This is the emotional moment when a man bursts into tears after ‘waiting forty’ years to be reunited with his mother.

Tobayi Howton, from New York City, first began searching for his biological mother in 1982 after finding out that she had given him up for adoption at birth because she was not able to financially support him. 

After finally tracking down his mother, Thomasette Cox, Mr Howton flew over 2000 miles to San Diego where he was reunited with his biological mother and the pair instantly shared an emotional embrace.  

Tobayi Mrbiological mother, Thomasette Cox

Tobayi Howton, a New York City native, burst into tears when he was reunited in San Diego with Thomasette Cox, his biological mother. 

Mr Howton, who is in his 50s, travelled over 2000 miles to San Diego to meet Ms Cox, and said he had spent 'forty years' waiting for the moment

Mr. Howton, in his 50s and traveling over 2000 miles from London to meet Ms. Cox, said he had waited ‘forty-years’ for this moment.

Emotional footage, that was taken on September 4, shows Mr Howton walking towards his mother and sharing a loving embrace

This emotional footage was taken September 4 and shows Mr. Howton walking towards his mom and sharing a loving embrace. 

He can be heard saying, “Just landed.” I’m about to take the next steps in my life. It’s almost as if it were a dream come true.

The video cuts to Mr. Howton arriving at his mom’s front door. He admits that he has waited ‘forty-years’ for this moment. 

He points to her home and says, “This house is my mom’s.” This is what I’ve waited for 40 years.

Ms. Cox walks out and the pair share a heartwarming hug. They also share a loving embrace as they walk away.

Ms. Cox can often be heard saying, “Don’t cry, Don’t cry.”   

“Would like to have a glass? It’s okay, let us go inside.

The video cuts to the pair smiling after they take a walk in San Diego.

Mr Howton, who works as a tax accountant, has spoken to Ms Cox for two years before booking a plane ticket and called the moment a 'dream'

Ms. Cox, who is a tax accountant, had spoken to Mr. Howton for two years prior to booking a plane ticket. He called the moment a “dream”

He says, “I’m going for a walk in San Diego together with mom.” This is our first time walking together!

“It’s amazing. As you can see, my mom has her own style. 

According to Mr. Howton, now in his 50s and a former teacher, he knew he was adopted from the time he was able to comprehend. His adoptive father supported him in his search for his biological parents.

He wrote to his agency to request to discuss his adoption when he was 12 years old.

A letter was returned with very little information about his mother. He was forced to conduct the search himself.

When he was in his 20s Mr. Howton was finally able to find his birth certificate. This only gave him the name of his mother.

Mr Howton found his biological mother by using DNA sampling websites 23andMe and He received a match to a cousin named Alicia that put him in touch with his great aunt, who was able to give him the contact details for Ms Cox

Mr. Howton was able to find his biological mother using DNA sampling websites and He was matched to a cousin called Alicia, which put him in touch to his great aunt who was able give him the contact details of Ms Cox.

Ten years later, the private investigators proved unsuccessful as well as websites like 23andMe or For a decade, he had no clue who his mother was.

After having been a member of DNA sampling websites for about two years, Mr Howton was matched to Alicia, a cousin. This put him in touch to his great aunt, who was able give him the contact information for Ms Cox, his birth mother.

The couple spoke for about two years. They each took a DNA test and received the results Mr Howton had been awaiting, a parent-child matching.  

Mr Howton initially wanted to keep a reunion video of the moment private, but after a friend encouraged him to share it with the world, he posted the footage online, hoping to inspire others in similar situations.

The clip received hundreds of thousands of views, much to his surprise.

Ms Cox and Mr Howton talked for roughly two years, they each carried out a DNA test which came back a parent-child match

Mr Howton first began searching for his biological mother in 1982 after finding out that she had given him up for adoption at birth

Ms Cox and her husband Mr Howton had been talking for about two years. Then, they each did a DNA test that returned the results they’d been waiting for: a parent-child matching.

Mr Howton is pictured with his mother Ms Cox and her partner, who briefly appears on the video footage, at their home in San Diego

Mr. Howton is pictured at home in San Diego with his mother, Ms Cox, and her partner.

He spoke of the moment and said: “As she got closer to me, the only sound I heard was her voice. And I was pretty much fine until she hugged my chest.

“The moment she touched my heart, my entire childhood flashed through me.

“I allowed the little boy I didn’t know I had to keep to have his moment. And I broke down in her arms.

“It was his moment, it was his day. The first thing that I would like to say to anyone is to never, never give up.

“My father, Theron, Howton, made sure that I got answers to all my questions as best he could. He never once shied away from having a conversation about it.

“The way he explained to me, I knew that my mother had given me up because she couldn’t provide for myself or me at that time.

“I understood that she gave up on me so that I could have a better chance at life than she could give, and to this day, I am grateful for his honesty as well as open communication.”