Thrown out the fence and left to rain, then taken by binmen. Four-in-ten customers reported that items went missing or were damaged during Christmas. reveals

  • According to a survey, 43% of Christmas shoppers reported delivery difficulties last year.
  • A quarter of a fifth (19%) said that their item was late, and seven percent reported it missing.
  • Parcels arrived broken after being thrown over fences – including a crate of wine

It is becoming increasingly difficult to deliver Christmas gifts, as four-in-10 buyers report that items are missing or damaged. 

Shopping for pandemic supplies has become a lucrative business. They are now spending billions of dollars online, hoping that the items will turn up in time. 

Consumer champion Which? conducted a survey. A survey by Which?, a consumer champion, found that 43% of online shoppers had experienced at least 1 problem during Christmas. 

This group accounted for one in five (19%) of all deliveries. 11 percent of these were delivered without their consent and seven per cent vanished. 

Parcels arrived broken after being thrown over fences – including a crate of wine hurled over a gate – some were left in the snow and rain, and others were put in the bin as a ‘safe space’, only to be taken away by binmen. 

Which? Which? 

A survey by consumer champion Which? found that 43 per cent of online shoppers experienced at least one problem with their deliveries last Christmas

According to Which?, a survey of online shoppers found that 43% had at least one problem with their deliveries last Christmas. Which? conducted a survey and found that 43% of online shoppers had at least one issue with delivery last Christmas.

Another survey evaluated courier companies on their overall satisfaction, communication and condition, as well as the ease of rearranging delivery arrangements. 

Yodel ranked at the bottom in the survey. They were the most punctual and communicative. 

Yodel clients rated delivery times as “poor” at 8 percent, and 14% said that communication was not good.

Royal Mail and Amazon Logistics ranked at the bottom of the survey. Amazon Logistics and Royal Mail were deemed the most reliable couriers in terms of delivery time, communication regarding the parcel and condition upon arrival. More than nine out of ten respondents gave Amazon high marks in this area.

22 percent of respondents said that they would avoid shopping at a retailer if it used a courier.

If a shipment arrives damaged, customers can request a refund or replacement. If a delivery was delayed or the customer paid an extra fee, they may be eligible for a full refund.

Customers should contact retailers immediately if a shipment does not arrive. They should be able to track the order and send an alternative. Ofcom also plans to introduce new regulations for the delivery sector in order to improve customer service.

Which? Adam French, spokesperson for consumer rights said: “Christmas is when you really want parcels arrive without any hiccups. But unfortunately, Christmas can be peak time for parcels that are late or damaged. And we’ve heard of scores of delivery catastrophes.

It’s vital to keep in mind that it is the responsibility of retailers to ensure orders are delivered within a set time frame. If you have any problems, don’t hesitate to complain.

The Ofcom proposes new rules to parcel firms. However, they need to lead consumers to better service. Consumers are more dependent on delivery than ever.

Which? Which?