Prince Andrew failed to get newspaper articles describing Virginia Giuffre, his accuser, as a “money-hungry sexual kitten” taken into consideration by the New York judge.

District Judge Lewis Kaplan rejected the request for PR purposes and declined to review the media reports or the 139-page manuscript by Virginia Roberts Giuffre on billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Judge Kaplan said there was ‘no proper basis’ to look at the articles or Ms Giuffre’s manuscript The Billionaire’s Playboy Club – published in 2011 – which he added ‘appear to have been submitted for whatever public relations purposes the defendants advisers may have had in mind’. 

Ms. Giuffre (38) claims she was forced to sex three times with Prince Andrew in 2001 when she was only 17.

Reports the Daily Telegraph that the judge accepted to look at a 2009 settlement between Ms Giuffre, Epstein. The Duke’s legal team has previously released him from responsibility.

District Judge Lewis Kaplan dismissed the request as a PR stunt and refused to consider the press reports or a 139-page manuscript written by Virginia Roberts Giuffre about billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Pictured, Prince Andrew yesterday

District Judge Lewis Kaplan denied the request and rejected the PR stunt. He refused to review the press reports, or the 139-page manuscript Virginia Roberts Giuffre wrote about Jeffrey Epstein, a billionaire paedophile. Yesterday, Prince Andrew

According to Ms Giuffre’s legal team, the settlement was “irrelevant” because the Duke was not involved in the proceedings. The release did not cover the case. The Duke also used newspaper articles to “smear” Ms Giuffre, according to them. 

According to the Duke’s attorneys, the civil action should be dropped.

Ms. Giuffre is seeking unspecified damages.

The Duke’s attorneys submitted in October a response to the “threadbare” complaint. They attached media reports as well as Ms Giuffre’s manuscript.

One of the reports quotes ex-friends who criticize Ms Giuffre’s boasting about her wealth.

In another her ex-boyfriend Philip Guderyon, who was with her during the time she spent with Epstein, claimed she ‘was like the head b***h’ at Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion.  

“She used to have 9-10 girls that she would bring to him. He said that she never appeared to be being held hostage.

Ms Giuffre, center, who says she was trafficked by sex offender Jeffrey Epstein

Ms Giuffre (center), who claims she was trafficked to Jeffrey Epstein

Evidence was also presented that included an interview Ms Giuffre conducted with The Mail Sunday 2011 for $160,000 

The Duke’s attorneys want to show their case by using a description of an encounter with Prince Andrew in Mexico. Ms Giuffre admitted that it did not occur. 

The Duke will present arguments to Judge Kaplan on January 4th. 

British socialite Ghislaine maxwell, who was found guilty of six charges related to sextrafficking could receive an 80 year sentence. Maxwell is currently defending herself with the help of her lawyers. 

A judge in New York, not related to the Maxwell trial, said a secret 2009 settlement that Prince Andrew’s lawyers say protects him against a lawsuit brought by Ms Giuffre should be made public.

The Duke has become more fond of horse riding in recent times as he seeks to reduce to public profile as the trial of his former friend Ghislaine Maxwell rumbles on in New York City. Pictured: The Duke of York broke out in a huge smile while out with two fellow riders on Wednesday

As he tries to lower his public profile, the Duke of York has taken to horse riding more recently as the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell continues in New York City. Pictured: On Wednesday, the Duke of York smiled big while riding with his two friends.

Ms. Giuffre, Epstein reached an agreement. Epstein was hanged in prison in 2019, while he waited for his trial.

Giuffre was one of dozens of women that Epstein, who is 66, accused of having abused them sexually when they were minors. 

Andrew Brettler, the attorney, has claimed that the agreement also protects the Duke from Giuffre’s separate claim this year. Giuffre alleges that Andrew sexually assaulted Ghislaine Maxwell at her London home when she was 17 years old. 

The second child of Queen Elizabeth, 61, was not charged with any offense and has repeatedly denied these allegations. 

U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska issued a short order on Tuesday stating that, absent any objections by Epstein’s estate the 2009 agreement should be made publicly on or before 22 December as part Andrew’s case.

British socialite Maxwell could face an 80-year prison sentence if found guilty of six sex trafficking charges, and is currently making a staunch defence case with her lawyers against the claims

Maxwell, a British socialite could be sentenced to 80 years imprisonment if she is found guilty on six counts of sex trafficking. Maxwell is currently defending the charges with her attorneys. 

Preska claimed that Preska’s court would question ‘whether any appropriate purpose would be served with the continued secrecy document except, perhaps, for the dollar amount it provided.

Ms Giuffre stated that Epstein forbade her to have sex in Maxwell’s Belgravia and Epstein’s Manhattan homes.

Andrew has denied the claims of Ms Giuffre and charged her with seeking “another payday” in order to make a profit out of her relationship with Epstein. 

Andrew’s layer submitted Tuesday an 11-page statement accusing Ms Giuffre, in her latest attempt to throw out the claim.

Lawyers for the duke called her claims ambiguous and intelligible at best.

It comes as a judge in New York, not related to the Maxwell trial, said a secret 2009 settlement that Prince Andrew's lawyers say protects him against a lawsuit brought by Virginia Roberts should be made public. This picture, dated 2001, shows Andrew (left) with his arm around the bare midriff of a 17-year-old Giuffre (centre), while Ghislaine Maxwell (right) grins in the background

This comes just as an unrelated New York judge said that the secret 2009 settlement Prince Andrew’s lawyers believe protects him against Virginia Roberts’ lawsuit. Andrew is seen in this 2001 photo with his arm around Giuffre (17 years old)’s midriff, while Ghislaine Maxill (right) smiles in background

Giuffre, 38, sued Andrew for unspecified damages in August, saying he forced her to have sex with him at Maxwell's Belgravia home, and also at Epstein's homes in Manhattan and the US Virgin Islands in 2001, when she was 17

Giuffre (38) sued Andrew for unspecified damage in August. He claimed she forced her at Maxwell’s Belgravia residence and at Epstein’s Manhattan and US Virgin Islands houses in 2001. 

Andrew’s Hollywood-based lawyer firm said: “Giuffre refuses to include any but the most conclusory allegations is puzzling considering her practice of disclosing the purported details in the same allegations to the media.

“Perhaps Giuffre’s tendency of changing her story led her to leave the allegations vague so that she would not commit to any one account.

Andrew’s legal team is also going to argue that Ms Giuffre was too old in New York for consent at the time she was accused of sexual abuse. She must therefore prove she was forced.