Joe Biden’s reported 10% stake in the dirty China deal is being held by a British former special forces officer.

James Gilliar, a well-known email writer to Hunter Biden from 2017, suggested that “the big guy” would have a tenth interest in a multimillion-dollar deal with Chinese oil-behemoth CEFC through his child. 

Though the email, allegedly referring to Joe Biden, was perhaps the most shocking among the tens of thousands on Hunter’s abandoned laptop and has the greatest implications for American democracy – still little is known about Hunter’s shadowy business partner.

A search of public records revealed that the 57 year-old was a former rural English advertising salesman. spotted Hunter Biden's business partner James Gilliar (pictured) visiting a police station in Prague with his wife in November last year saw Hunter Biden’s business associate James Gilliar (pictured), visiting Prague police stations with his wife last November.

Gilliar wrote a now-infamous email to Hunter in 2017 suggesting his dad would own a tenth of the interest in a deal with Chinese oil behemoth CEFC

Hunter was sent a now-famous email by Gilliar in 2017, in which Gilliar suggested his dad own 10% of the interests in a deal made with Chinese oil giant CEFC.

The email, allegedly referring to Joe Biden, was perhaps the most shocking among the tens of thousands on Hunter's abandoned laptop last year

It supposedly referred to Joe Biden and was the most alarming among Hunter’s thousands of emails that Hunter left behind last year. 

Gilliar went on to become a highly successful consultant for Emirati princes and a leading political advisory with high US government contacts. Gilliar also managed to negotiate a South Korean nuclear deal.

A new book on the Biden family based on material from Hunter’s computer called, Laptop from Hell: Hunter Biden, Big Tech, and the Dirty Secrets the President Tried to Hide, reports that Gilliar is in fact a former member of the UK’s special forces unit the SAS, which specializes in counter-terrorism, hostage rescue, and covert reconnaissance.

While it’s not known how many years he was in the corps and when he retired, it seems that he was in constant contact with British intelligence agencies.

Tony Bobulinski is a longtime friend and one of Hunter’s business associates in the Chinese deal. Miranda Devine from Laptop from Hell told Miranda Devine his nickname for Gilliar, ‘MI6.’ This refers to the British foreign Intelligence Service, which James Bond was fictionalally referred to as. 

Gilliar was also implicated in spying by the Brit who hired another ex-UK ‘diplomat’, whom he stated was the former head of MI6’s Middle East division. He was to work on an Oman project that Hunter had negotiated with the Chinese. 

A leaked 2017 email from Gilliar to Hunter and associates titled, 'Expectations', details 'remuneration packages' for six people in the business venture with CEFC

Email from Gilliar and Hunter to Hunter and Associates titled “Expectations” in 2017 reveals details about’remuneration plans’ for six members of the CEFC business venture.

The breakdown of the stake in the business included the 10% to the 'Big Guy', alleged to be a reference to Joe Biden

According to Joe Biden, the 10% share of the business was split.

Hunter Biden was to be paid $850,000 in part of his arrangement with the Chinese firm, according to the emails

According to emails, Hunter Biden would be receiving $850,000 as part of an arrangement with China.

Tony Bobulinski reportedly helped set up the joint venture between Hunter Biden and CEFC

The now-president reportedly thanked Bobulinski later in emails

Tony Bobulinski, a long-time friend and one of Hunter’s business associates in the Chinese deal was allegedly involved in the establishment of the joint venture Hunter Biden/CEFC. The now-president reportedly thanked Bobulinski later in emails 

In an April 2017 email, Gilliar stated that David Holtom was the ‘former MI Six Head of Region’ and had previously worked with him.

Holtom sent Gilliar an email the next month, outlining the deal that he had made with the Omani government to CEFC. It covered an “infrastructure grant”, fisheries, oil and gas refinery and ports, as well as tourism.

