Florida man begins to strangle a woman in Miami with SHOELACE. She is then saved by a Good Samaritan.

  • Aaron Quinones (27) has been arrested for felony attempted to murder. Quinones allegedly attempted to strangle a woman (26 year old) with a shoelace. 
  • It happened at 11:15am in the vicinity of Miami International Airport. 
  • Quinones and Quinones are not believed to have known each other. Police are investigating Quinones. 
  • Quinones tried to strangle the woman and repeatedly punched her in the face as she attempted to escape. 
  • Quinones were saved by a bystander who pulled Quinones from her. Before the police arrived, he also left the scene. 

Florida man strangled a woman near Miami’s airport with his shoelace. 

Aaron Quinones (27) has been accused of felony attempted killing after he tried to strangle a woman (26) at a bus station near Miami International Airport. It happened on Jan. 2, 2011, around 11:15 AM.   

The pair did not know each other. 

Quinones had her back when Quinones attacked, even though she appeared to be distracted by her smartphone and her bag. 

Video footage of the Quinones shows him silently walking alongside her, before he tries to wrap his makeshift noose around the neck. 

Aaron Quinones, 27, has been charged with felony attempted murder after he allegedly tried to strangled an unidentified woman, 26, at a bus stop near the Miami International Airport on January 2 around 11am

Aaron Quinones (27) has been accused of felony attempted killing after he tried to strangle a woman (26) at a bus station near Miami International Airport. It happened on Jan. 2nd around 11:15.

He appeared to drag the woman to her side before climbing on top her as he tightened the makeshift noose

As he pulled the woman towards his side, he climbed on top of her and tightened the noose. 

The woman struggled to get Quinones off of her

Quinones kept the woman from giving up on her quest for freedom. 

As he lifted her up onto the bench, the woman stares back at him. 

Quinones and the woman grappled briefly before Quinones started repeatedly punching Quinones in her face. She then kicks Quinones away. 

One bystander wearing a green shirt saved the woman. After waving his arms, he pulled Quinones towards the women, and the video cut out. 

Angel Rodriguez, a Miami-Dade officer, stated that the victim would have suffered if it weren’t for Angel Rodriguez, a Good Samaritan, who intervened to stop him from attacking his victim. 

Quinones was reported to have ‘fled’ on foot by police after a woman near him dragged Quinones away from the woman. 

Fire Rescue personnel treated the woman on-scene and her injuries remain unknown. 

When she began to fight back, he punched her several times in the face

He punched her repeatedly in the face when she tried to resist his attempts to rip her off. 

A bystander in a green shirt pulled Quinones off the woman before he fled the scene. The bystander also left the scene before authorities arrived

Quinones was pulled from Quinones by an unidentified man in a shirt of green before he fled. Before authorities arrived, the bystander fled from the scene as well. 

Police arrived on the scene and the bystander fled the area before they arrived. Authorities are now asking the public for help to identify him.

Quinones police are still investigating the incident. 

On a bond of $250,000, he is currently being held in Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center. 

DailyMail.com reached out to Miami-Dade Police Department in order for them to comment.  

The country is rife with crime, with 28 violent crimes occurring within two days and 50 other non-violent offenses, according to Miami-Dade Police.