Fitness coach: Make a healthy McChicken hamburger with only 362 calories

  • One Brisbane-based fitness coach shared her recipe to make a healthy McChicken Burger.
  • The ‘fakeaway’ burger is only 36c calories in total and contains 21.4g of proteins
  • Her McChicken Burger is low in calories, high in protein and is macro friendly
  • “Had this dinner tonight!” Online, a woman stated that this was a winning recipe. 

Brisbane’s fitness coach has given her easy and healthy recipe to recreate a McDonald’s McChicken Burger.

Bec Hardgrave only uses four ingredients to create the fakeaway burger. Bec shared her McChicken which is 362 calories with 21.4 protein.

First, she prepares two Coles Brand Crumbed chicken tenders.  

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She begins recreating the fast food favourite by first cooking two Coles Brand Crumbed Chicken Tenders in the air fryer according to the box directions

Once the chicken tenders are cooked and golden she smears a 20 grams of Light Praise Mayonnaise onto the the brioche bun halves

A fitness coach from Brisbane has shared her simple and healthy recipe for recreating a McDonald’s McChicken Burger and shared that it is 362 calories and contains 21.4 of protein

Fakeaway McChicken Burger ingredients 

As the chicken cooks, she cuts one Aldi Brioche Bun. 

When the chicken tenders become golden brown, she will spread 20 grams Light Praise mayonnaise on each half of the brioche buns. 

Then, she places the tender chicken on the bun. Finally, she tops it with some shredded lettuce. 

Then, she places the tender chicken on the bun. Finally, she tops it with some shredded lettuce.

Bec posted online her recipe video and stated that the McChicken fakeaway Burger was low in calories and high in protein. 

“Omg, yum! I must give it a try!” A woman posted a comment on Instagram: McChickens have become my favorite order. 

“Had this dinner tonight!” Online, another person said that it was a big hit in their house.