Two foot-long zombie knives were removed by police officers from a scene of bloody carnage in which a teenager boy was attacked by a mob and repeatedly stabbed in another night in gang violence in Birmingham. 

After being attacked by a gang made up of youths in Kings Heath on Wednesday night, the victim, 17, is currently in hospital with serious injuries. 

Officers have taken horrifying photos of a large machete or other zombie-type knife being found by the Forensic Team.

The attacker is believed to be local and targeted the teenager in Meadfoot Avenue. 

A second large knife was also stolen just metres away from a Camford Grove family home. 

A huge machete recovered by a forensic officer at the scene in the Kings Heath area of Birmingham, where a 17-year-old boy is in hospital after being stabbed

A large machete was found by a forensic officer on the scene in Kings Heath, Birmingham. This is where a 17-year old boy is being treated after he was stabbed.

Horrifying pictures have also shown bloodied clothing being assessed at the scene with a number of special interest markers placed in the road

Horrifying images also show bloody clothes being assessed at the scene with a few special interest markers in the road

One of two large knives understood to have been recovered by forensic teams at the scene of the stabbing as police worked overnight

One of two large knives was believed to have been found by forensic teams on the scene of the stabbing while police were working overnight

A large police presence at the scene in Kings Heath, Birmingham, as an investigation into the stabbing of a teenager is ongoing

There was a large police presence at Kings Heath, Birmingham as an ongoing investigation into the stabbing victim.

A large blade is placed into an evidence container as forensic teams worked overnight at multiple cordons in the residential area of the city

As forensic teams worked overnight at multiple cordons in the residential neighborhood of the city, a large blade was placed into an evidence box

A second large knife was recovered just metres from a family home in nearby Camford Grove. It is pictured alongside a sheaf

A second large knife was found just metres from a Camford Grove family home. It is shown alongside a sheaf

A West Midlands Police officer places evidence markers down next to bloodied clothing outside a convenience store as police cordoned off an area of shops close to the busy Alcester Road South

As police close to the busy Alcester Road South, West Midlands Police officers place evidence markers near bloodied clothing.

A cordon is also set up outside a convenience store in Alcester Road South, about half a mile away.

One resident said, without identifying himself, that he heard shouting, and then looked out to see a large group of people running down the road. 

“I could see a young boy lying on the floor.

“Not long after ambulances and police were everywhere.

It follows a spate gang-related events in the city after lockdown restrictions were eased earlier in the year.

Video footage captured the moment that a group of machete-wielding thugs pursued a man on a residential street. It was shocking for homeowners and passersby.

The clip begins with a single knifeman in blue, swinging his weapon at approaching attackers. He then decides to flee for his safety.  

The incident took place in September in the Alum Rock section of the city.

A gang of men attacked a man in a busy street with machetes & hammers, more disturbing footage

Two men are seen swinging their guns at a third person via dashcam footage.

The man tried to flee the attackers but he ran into the middle road and into the path a silver Vauxhall corsa.

This is the terrifying moment violent thugs using machetes and hammers attacked a man on a busy Birmingham road.

Two men swing their weapons at a third man in dashcam footage posted on Twitter at 4.20pm last Saturday. 

He bounces off his bonnet onto the road, desperately trying to escape his attackers as they continue to strike at. 

As daylight attacked, motorists were forced to stop at the junction. 

Terrifying CCTV footage also showed how a gunman opened fired on a gang member’s house, leaving neighbors fleeing for cover in a drive through shooting in another residential street.

Two loud shots were heard and smoke was seen pouring out from a property that had been attacked by baseball bats an hour earlier.

In 20 seconds, a car pulls over and three masked thugs with baseball bats emerge from the vehicle. They smash the property’s front windows before returning to their vehicle and speeding off.

According to the West Midlands Police, knife crime has dropped by 13% between April 2020 & March 2021. 

The decrease in knife crime was due to the increasing number of young people who have lost their lives to it.  

Vanessa Jardine, Deputy Chief Constabulary, stated earlier in the year that although the knife crime rate has dropped, it is still challenging to maintain a force in a time of tragic young deaths involving knives. 

However, violent crime is on the rise in the area since the lockdown restrictions were lifted.

BirminghamLive reports that hundreds of officers will return to the West Midlands to fight violent crime.  

Simon Foster, Police and Crime Commissioner, says he plans to add 450 officers to neighbourhood policing in the next four years as part a core mission to’rebuild community police’.

According to reports, the force now has around 1,000 less officers than it did in 2010.

A large police cordon in place following the stabbing of a 17-year-old boy in the Kings Heath area of Birmingham

Following the stabbing of a 17 year-old boy in Birmingham’s Kings Heath area, a large police cordon was put in place

Over the 11 years since then, knife crime has risen faster than anywhere else in the UK.   

Police figures show that there has been an increase in knife crime related to gangs year-on-year.

A ‘gang special interest marker’ is used by police for incidents ‘involving gang nominal or gang criminality’. 

Five knife crime incidents involving gang-related special interests were recorded by West Midlands Police in 2015.

This number rose to 32 in 2019, more than six times the previous year. 

The West Midlands Police was contacted to provide a statement regarding the stabbing.