A family's home was flooded after heavy rain in London

After heavy rainfall in London, a family’s house was submerged.

The experience was described by a woman whose home had been flooded in the 18-months between their family’s last get-together.

Nicola Thorogood (33), was with her sisters and their partners in Walthamstow when the torrential rains of July hit.

Although the family tried desperately to get the water out, it was too late. They decided to give up and try to salvage their belongings.

Thorogood stated, “It’s heartbreaking to my parents,”

“It’s knowing how much they put into it. They’re now in their 60s, but still work – it’s something they are proud of. It is that which breaks my heart.

Whipps Cross Hospital is a short walk away from the house.

Ms Thorogood was reunited with her family for the first time in over a year after the floods of July.

After the storm worsened, the older sister of her left the children with her. The rest of the family began using buckets and shovels to remove water from their front step. They also used soil to make flood defences.

After realizing they could not stop water from rising, the couple decided to salvage as much of their possessions as possible.

Ms Thorogood explained that she took whatever was possible upstairs. This included sentimental photographs and such. After that, we went upstairs to our parents’ rooms and watched as the rain fell and the flood came in.

Ms Thorogood stated that her mum was nearly in tears. “She said, “Nobody hurts” and “There are worse things that could happen,” but it was obvious she felt the pain in her eyes.

“My mother is proud to be a housekeeper. She’s always clean and decorating the home. It’s a beautiful place. 

The water had receded by Monday morning and the parents began to dry up.

“They stayed because mom didn’t wanna leave,” Ms Thorogood of Chingford said.

“I spoke with her this morning, she stated that the water has gone but they aren’t sure where to begin.

“I hope she will come and stay with us for a while… They can’t remain there at the moment because they are without power.

“So, it’s only a little bit of a waiting.