Paul McKenna hosts the first ever mass-online hypnosis in order to turn Britain’s 15,000,000 sprout haters into vegetable lovers this Christmas.

A groundbreaking video was created by the renowned hypnotist. Research has revealed that almost 25% of Britons cannot stand Brussels Sprouts.

The ten-minute ‘Save Our Sprouts trance encourages viewers to picture something they like eating and think about it.

This hypnosis technique has been successfully used on sprout-hating people.

Renowned hypnotist Paul McKenna (pictured) has created a groundbreaking video as research reveals almost a quarter (23 per cent) of Britons can't stand Brussels Sprouts

Paul McKenna, a renowned hypnotist (pictured), has made a revolutionary video after research revealed that almost a quarter (23%) of Britons cannot stand Brussels Sprouts.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by supermarket Aldi, in order to reach out to all the people who hate sproutings before the Big Day.

The new video is expected to save 130,000,000 of these vegetables from going to waste this holiday season.

According to the behavioural scientist, 58 years old, “I was thrilled at the possibility of being part in a fun and festive project with a good cause.

This sprouts hypnosis focuses on increasing British food choices over Christmas. At a time when enjoyment is the main focus, it is all about having more fun.

Sprouts not only make Christmas special, they also provide a wealth of nutrients and vitamins.

“Here’s hoping we can all come together and keep these people on Christmas dinner tables for the good of our nation.”

After McKenna cast his spell, two sprout-haters supported McKenna.

Christmas dinner items in order of Brits’ preference

1. Roast potatoes

2. Turkey

3. Yorkshire puddings

4. Stuffing

5. Pigs in blankets

6. Parsnips

7. Carrots

8. Sprouts

Asking them to picture brussels sprouts as their favorite food, they were able to help their brains become more open to the possibility of letting go of negative beliefs about this vegetable.

Both were converted to sprout loving after the 15-minute session. They even returned for second sessions.

Scott Garson is a Clapham, London-based 29-year old financial manager. He said, “I am shocked.” This experiment produced the most unexpected result: I was able to eat one sprout before I tried another.

“I had no idea that I would love them. And even more! I only hope that it will last and it is a Merry Sproutmas.

Enoch Ogbonnaya, a student from Charlton, London, said: ‘The flavour has changed*I don’t know how, but it has.

“My mother is going to absolutely be shocked and she’ll be buzzing.” “Now, I’ll be asking for second helpings when she serves brussel sprouts.

Aldi created a number of alternate recipes to roasting and boiling sprouts to encourage people to love them.

Aldi research revealed that 41% of Gen Z do not like the Christmas veggie.

Pictured: A frying pan with roasted brussel sprouts on wooden table (File image)

Pictured is a frying pot with roasted sprouts and wooden tables (File photo)

This was the most disliked component on the Big Day’s dinner plates, with turkey and roast potatoes coming in second.

Out of all the Christmas veggies, parsnips is Brits’ favorite.

Over 2,000 Brits conducted research and found that Bradford in West Yorkshire is the most hateful city for sprouts, with 60% of Bradfordians saying they wouldn’t like to have them.

10% fear hatred might lead to the sprouts’ permanent removal from the Christmas table.

Julie Ashfield is the managing director for buying at Aldi UK. She said that sprouts were a polarizing vegetable, which has caused divisions in the country.

“Our online hypnosis can help you enjoy the entire Christmas meal, and it may also save thousands of sprouts from getting thrown in the trash.

We hope to grow haters across the country. They are encouraged and encouraged to try Hypnosis.