EXCLUSIVE F1 arrives in London! With the full support of Sadiq Khan, plans to construct a new East End circuit in the Royal Docks have advanced to the point where they are now fully operational. This will allow the UK to host a second race to go along with the British GP at Silverstone.

  • F1 is now closer than ever in London after the funding was secured for its construction
  • 777 Partners, a US-based investment company, is working with a UK sport group to resolve the issue of race 
  • The Royal Docks will be the home of the entertainment venue.
  • Mayor Said Khan supports the proposal for an inaugural London Formula One race
  • Sportsmail was the first to report plans for an F1 GP located in the Royal Docks region two years ago
  • Not immediately thought of as threatening the British Grand Prix Silverstone

London is closer than ever to staging a Formula One race after funding was secured to build a circuit in the city’s East End.

Sportsmail is informed that 777 Partners in America and a UK group are working together to create a new entertainment and sports complex at the Royal Docks, Newham.

F1 has been meeting with the consortium to discuss the possibility of adding the London Grand Prix and the British Grand Prix at Silverstone to their race calendar. Sadiq Khan is a London mayor who supports the idea and hopes to have F1 in the capital by 2024.

‘We are hopeful that it is coming. We are hugely excited about it,’ said Josh Wander, founder of 777 Partners, who also own Italian football club Genoa.

‘There will be an electric atmosphere as the greatest athletes in the world, along with an international fanbase and the world’s largest companies as sponsors, descend on the Docks for race weekend.

‘More importantly, we will build a world-class sports and entertainment complex that can serve the community year-round and revitalise the surrounding areas. It is the type of thing you really can’t quantify until it actually happens, but the impact is dramatic.’ 

Formula One could host two grands prix in Britain, as in addition to Silverstone (above) advanced plans are also in place to stage a race in London at the Royal Docks in the East End

Formula One may host two Grand Prix in Britain. In addition to Silverstone, advanced plans have been made to hold a race at London’s Royal Docks.

Sportsmail understands that funding has been provided to build the proposed circuit

Sportsmail has learned that the circuit’s construction funding was approved.

London has long been mooted as a potential F1 venue, with previous proposals including a race taking in the city’s most famous landmarks, such as Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square.

But Sportsmail reported two years ago that the Royal Docks — home of events venue ExCeL London — had emerged as the most realistic site and we can now reveal that plans are at an advanced stage.

According to sources, the Docklands circuit intends to host an additional race in the UK than wrestle Silverstone’s British Grand Prix away.

Khan is hoping that Khan will make the project the central piece of his massive regeneration effort in east London.

To counter environmental concerns, Khan’s vision is that a London Grand Prix will be a carbon neutral event and the first F1 race to be accessed only by public transport. 

The British Grand Prix is already one of the highlights of the country's sporting calendar, with seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton helping boost Formula One's popularity

British Grand Prix has become a highlight of Britain’s sporting calendar. Lewis Hamilton, seven-time champion of the world, helps to boost Formula One’s popularity.

The move does not appear to immediately threaten the future of the British GP at Silverstone which has a deal that runs through until 2024

This move doesn’t appear to be threatening the future British GP at Silverstone, which is bound by a contract that will last until 2024

Unmesh Desai, London Assembly member for City and East and a close ally of Khan, said: ‘It is about opening up east London.

‘There is so much potential and that is why Formula One want to be involved. We trust them and they have faith in us. It’s a partnership that both sides can benefit from.

‘When Formula One and other major events come to east London, it will show that we are now firmly on the map. I’m more than optimistic. It will happen.’

777 Partners has shown its commitment to East London with the purchase of the London Lions basketball club. The team plays at the Copper Box Arena at Olympic Park in Stratford.

Miami-based Wander referenced his latest venture when he addressed council and business leaders at an event at London’s City Hall on Monday night, telling them he wanted ‘sport and entertainment to act as an accelerant for the inevitable move east in London’. 

London mayor Sadiq Khan is eager to set-up a London GP before his tenure ends in 2024

Sadiq Khan, London’s mayor, is keen to establish a London GP prior to his term ends in 2024

Josh Wander (right), who is co-founder of 777 Partners, is behind the project of a London GP

Josh Wander (right), co-founder and CEO of 777 Partners is behind the London GP Project

‘We believe the project itself is going to completely reinvigorate and transform the community,’ Wander told Sportsmail. ‘It brings the short-term excitement of a world-class race limited to the world’s premier cities — but at the same time we have the opportunity to create a sustainable long-term impact for the community and the surrounding areas.’

Although a grand prix in the capital still needs to be signed off, F1’s owners Liberty Media have previously spoken of their ambition to bring more races to ‘destination cities’ such as London.

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff said this year that ‘racing in London would top everything’ and he hopes to ‘get that going’, and his Red Bull rival Christian Horner said it would be ‘fantastic’.

In an interview following his re-election as mayor in May, Khan said: ‘We’re speaking to Formula One and they’re really receptive. We would love to see a grand prix here in the capital. I’m keen to bring it as soon as possible.’