Able Seaman William Stewart at Bulford

William Stewart, Able Seaman at Bulford

Royal Navy sailors are accused of sexually assaulting female colleagues after an evening at a ‘naked party’. They claim the woman was ‘twerking’ with him, and the couple had consensual sex.

William Stewart (26), Able Seaman, allegedly took advantage his victim after celebrating her 26th birthday. She stripped down to her bra then soaked her shipmates and herself in fizz.

These two were part of a group who went out drinking and returned to a Holiday Inn where they continued the celebrations.

After someone called ‘naked mess’, several sailors removed their tops and laid on the ground while the female sailor “poured prosecco” on them. The hearing was over.

It is said that the female victim went along with the three other members of the group to another male sailor’s hotel room. She later woke up to discover the Able Seaman having sexually assaulted her.

AB Stewart, however, today said to the court that the woman in question had started sex. Stewart rubbed his groin against the woman’s as they got into bed.

According to him, the female sailor lifted her shirt and began’shaking it behind’.  

A court was informed that the alleged incident happened during the night of the North East when the sailors’ vessel was in maintenance.

AB Stewart was an electronics technician and joined the Royal Navy in 2014.

“I felt the effects, but I could speak and move properly. It was great fun. It was only mildly intoxicating.

“There were about ten people in the conference room. Maybe a few more. The conference called “Naked Mess” and I took off my top. Everyone else also took off their tops.

Bulford Military Court in Wiltshire heard the alleged incident took place during a night out in the North East while the sailors' ship was undergoing maintenance

Bulford Military Court heard from Wiltshire that the incident happened during a night in North East, while the sailors were undergoing maintenance

A Royal Navy sailor was raped by a male colleague after a prosecco-fuelled ‘naked mess’ party at a Holiday Inn (stock image), a court martial has heard

After a Prosecco-fuelled “naked mess” party at Holiday Inn, a Royal Navy Sailor was assaulted by his male coworker (stock image). A court martial heard the story.

A bottle of Prosecco was handed to the victim, who poured it on herself as well as onto others. I wasn’t one of the people on the floor.

“She was standing astride the pair, pouring prosecco. She was wearing jeans and a bra.

When he reached one of his fellow colleagues’ rooms, the sailor revealed to them that he removed his top and continued drinking.

He said, “There was some messing about: The female sailor was lying on her back on her knees or on all fours on the bed.”

“She lifted up her shirt to expose her back. I could see her shaking her back and twirling towards me.

“(Another sailor left around 2 AM and I inquired if it would be okay for me to crash there.” She was not interested in me flirting with before I got into bed.

AB Stewart stated that a male sailor – also charged with sexual assault – entered the room and began a sex act before the female sailor joined.

“She (she) switched off the bathroom lighting and got in bed,” he stated. “She nearly immediately started grinding against my stomach. It was a mixture of nervousness and excitement.

I touched her and she made a lot of noises. It was a very pleasant sound. (Minutes later, she moved onto her stomach. Her legs were separated.

“There was eye contact, her eyes were open. She was awake. She didn’t touch my throat.

After I had finished ejaculating, I put my jeans on again and returned back to my bed.

“I returned to my bedroom, went to bed and the next thing I remember is that police woke me up.” This was the first time this happened to me. I felt scared and stunned.

The evidence showed that the sailor’s wife, a’scared and confused female sailor, had claimed she was able to fall asleep on her bed. She awoke to AB Stewart ‘fondling and touching’ her breasts.

She claimed that he then raped and raped them.

Michael Saunders, the Prosecutor Wing Command, accused AB Stewart today of lying. He said that he had’seized opportunity’ and drunkenly taken advantage of the sailor.

He said, “In the heat, in drink. You did what you had to do.”

“You knew very little about (the female victim). She had been speaking to you for the first-time that night. It was not clear that there was any flirtation between the three of you and the two sailors to indicate that they were planning on having a trio.

You were drunk and in an euphoric state, so you grabbed the chance. It didn’t matter if she was awake, or if they were asking if it was okay if she didn’t use condoms.

AB Stewart claimed that she did not take advantage of the woman, and that she was merely awake.

He denied one count of sexual assault, one of rape by penetration, and one of inducing a person into sexual activity. However both sailors agreed to this sexual activity.

The trial is continuing.