Three weeks after his diagnosis, a father died from cancer. 

Jamie Christie, 40 years old, died from the disease after working in Scunthorpe Steel Plant, Linconshire. He had married Sophie Christie on an emotional ceremony. 

Jamie had an 8-year-old son and was diagnosed with oesophageal Cancer on October 21. His family and friends rushed to organize the wedding.

Jamie Christie, 40, from Scunthorpe, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer died aged 40 just nine days after his wedding to his long-term girlfriend, Sophie Christie, on November 3 (pictured)

Jamie Christie, 40, from Scunthorpe, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer died aged 40 just nine days after his wedding to his long-term girlfriend, Sophie Christie, on November 3 (pictured) 

Jamie, pictured with his son Dudley, eight, died on November 12, nine days after his wedding, and Lee and his other close friends were informed soon after

Jamie was pictured here with Dudley (age eight), who died just nine days following his wedding. Lee and close friends received the news shortly thereafter.

Lee Gibb (40), his close friend, described how rapidly Lee’s health declined as ‘crazy. 

Lee stated that he was “probably the most fittest person you have ever met” in his life.

“He enjoyed boxing, was an avid gym-goer and used to play rugby at Scunthorpe. He didn’t smoke and was a good sportsman. This has been completely crazy.

Lee said that Jamie, a gentle giant, was first diagnosed when he began vomiting. 

He said, “They gave him between two and eight weeks to live. He was completely racked with cancer.” Even the doctor said that it was hard to believe that he stood there in front of them.

Jamie and his friends made a quick plan to marry Sophie, his long-term partner.

Jamie regularly plays at Scunthorpe Rugby Club so they chose Scunthorpe Rugby Club for their nuptials. The event was scheduled for November 3.

'Gentle giant' Jamie, who worked at the Scunthorpe Steel plant, was first diagnosed with cancer on October 21 after he went to see doctors despite being one of the 'fittest people you've ever met'

Jamie (the ‘gentle giant’), who was a Scunthorpe Steel worker, was diagnosed with cancer after going to the doctor despite being the ‘fittest person you’ve ever seen’. 

Jamie's friend Lee called him a 'strong character' who 'didn't winge' about what was going on (pictured)

Jamie’s friend Lee described him as a strong character who didn’t “winge” about the situation (pictured). 


Tumours that grow in the area between the mouth, stomach, and food pipe can lead to oesophageal or esophageal Cancer.

Cancer is more common in people aged 60-70 years and it affects more women than men.

It is difficult to identify oesophageal tumors because they don’t present symptoms until the cancer has advanced.

These symptoms include trouble swallowing, heartburn or persistent indigestion, loss of appetite and weight loss. 

Oesophageal carcinoma survival rates are low, only 12 percent of patients survive for 10 years.

Cancer Research UK estimates that six in ten of 10 patients are diagnosed and die within the first year.

It is not known what causes the condition, but it has been suggested that smoking, excessive alcohol intake, overweight, or a poor diet can increase the risk.

Sources: NHS and Cancer Research UK

Lee shared that Jamie had never looked as happy despite all his health problems on the day.

He stated that he had never seen his smile like this in all of his life. This was despite having known him for thirty years. It was obvious that he had cancer. You could also see the weight loss, tiredness and other symptoms.

“But, the smile on his faces will remain with me for all my days. From morning to night, he smiled.

“Jamie” was his final comment. He did not whine about the situation. It didn’t make him cry at the wedding. He stood firm right through the ending.

Lee stated that even though the organizers did their best to make it celebratory, many people felt it was a sad end.

“We held him up singing. We tried our best to make it as enjoyable for him as possible, but it also meant that we had to say goodbye to many people.

“It was quite a day. But we put up our brave faces and enjoyed the celebration with Sophie and Jamie.”

Jamie passed away on November 12, just nine days following his wedding. Lee, his close friends and family were quickly informed.

He explained that Jamie died Friday evening at 9:45 pm. After the family kept quiet for the weekend, we called each other. On Sunday, we all met up at the pub to raise a glass for him.

Jamie has taken control of our social media accounts in the area since his death. It is accessible to everyone. After someone passes, I’ve never seen it like this.

Jamie’s close friends started a fundraising page in his memory to support his eight-year old son and his wife.