Food: A celebration dinner… Made easy

Annie Bell’s clever menu frees you to enjoy New Year’s Eve with your guests

Blinis with walnut goat's cheese

Blinis with walnut goat’s cheese

Sourdough-crusted haddock with herb puree

Caramel whisky pear cake

Sourdough-crusted haddock with herb puree; Caramel whisky pear cake

Make ahead… then enjoy the party

The lavish menu was created to make maximum impact and minimal fuss. You won’t have to slave over a stove or miss out on all the good times. All the work can be done in advance so that there are only a few final touches to make it all come together when you get ready for dinner.

Each recipe serves 8  

Food styling: Katie Marshall

Food styling assistant: Rosie Bensberg

Max Robinson, Prop Styling