After refusing to get her vaccines, a mother of two who was deemed fit and healthy has succumbed to Covid-19.  

Nuria Danica Gomes (38), tested positive on December 2. She died just seven days after her daughter Erica, 20 and Myra 17, were also left behind.

Ms Gomes was originally Angolan and told Mena Tando that she had Covid December 3. She said it wasn’t a problem, but to be concerned about.

Ms. Tando claimed that she tried to convince Mr. Gomes, but the mother of two was “concerned” about information she had seen on social media.

Ms. Tando (37 years old) said that she tried to convince her to have the vaccine, but she wasn’t convinced. There could have been serious consequences for her in the next few years, as she had read about it on social media. She is missing me terribly.

Ms Tando said she dropped groceries off on Ms Gomes’ doorstep in Liverpool and kept in touch for the next few days.

By December 7, Ms. Tando had concerns about the persistent cough of her friend. She missed a call at 1am.

Nuria Daniela Gomes (pictured), 38, tested positive on December 2 and passed away just seven days later, leaving her daughters, Erica, 20, and Myra, 17, bereft

Nuria Dania Gomes, 38, was tested positive by the FDA on December 2, and she died just seven days after. Her daughters Erica (20 years old) and Myra (17 years old), were left without a father.

Myra told Ms Tando that her mother was in hospital when she rang back. On December 9th, Ms Tando received word that Ms Gomes was dead.

“It was quite shocking for me. I’d been talking to her throughout the week, and when I got a phone call saying she had died, it was unbelievable.

Erica Gomes, Ms Gomes’ daughter, recalled those grueling moments when her mother’s condition dramatically deteriorated.

“Mum did not want to be alone, so we placed a mattress inside her bedroom. It was obvious that she struggled to breathe. She said that she wasn’t panicking and was okay.

We switched on the lights and saw that her hands, lips and eyes were all purple. It was quite disturbing.

Two sisters called an ambulance to perform CPR until Paramedics arrived. Their mother, however, died shortly before reaching Whiston Hospital.

Erica stated, “It all happened so fast. It still gives me flashbacks, which I then try to fast forget.

Myra stated that she and her sister had prayed for the mother of their children as she was struggling. My mum took care of my sister and me since our childhood. We have nothing without her.

“She was such a hard worker, kind, thoughtful, loving, funny and taught us so much. She was very close to me. We could always talk to her when we needed it.

Erica recalled the traumatic minutes when her mother's health dramatically worsened. Pictured, Ms Gomes

Erica recalls the frightening moments when her mother’s health rapidly deteriorated. Ms Gomes

“She showed us how to be thankful for all we have. She was a true friend and helped all who met her.

She is the reason for everything I have. My life was impacted in ways that no other person could.

Elizabeth Neto (35), Ms Gomes’ close friend said that they all were’massively stunned’ by the events and had to leave to deal with them.

Ms. Neto is a Salford foster carer, and an administration officer. She said, “It’s surreal. It’s unbelievable. It’s a huge shock.”

Nuria was a friend she remembers as being’very friendly, open and very kind, always smiling, in a good mood,’

The two had met in Angola and they were both able to bond 17 years later after a friend suggested them.

Both became mothers together, and they always attended each other’s celebrations.

Ms. Neto stated that they would attend weddings together and share celebrations. It is something I’m trying to accept.


Nuria’s two daughters were both university students and said they are feeling ‘completely lost” as they attempt to deal with their grief, despite the fact that their father is far away in Angola (central Africa), thousands of kilometers.

Myra stated that she didn’t know how to cover funeral expenses and was completely confused.

To raise money for the funeral, Ms Neto & Ms Tando created a GoFundMe account.

Ms. Tando explained that Nuria has been my friend for nearly 19 years. In 2003, we met at a Liverpool hostel and became close friends. You could always count on her to be there for you, even when she was quiet.

“She was always there to assist. The friendship strengthened and grew. 

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