After their boat is sunk in a crocodile infested stream, two fishermen find themselves stranded for three days in the Outback and are forced to consume their own URINE with Berocca.

  • After a boat capsize, two fishermen survived for three days in Australia’s outback.
  • Aged 32 and 33 respectively, the men hit an object submerged and were forced to fight off crocodiles 
  • For three days, they drank Berocca and their own urine to survive.
  • Amazingly, men were saved by a passing fishing boat 

Three days later, two fishermen managed to survive in remote Australia’s outback. After the boat capsized they had to fight off crocodiles.

They were going on a fishing trip along the Daly River, 100km south-east of Darwin. On Thursday they came across a submerged object that caused their boat to sink in the crocodile waters.

A large crocodile tried to attack the men as soon as the pair hit the water. The men had to abandon all their possessions to stop it.

Superintendent Shaun Gill explained, adding, “I’ve been involved with this around 30 years and that this is about the most horrific thing it gets”, while also stating they are ‘extremely blessed to have survived”.

Two men were on a fishing trip on the Daly River on Thursday when they struck a submerged object, causing their vessel to sink into the crocodile-infested waters

On Thursday, two men went fishing on the Daly River. They struck an object submerged in the water. Their vessel was unable to float and they were forced into the crocodile-infested waters.

Immediately as they hit the water a large croc attempted to attack them, forcing the men to throw their belongings at it to keep it away

A large croc attacked them as soon as they touched the water. It forced the men to throw all their stuff at the croc to get it away.

They were left shipboard when the boat sank into Clear Creek’s river last Thursday. The pair were only saved on Monday.

Their expedition to the remote Outback river was supposed to be an adventure, but instead they spent three days trying desperately for survival.

The police stated that the area is known to have crocodile infestations and was “completely inhospitable” for men. Extreme weather forced them into extreme circumstances.

Superintendent Gill stated that they had run out of water and were trying to get water.

Two fishermen who were passing by the spot noticed the debris and saved the pair miraculously.  

Police said the area, which is known for being crocodile-infested, was 'completely inhospitable' and the extreme weather conditions made their task even more difficult

The police stated that the area was known for its crocodile infestation and they found it ‘completely unhospitable’. Extreme weather made the task more challenging.

‘[My]My friend and I went for fish along the Daly River front and noticed something unusual. Shane Taylor explained that the swag was on the bank.

“We had only been a few more Ks when we saw them, and they waved and seemed quite agitated. We were very happy to have them. 

The two were taken to the hospital and treated. Police reiterated their gratitude for being alive.  

Superintendent Gill said, “They did everything possible to help themselves.”

“But even with all this, they were extraordinarily lucky to survive.”