At least one person was killed and seven others were hurt when a Bronx three-story house collapsed in a Gas Explosion Fire. The incident occurred on Tuesday morning, just one week following another devastating fire which claimed the lives of 17 Bronx residents.

At around 11:00 AM, over 100 firefighters and emergency personnel responded to reports that there was a fire and gas explosion at Intervale Avenue in Longwood in New York City.

Crews tried desperately to put out the flames before the home’s three-story collapse.

According to New York 1 News one person died from the fire. A woman aged 82 was declared dead by the New York Police Department at Lincoln Hospital.

New York 1 reported that another 77 year-old woman is currently in critical condition. A 68-year old female also was taken to Lincoln Hospital for smoke inhalation. 

Seven people were injured by the fire and taken to hospital. CBS 2 News reports at least one of these injuries are serious.

According to the NYPD, five NYPD officers have been treated for inhalation of smoke. 

Eric Adams, the new Mayor of New York City will hold a briefing on fire around 2.45pm. 

A two-alarm fire broke out in a residential three-story building in the Bronx on Tuesday morning, apparently due to a gas explosion

Two-alarm fire broke out Tuesday morning in Bronx’s residential building on three stories. It was apparently caused by a gas explosion

Fire officials and members of the NYPD were on the scene of the fire

NYPD members and fire officials were at the site of the incident.

The street, which was closed to allow fire crews to tackle the blaze, was filled with smoke after the morning fire

After the early morning fire, smoke filled the streets, and they closed them to let firemens tackle the flames. 

The three-story home completely collapsed after the suspected gas explosion and house fire

After the house fire and suspected gas explosion, the three-story home collapsed. 

More than 100 firefighters and EMS personnel responded to reports of a gas explosion and two-alarm fire on Intervale Avenue in the Longwood section of the Bronx in New York City, at around 11am. Crews were seen desperately trying to get the blaze under control before the three-story home collapsed

At around 11:00 AM, over 100 firefighters and ambulance personnel responded immediately to reports that there had been a two-alarm explosion at Intervale Avenue. This was in New York City’s Longwood Section. Crews struggled desperately to control the flames, before the three-story house collapsed.

At least seven people have been injured in the fire, and were taken to the hospital. CBS 2 News reports that at least one of the injuries is serious

At least seven persons were hurt in the fire. They were all taken to the hospital. CBS 2 News reports at least one of these injuries are serious.

Smoke continued to fill the air into Tuesday afternoon, and nearby streets were blocked off

On Tuesday afternoon smoke remained in the air, blocking nearby roads

According to FOX 5 News, smoke continued to fill the atmosphere into Tuesday afternoon. Nearby streets were also blocked. reported that fire officials first responded to calls about an explosion in a private residence just before 11 AM. Then, the fire spread to nearby homes. Fire officials now consider the incident a “major emergency.” 

One of the victim’s sons told The New York Daily News that his aunt, mother and uncle were present in the building at time of blast. They are now being treated at hospital.

He stated, “Imagine being called out of the blue by someone to let you know that you might be losing your auntie or mom.” 

After fire officials arrived on the scene and began to douse the fire, the Daily News reports, the building started to collapse, with the front façade falling onto a gray SUV parked outside.

The firefighters had to get out from under the structure to extinguish it.

According to Daily News, there were reports that one resident was trapped in the building at the time of the explosion. However, initial rubble searches haven’t revealed any other victims.

City Councilman Rafael Salamanca, who represents the area, suggested on Twitter that the fire erupted from a gas explosion, noting he will remain on the scene as fire officials continue to battle the blaze. 

A spokesperson for Con Edison confirmed to 1010 WINS investigators were on the scene, but would not confirm whether a gas explosion was the cause. 

According to Jumaane William, Public Advocate, the gas utility has shut down service in the region. His office monitors the situation.

Department of Building inspectors arrived at the scene as well to examine the fire. reached out to Con Edison in order for further information. 

The Fire Marshal and NYPD investigators are now working together to investigate the explosion. There is currently no evidence of criminality.

Gas emanated through the windows of nearby houses on Intervale Avenue

Through the windows of neighboring houses along Intervale Avenue, gas was emitted

Fire officials remained on the scene as they tried to battle the blaze

As they attempted to put out the flames, fire officials were still on the spot.

City Councilman Rafael Salamanca, who represents the area, suggested the fire began from a gas explosion, and said he will remain on the scene to get answers

Rafael Salamanca from the City Council, representing the region, suggests that the fire originated in a gas explosion and that he will be there to seek answers.

This fire follows a similar fire that erupted in Bronx last week, which claimed 17 lives in an apartment block.

Fire experts, attributing smoke to the fatalities, believe a self-closing door in the Twin Parks North West complex may have malfunctioned, allowing the smoke to spread through the building. The space heater may have been faulty, according to experts.

The fire had been contained in the corridor just outside of the apartment’s second-floor window, however, the smoke traveled throughout the building. This is the cause of the fatalities and severe injuries. Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro stated this during a Monday press conference. 

Fire marshals ruled that the fire was accidental, noting that it was started by a defective space heater and that an operational smoke alarm was also present. 

According to a New York City official who spoke on condition of anonymity with the newspaper, fire marshals believe that the heater was running continuously for several days. Online, there were at most four complaints about units not heating last year according to the list shared by residents. 

However, it isn’t clear if heat was an issue in the original fire-starting unit.