Holtom lists his 12 year service in ‘her Majesty’s Forces’ as well as nine years in ‘her Majesty’s Diplomatic Service’. This was before he became an Omani Sheikh advisor. 

Particularly intriguing is Holtom and Gilliar’s involvement in Hunter’s Chinese deal. This was despite the fact that Christopher Steele played a role in another British spy scandal.

Hunter Biden's business dealings with CEFC China Energy are documented in the new book, Laptop from Hell, by New York Post columnist Miranda Devine

Hunter Biden and CEFC China Energy business deals are detailed in Miranda Devine’s new book Laptop from Hell.

Steele, the man behind the scandalous dossier detailing Donald Trump’s corrupt relations with the Russian government in 2016, was requested by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee.

Steele was previously the Russia Desk Head at MI6 in previous years.

Public records show that James Gilliar, a middle-aged advertising salesman from a Sussex village, was a man with no business experience, a failing marriage, and an interest for horses.

He was born 1964.

Gilliar, in his 30s, lived in a Suffolk farm house worth $490,000. He also sent his son, who was then a learning support assistant, to the private school in Suffolk.

He was 34 when he started his entrepreneurial journey. It was as a part of a 1998-founded marketing firm with his father. Five years later, the company was sold to a liquidation fund with nearly $300,000. 

Aside from the leaked emails, the laptop also reportedly contained images of Hunter Biden smoking what appears to be a crack pipe and had lewd photos and videos of him performing sex acts with various women

The laptop reportedly also had images of Hunter Biden using a crack pipe, and lewd photos as well as videos showing him performing sex acts in various female partners. 

He is also listed in company records as the’sales manager’ of 8 Limited between 2001 and 2009. This firm was later liquidated.

His marriage ended in divorce, and it appeared Gilliar was down on his luck – until he moved to the Czech Republic around 15 years ago.

The reported SAS veteran began working for the United Arab Emirates president’s son in 2003 at his giant conglomerate SBK Holdings, awash with Emirati cash, according to a biography he sent to CEFC, recovered from Hunter’s laptop.

While it’s not known how the former sales executive was able to become an advisor to a prominent Arab prince, his luck did not end there.


Hunter Biden

It was well known that the son of Vice President had been seeking out business deals in China. His father was introduced to Jonathan Li by his son, who traveled to China in 2013, aboard Air Force Two. After his father’s death, Ye Jianming was chosen to be his wife.

Ye Jianming

CEFC China Energy’s founder, Chairman, is 43. The Chinese energy industry’s wunderkind. In 2017, Hunter was presented with a diamond by Gaffer as part of their business relationship. The DOJ charged Hunter with bribery in Africa in November 2017. He was also arrested in China in March 2018, reportedly under Xi Jinping. He has not been seen since, but in 2018, a senior Communist leader was charged with taking bribes.

Zang Jian Jun 

High ranking executive in CEFC as well as a key figure within the China Chamber of International Commerce

 Tony Bobulinski 

A former Navy vet and Penn State wrestler, he is now a California businessman. He appears to also have been involved in other businesses in China. We don’t know how Gilliar got to know him. VLOV is a Chinese company that makes men’s clothes.

Rob Walker

Bill Clinton official, who was co-founder at Pilot Growth, a tech-focused private equity company. Betsy Massey Walker is Jill Biden’s wife.

James Gilliar

British-born businessman, 56 years old, based in Czech Republic. In 2015, he founded jc2r (the company that is shown in the email). This company is now inactive. Gilliar seems to be breeding race horses together with Erika, and appears also to have been an advisor to the Abu Dhabi leader’s holding company.

James Biden

Joe Biden’s older brother, Hunter Biden. A serial entrepreneur, who long ago faced allegations of being able to profit from the political career of his brother. Hunter and he were together when Hunter bought Paradigm Global Advisors, an investment company. They rewound the firm in 2010, after discovering connections to Ponzi fraudsters.

The Big Guy, The Chairman

In many texts, Joe Biden is mentioned. Hunter’s messages don’t state it directly.

