationary GWR service, which had previously partially derailed

The South West Railway train (left), which was partially derailled in the accident, is seen with its cab badly damaged after it struck the back of the GWR service.

He immediately called the control center and went through the train, reassuring passengers that everything was fine and they could leave when the tracks were safe.

He spoke from his Hampshire home, near Andover, today and modestly admitted that he was not the one responsible.

“The company has been brilliant in fully supporting my needs. Apart from that, I can’t think of anything else.

The collision of the two trains in the Fisherton tunnel, just outside Salisbury City Centre, resulted in 92 passengers being on board.

Thirty-eight of them attended a hospital for the seriously injured, while 13 others were admitted to a nearby casualty center.

According to British Transport Police, the driver of the SWR train suffered ‘life-changing injuries’ and is currently being treated at University Hospital Southampton.


Emergency services personnel gather near the site where two trains collided near Salisbury

Near Salisbury, emergency services personnel gathered near the scene where two trains collided.

Investigators at the scene of a crash involving two trains near the Fisherton Tunnel between Andover and Salisbury in Wiltshire

Investigators on the scene of a collision involving two trains near Fisherton Tunnel, between Andover in Wiltshire and Salisbury in Salisbury

William Mills was a 29-year old artist who was returning from London via Honiton to Exeter via London. He was aboard the SWR service.

He praised Miller and said, “There were a lot delays on the service before the crash and he handled it brilliantly.”

“He was very cheerful and confidently helped passengers personally and gave advice on the various connections delays and rail replacements.

‘When the train crashed, he was in one carriage at the back.

“I spoke to someone who was in that carriage and he said Martin really helped to keep passengers calmed and stopped them from panicking.

“He was in contact to his control center and emergency services, and reassured people they had a method of escape and would be okay.

The SWR service, being referred to as 'Train 2', appears to be the most badly damaged of the two trains with carriages leaning at 45 degrees

The SWR service is referred to as “Train 2” and has carriages that lean at 45 degrees.

“I later passed him on my way up to the rendezvous spot by the church and he looked very shaken and concerned about his colleague the driver as he spoke with police. He was a nice guy, and it was hurtful to see him so fractured.

Noemi Mercurelli was unexpectedly in labor on the SWR service between Waterloo, Farnham and Surrey in November 2017. Mr Miller assisted her.

He immediately contacted SWR’s control center and requested that an ambulance be sent to Noemi at Surbiton, the nearest station at the moment.

Mr Miller then made arrangements for station staff members to meet Noemi on the platform and wait with them until the ambulance arrived.