Ten-year-old Savannah Phillips, who was born in 2010, is the Queen and Philip's eldest great-grandchild (left) while her younger sister, Isla, has just turned nine and was born in the Queen's Diamond Jubilee year of 2012 (pictured with Autumn and Peter in 2019)

Savannah Phillips is ten years old and was born to Philip and the Queen in 2010. Isla Phillips has nine-years-old and was born during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Year of 2012. (pictured in 2019 with Autumn and Peter). 

1. Savannah Phillips

Savannah Phillips (ten-years-old, born in 2010) is the Queen’s eldest great grandchild.

She is the child of Peter Phillips and Autumn, the sons of Princess Royal.

They announced their divorce in 2020 but shared custody and co-parented their children.

Eugenie’s 2017 wedding saw Savannah, a bridesmaid, entertain Prince George by playing the trumpet at St George’s Chapel.

One time, she was even seen pushing George, her second cousin, down a grassy hill at a match of polo.

2. Isla Phillips

Savannah’s older sister Isla has just turned nine years old and was born during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee of 2012.

Elizabeth is her middle name in honor of the monarch. A royal title is not available to the Phillips sisters.

They tend to be kept away from the public eye, but occasionally they are able to join the Buckingham Palace balcony at major events.

They’re often seen laughing and having fun together when they participate in horse trials.

3. Prince George

Future king George, born in 2013, is the oldest of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's children (pictured front left)

The future king George was born in 2013 and is the oldest child of Duke and Duchess. (pictured left to the front) 

Future King George is the oldest Duke and Duchess’s child. He was born in 2013.

The 7-year old spent much of her time in lockdown at William & Kate’s Norfolk countryside home, Anmer Hall.

Helicopters and everything police-related are a favorite of the prince.

George, who is a huge football fan like his dad, also loves Aston Villa.

George appears to be shyer than Princess Charlotte and sometimes seems hesitant in front of cameras.

George, third-in-line George, and his siblings refer to the Queen as ‘Gan Gan.

4. Mia Tindall

Mia is the eldest child of former England rugby star Mike Tindall and Olympic medal-winning horsewoman Zara, daughter of the Princess Royal (pictured together in 2019)

Mia is the oldest child of Mike Tindall (ex-England rugby star) and Zara, Olympic medal-winning horsewoman Zara. 

Mia was born to Mike Tindall, an ex-england rugby player and Zara, a former Olympic gold medal winning horsewoman. Zara’s daughter is Princess Royal.

This fun-loving teenager was born in 2014. He is known for his mischievous nature.

You will often see her running with Savannah Phillips and Isla Phillips at horse-eventing competitions.

Mia (then two) had the honor of being held by her great-grandmother’s iconic black handbag, during the portrait shoot to celebrate the Queen’s 90th anniversary.

She isn’t an HRH like Savannah or Isla.

5. Princess Charlotte

The Cambridges' five-year-old middle child, Charlotte, is known for her confident, feisty character (pictured here with the Duchess of Cambridge in 2019)

Charlotte, the five-year old middle child of the Cambridges, is well-known for being confident and feisty. (pictured with Duchess Catherine in 2019).

Charlotte, the five-year old middle child of The Cambridges, is well-known for her assertive, confident personality.

Born in 2015, the princess likes spicy foods and has been nicknamed “Lottie”.

Her love of horses is shared with Queen Elizabeth II, and she has a strong resemblance back to her great grandmother.

When she arrived in her car to attend the wedding of the Duke and Duchess Sussex in 2018, the playful fourth-in-line to the throne snarled at her tongue.

As she watched the 2019 King’s Cup regatta, on the Isle of Wight, the gesture was repeated.

Prince Louis’ younger brother was christened by her. She could be heard telling photographers she didn’t allow them inside and declaring that it was not permitted.

6. Prince Louis

William and Kate's youngest child Louis was born in 2018 (pictured with children Prince George (left), Princess Charlotte (right) at Anmer Hall in Norfolk)

William and Kate’s youngest son Louis was born in 2018, as shown with Prince George (left), and Princess Charlotte, (right), at Anmer Hall in Norfolk.

The youngest child of William and Kate was born in 2018. When he clapped to carers in lockdown, the toddler joined George and Charlotte as proudly.

He was seen with his paint-covered face, hands and making a rainbow print to go in the photos released on his second birthday.

Louis Middleton has been described as his maternal grandfather Michael Middleton because he inherited the Middleton eye.

7. Lena Tindall

The Tindalls welcomed a second daughter, Lena, in 2018, after suffering two miscarriages (pictured with Zara in 2019)

After two failed miscarriages in 2017, the Tindalls were blessed with a second baby, Lena. 

Following two failed pregnancies, Lena Tindall was born to the Tindalls in 2018. 

Kate didn’t take the picture of Philip and The Queen’s great-grandchildren because they hadn’t yet been born in 2018.

8. Archie Mountbatten-Windsor

Archie, who was born in 2019, lives thousands of miles away in California after his parents, Harry and Meghan, stepped down as senior royals last year and moved to the US

Archie was born in 2019. He lives in California, thousands of miles from his California home. His parents, Harry, and Meghan, have resigned as senior royals and moved to the USA.

Archie was born in 2019 and lives in California, thousands of miles from where he and his parents, Harry & Meghan, moved to the USA last year.

It appears that he inherited the red hair of his father, which was evident when he was photographed in stylised images on the Christmas card.

Oprah interviewed Meghan about Meghan accusing a royal member of raising concerns prior to Archie’s birth over how dark her skin might have been.

Archie did not become a prince for his race. However, he does not have any right to be a prince or an HRH because King George V established rules over 100 years ago.

9. August Brooksbank

August Philip Hawke Brooksbank - born to the Duke of York's daughter Princess Eugenie and tequila brand ambassador Jack Brooksbank - arrived on February 9 this year

August Philip Hawke Brooksbank was the child of Princess Eugenie, the Duke’s daughter and Jack Brooksbank’s tequila ambassador Jack Brooksbank. He arrived in New York on February 9, 2018.

August Philip Hawke Brooksbank, the son of Jack Brooksbank and Princess Eugenie Brooksbank, was born February 9, 2012.

Eugenie said that their hearts were ‘full with love for this baby human’.

In honour of the duke, his middle name was “Sir”

10. Lucas Tindall

Zara had a son Lucas, 8lbs 4oz on March 21. The baby was born in surprise at home on the bathroom floor.

Buckingham Palace reported that Queen Elizabeth II and Duke William were thrilled to learn about the birth of their 10th great grandchild.

In honor of Mike Tindall, Lucas is given the middle name Philip.

11.  Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor

The second child of the Duke and Duchess Sussex is the eighth, despite the fact that she was born in the USA as a US citizen.

Lilibet, a June 8-pounder, is now a sister for Archie MountbattenWindsor.

12. Sienna Elizabeth Mapelli Mozzi 

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s oldest daughter, Princess Beatrice (33) gave birth to their baby girl at 11.42am on Saturday 18th September, at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London. She weighed 6lbs 2oz. 

In a fitting tribute to Queen Elizabeth, Edo Mapelli Mozzi announced that their daughter will be named Sienna Elizabeth. 

Even though her mother is a princess Sienna will not be able to claim a title of royal. The style of HRH can only be granted to descendants of monarchs through male lines. It means that she will simply be Miss Mapelli Mozzi. Although the Queen may bestow a title to her great-grandchild, this is not likely.