Premier League POSTPONES four more matches this weekend due to Covid as pressure mounts on the top flight to pause the season amid the surge in Omicron cases

  • Five out of 10 scheduled matches for Saturday have been postponed 
  • However Premier League is resisting calls for all matches to be called off 
  • Covid infestations were reported this week by many Premier League clubs 

This weekend’s Premier League matches between Southampton and Brentford, Watford and Crystal Palace, West Ham and Norwich, and Everton against Leicester have all been postponed due to Covid-19 outbreaks, the Premier League has announced.

In addition to Manchester United’s earlier postponement of Brighton, five matches from this weekend are now omitted.

But, the Premier League continues to resist a total suspension of weekend programming and released a statement saying: ‘All other fixtures due for play this weekend are currently scheduled as per plan.

Leicester boss Brendan Rodgers was unable to put together a 14-man squad for Everton clash

Leicester boss Brendan Rodgers was unable to put together a 14-man squad for Everton clash

After Thursday’s defeat to Tottenham, Leicester has confirmed that Sunday’s Premier League match at Everton against Everton was postponed. 

The Foxes are one of many top-flight clubs to suffer a Covid-19 outbreak within the squad, which left them unable to put together a 14-man squad – the League’s minimum requirement – to face Spurs.

Mail Online reports that Leicester had announced on Thursday afternoon that they were closing down their training grounds for 48 hours. This meant their chance of meeting Rafael Benitez at Goodison Park was becoming increasingly slim.

Brentford boss Thomas Frank has demanded that all of this weekend's fixtures are called off

Thomas Frank, Brentford’s boss, demanded all fixtures be called off this weekend

The Leicester Statement read, “Leicester City Football Club confirms that Sunday’s Premier League Visit to Everton was postponed following a meeting by the Premier League Board.”

The decision was taken following the delay of the Tottenham Hotspur fixture on Thursday evening. It was also made with the guidance of medical advisors, in view of additional positive COVID-19 testing within Leicester City’s First Team Squad during the previous 24 hours.

Seagrave’s ‘First Team’ operations will be closed for 48 hours in order to minimize the chance of infection.

Norwich were without a number of players in Tuesday¿s defeat against Aston Villa

Norwich were without a number of players in Tuesday’s defeat against Aston Villa

“The Club regrets any inconvenience that this postponement has caused for Everton fans and Leicester City residents. We will confirm a new date in the coming days.

Brendan Rodgers was the manager and expressed concerns Wednesday about the League prioritizing television over health for players or staff.

He replied, “I am pretty certain that this is the case. All players and managers want the same thing: to win. However, the most important thing is the health and well-being of the players.

“If there are players, the product will be better. Whatever team you put out, supporters will demand you win the game, and for some squads – ourselves included – that’s a real challenge at the moment.’ 



The Bees have 13 cases among players and staff – the club are now calling for a circuit-breaker shutdown to help clubs recover.


Covid means that several of the Tottenham players will be absent for Thursday’s visit. Both teams requested that the game be moved but were denied.

Manchester United

While the numbers of these cases remain unknown, it is known that there was a widespread outbreak which saw Brentford’s match postponed. The same request was made for Saturday’s game with Brighton.


Premier League refused to allow Wolves game after outbreak at club. Graham Potter stated that there were at least three to four positive cases in the days before the game.


Dean Smith has to wait anxiously for the results of the club’s outbreak. The Premier League is currently in talks with Dean Smith over Saturday’s match with West Ham.


The game with Burnley was postponed hours prior to kick-off. Numbers of cases are currently not known.


Spurs was the Premier League’s first club to become infected with the Omicron virus last week. Rennes and Brighton were also postponed as a result. After a 10-day period of isolation, those who have tested positive to the virus will be able to return within the next few days. Spurs requested that Thursday’s match with Leicester be postponed, but were denied.


The Blues were the next club to become infected by the Covid virus after Brentford. It was discovered that at least three other first-teamers had been tested for the disease before the game against Everton. Mateo Kovacic became the first Chelsea footballer to contract the virus.