Three people were arrested for murder following the death of a woman 33 years old, after she was discovered injured at her home.

  • After a 33-year-old woman died in Moss Street, Derby, a murder investigation was initiated 
  • A trio of men and a women have been taken into custody on suspicion that they are involved in murder.

Three men and a woman have now been arrested on suspicion of murder after a woman died following an incident at a house in Derby.

After officers arrived at a Moss Street house at 2.30am Saturday to find a 33-year-old woman injured, they launched a murder investigation.

Later that day, she died at Queen’s Medical Centre.

A murder investigation has been launched after officers were called to a house in Moss Street at 2.30am on Saturday and found an injured woman, 33

After officers arrived at a Moss Street house at 2.30 on Saturday to find a woman in distress, the police launched a murder investigation.

Family members of the victim were informed by police about her death.

The investigation is being pursued by detectives.

Derbyshire Police stated that they will increase their presence on the roads in the next few days.

They asked for any additional information to be provided.  

Crimestoppers is an independent charity that can be reached anonymously at 0800555111.