A high-tech fossil fuel-free home that ticks all the green boxes has gone on the market for £4.5m

The Lake House is a super-insulated Hufhaus that functions without gas. It has all the underfloor heating and hotwater heating through heat exchange pipes located on the lake’s bed.

The ecologically-advanced home was built by the current owners in 2006 – long before the Government started its current plans to make houses more energy efficient.

The elegant home, located in Plaistow, West Sussex has 20 acres of gardens and even a helipad.

Lake House appeared recently on Save Money: My Beautiful Green Home, an ITV program that shows how to incorporate green technology in the design and construction of high-end homes.

The show called the property “one of the most revolutionary eco-homes” in the country. The pre-fabricated Huf Haus cost £2.5m to build and was constructed in four months off-site then the main structure was built on site in just seven days.

It is made from sustainable timber from Scandinavian forests. The outer walls are made out of recycled render. It also features a warm roof, which is very efficient in terms thermal efficiency.

A charming bridge in the gardens of the property is a good place to take in the whole of the planet-friendly mansion

A charming bridge is located in the grounds of the property and is a great place to take in the entire planet-friendly mansion.

The kitchen is a big feature of the enormous property and looks state of the art with its marble counters and wood flooring

The large kitchen is a focal point of the huge property. It features marble counters and hardwood flooring and looks stunning.

A very unusual chair suspended on a metal chain is a big feature of one of the rooms, which also looked to double as an office

A unique chair suspended on a chain of metal is a major feature of one of these rooms. It could also double as an office.

For fun times while you save the environment, what could be better than to have your very own bar and pool table to unwind

You can have fun while helping the environment by having your own bar and pool tables to unwind.

The gardens include a rainbow trout lake with jetty, wild flower meadow and an ancient bluebell woodland to enjoy

The gardens feature a rainbow trout pool with jetty, wildflower meadow and an old bluebell woodland. 

This property is unique in that it has fully automated lighting and heating, as well as blinds and heating. There is also a ground source heatpu, which has 1.2km heat exchange pipes underneath the lake. There is also internet cabling throughout the property and an integrated sound system.

The house’s design and construction make it very easy to maintain. Additionally, the two south-facing roofs can be piped for solar panels. This could further reduce costs.

The house covers 5,591 square feet of living space. It has a reception hall with lounge, kitchen/dining area, utility room, office and study.

The gardens include a rainbow trout pool with jetty, wildflower meadow, and an ancient bluebell forest.

Stairway to heaven? The steps leading to the first floor of the £4.5million property are suspended, keeping in with the design

Is there a staircase to heaven? The steps leading to the first floor of the £4.5million property are suspended, keeping in with the design

he Lake House is a super-insulated Huf Haus which functions without fossil fuels with all the underfloor heating and hot water heated through heat exchange pipes on the bed of the lake

he Lake House is a super-insulated Huf Haus which functions without fossil fuels with all the underfloor heating and hot water heated through heat exchange pipes on the bed of the lake

An exciting looking bath and jacuzzi in the immaculate bathroom is the perfect place to clean your mind of the day's work

The perfect place to unwind after a long day of work is to relax in the jacuzzi and bath in the beautiful bathroom.

Anyone for tennis? Sports fans looking to practice their serves would be right at home at the property's very own courts

Do you like tennis? Tennis enthusiasts looking to improve their serves would feel right at home on the property’s own courts.

Hidden in the gardens is a 30,000 litre underground water harvesting tank that collects surface water. This water can be used to water flowerbeds.

The property also features a triple garage, a workshop and a helicopter hangar. It also has a barn, wine cellar, and a summerhouse.

Paul Finnegan from estate agents Savills stated that the owners enjoyed the interaction between the outdoors and the indoors. A Huf Haus allowed them to enjoy the beautiful 20-acre grounds.

“It’s a lovely open outlook with all the glazing. It’s very atmospheric in a storm or in beautiful summer sunshine.

Huge glass windows mean that whoever buys the huge home will have no problem casting their eyes over the owned land

The enormous glass windows ensure that anyone who buys the home will not have any trouble looking over the land.

Outside activities are also made possible by the exterior lighting which illuminates a sofa seating area and table set

The exterior lighting illuminates a table and a sofa area, making outdoor activities possible.

In keeping with the house's spaciousness, the bed is no exception with what looks to be an Alaskan King-sized sleeper inside

The spaciousness of the house is reflected in the bed. It looks like an Alaskan King-sized bed inside.

“The house’s design makes it easy to maintain. This example is a prime example of something that was innovating, with the Prime Minister encouraging house owners convert to ecofriendly means.

“We are certain that buyers care about such things. I believe that we will see more houses such as this in the future.

‘The property is very private. It’s a 20-acre oasis close to Plaistow, a very picturesque village, and off a quiet road. The property has a wonderful mix of woodland, open land, and lake.

“It has fantastic outbuildings, which would make it perfect for someone who loves classic cars or who needs workshops or a gym. The current owner is a helicopter enthusiast so he uses one building as a hangar for his helicopters. However, there are many other uses.