Juan Carlos, the former King of Spain, wants to go home. He doesn’t care about potentially damaging the Royal Family’s reputation for doing so. Experts have claimed. 

Juan Carlos (83), abdicated in 2014. Felipe VI is his 53-year-old son. He has lived in Abu Dhabi ever since the summer 2020, after he was investigated in Spain for his financial transactions.

However, the old royal, who is now 82, wants to stay in his home until his dying days, even though the Spanish majority opposes his return. 

Speaking to The Times, Pablo Simon, a professor of political science at Carlos III University in Madrid, explained Juan Carlos ‘does not care’ whether his actions damage his son and his family.  

Former King of Spain Juan Carlos does not care about possibly damaging the Royal Family's reputation by returning to the country after leaving amid a financial scandal, an expert has claimed. Pictured, Juan Carlos in 2018

Experts claim that Juan Carlos the ex-king of Spain, Juan Carlos, does not mind if the Royal Family is damaged by his return to Spain after he was forced out in the financial scandal. Pictured, Juan Carlos in 2018 

Juan Carlos abdicated in 2014 in favour of his son King Felipe VI, pictured with Queen Letizia, 49, during a recent state visit to Sweden

Juan Carlos quit in 2014 to be replaced by King Felipe VI. This photo shows Queen Letizia, 49 (during a recent visit to Sweden). 

The monarch said that he believes he had ‘done his bit’ for Spain, having played an important role in the re-instatement of democracy following the 1975 death General Franco. 

Professor Simon explained that Simon was indifferent about the potential damage to the monarchy as he feels he has done his bit. 

“Knowing that only a few more years are left of his life, he doesn’t seem to care.”

In December, it was reported Juan Carlos had demanded to move back to Zarzuela Palace, the Spanish royal family’s residence in Madrid.

A poll conducted by 20 Minutos, a Spanish newspaper, found that 42 percent of respondents did not think he should return to Spain. 35% were for the return of the monarch.  

However, the ex-king plans to continue his journey to Spain over the next year. 

Professor Simon said he believed the monarch’s only chance of rebuilding his reputation was to explain his behaviour on a televised programme, however, he added this could leave him liable for other legal proceedings.   

Felipe VI and Letizia with Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia in 2006 following the birth of Crown Princess Leonor, ho is now 16

Felipe VI with Letizia, Juan Carlos, and Queen Sofia 2006 after the birth Crown Princess Leonor. 

Juan Carlos currently faces three different criminal investigation in Spain.

The first is his use of foreign credit cards after his June 2014 abdication, when his constitutional protection from prosecution as a serving monarch was lost.

The prosecution is trying to determine if the former scandal-hit king had access funds that were deposited into accounts owned by a Mexican businessman or a Spanish Air Force officer.

Spain launched an investigation into Juan Carlos and the cash he allegedly received in relation to a high speed Saudi Arabia rail contract.

The ex-monarch’s lawyer revealed last month that he had paid over POUNDS 600,000.00 in back taxes, interest and surcharges during the period since his abdication.

Spanish authorities replied that they would be analysing tax payments to verify whether they were prompt, honest and complete.

Juan Carlos’ sudden departure from Spain in August prompted intense questions about the monarchy of the country by Pablo Iglesias, its vice-president of left-wing.

Corinna zu Seen-Wittgenstein is currently living in Britain and has conducted several interviews.

After it was revealed that Juan Carlos had gifted her EUROS 65 millions, she was involved in scandals surrounding his rule.

Juan Carlos, who is married to Queen Sofia, 81, left Spain in August after it was claimed he allegedly received millions of euros from Saudi Arabia 's late King Abdullah. Pictured, Juan Carlos and Sofia in 2004

Juan Carlos is married to Queen Sofia (81). He fled Spain in August, after it was claimed that he received millions of euro from King Abdullah, Saudi Arabia’s former King. Pictured, Juan Carlos and Sofia in 2004 

She claimed that he presented the cash to her because he cared about her 56 years old.

In a television interview, she also said Juan Carlos was the “architect” of his problems and called his Middle East exile the “ultimate defeat.”

Felipe VI (the son of Juan Carlos), Spain’s current monarch, poked fun at Juan Carlos and other scandals in the family’s Christmas speech.

He stated in a television address that ethics were more important than familial ties.

Juan Carlos wrote to Felipe VI, Spain’s current King, to announce his decision to leave Spain.

“It is a decision that I take with profound feeling, but also with great serenity. Since I was almost 40 years King of Spain, my heart has always been for Spain and the Crown.

The letter was signed by him: “With affection and as always, my father.”

Later it emerged that he was already out of Spain at the time that the Royal Household sent the letter.

Mixed reactions followed his exit, with monarchists as well right-wing politicians accusing him and the government of forcing him to exile. Criticisms of the former King accused him and his son of making amateur attempts to defend themselves from corruption scandals which threaten the future spanish royal family.