Gilliar worked as an advisor to Arcadis from 2009 to 2016, and also as an advisor on the Bilfinger Ber Middle East-focused civil engineering company Bilfingerberger Middle East. 

The report also shows that Gilliar received specialist training in civil / military security operations, analysis, counter-terrorism and close protection, as well as expertise in “Security based intelligence analytics and systems”.  

While working in Dubai, he hired his son to work with him as an IT specialist, and had a second son with his new wife, Erika Krajníková Gilliar. 

A couple started breeding horses and trained them with the top French coaches. They mixed with Middle East rich and famous to create a stable.

His European Energy and Infrastructure Group was founded in 2010 by him. According to their website, he boasted’strategic and political influences at Washington, D.C.,’ and even represented the foreign ministry for Korea on a nuclear power agreement.

His bio for CEFC says he was an ‘advisor on internationalization’ to the South Korean Foreign ministry 2011-2016, after two years advising the chairman of South Korea’s largest electric utility Kepco. 

In 2015, he also established EEIG subsidiary J2cR. This boasts ‘high-ranking former U.S. Department of Homeland Security officials and Department of Justice officers’. Services include ‘lobbying’ as well as ‘political Intelligence’ that focuses on transnational trade and homeland security.

Hunter Biden met Rob Walker through J2cR’s partner, Rob Walker.

Walker was a Clinton Administration official. His wife Betsy Massey Walker served as Jill Biden’s assistant while she was Second Lady.

Gilliar came into prominence last autumn when Hunter’s laptop was leaked to media.

After dangling family connections with foreign investors, emails from Hunter’s laptop showed that Hunter had joined forces with Jim his brother and three businessmen, including Gilliar.

Fears arose that China would try to pressure Joe Biden by using the financial connection.

Ye Jianming (CEFC chairman) was arrested for corruption in China in 2018. His right hand man, Hunter, was convicted of US bribery. Hunter is now under criminal investigation.

Gilliar sent an email in May 2017 to Hunter Bobulinski, Walker about a proposal for’remuneration packs’.

A British businessman proposed Hunter receive an $850,000 salary, plus a 20% share in a company owned by half of CEFC.

Gilliar listed Hunter as holding a 10 per cent stake.

Bobulinski is a former US Navy officer who said last year to reporters that Joe Biden was the big guy.

Gilliar’s family said the exposure of his involvement in the CEFC deal has not slowed his business – if anything it has helped.

Kim Gilliar his sister-in law, stated that while he tries to keep his cards close, the email scandal appears to have spawned more business opportunities.

According to company disclosures, Gilliar received 15 million options in the amount of $13.75 Million from an Australian-British metal mining company. This was for his contract with CEZ, the Czech-owned state-owned energy firm.

And despite his continued major deal-brokering, Gilliar remains elusive, with no photographs of him to be found anywhere online – until spotted the shadowy businessman visiting a police station in Prague with his wife in November last year.

Gilliar didn’t respond to our inquiries for comment. 

Hunter, the Chinese entrepreneur and enigmatic businessman was not alone to have intelligence agency links.

Hunter refers to Patrick Ho, one of his CEFC business associates as the “spy chief” of China in an audio recording that Hunter made on Hunter’s laptop.

Later, US intelligence officers viewed the Chinese businessman as a threat to foreign intelligence and he was eventually convicted for bribery.

Hunter spoke post-coital with a woman he caught on his camera and said that he believes that Russian drug dealers stole his first laptop during a booze- and drug-fueled trip to Las Vegas this summer 2018.

“They have videos me doing that,” he stated, in reference to the video he’d just completed. ‘They have videos of me doing crazy f***ing sex f***ing, you know.’

Hunter’s debauched exploits raise the possibility that he was targeted as a vulnerable conduit to Joe Biden as part of multiple foreign intelligence operations – a possibility investigated by the Senate finance and security committees last year.