The arrest of four suspects, including a 17-year-old boy, is made in connection to the murder of a Kent man found “fatally injured” by Kent.

  • Four suspects were arrested today by police in Essex on suspicion they may have murdered a man.
  • At 3.15am Saturday, a man in Tunbridge Wells (Kent) was found “fatally hurt”. 
  • Four suspects were identified: A man, 28 years old, two men aged 18 and one boy 17 years.
  • Another 33-year-old woman from Essex was taken into custody on suspicion that she had assisted an offender

Following the death of a man over the weekend, police arrested four people including a boy aged 17.

Two 18-years-old boys and one man were arrested by police in Essex after a man suffered ‘fatal injuries’ at Tunbridge Wells on Saturday morning.

A 17-year old boy was suspected of also producing and selling controlled drugs.

On suspicion of aiding an offender, police arrested a woman aged 33 who also hails from Essex.

A man was fatally injured in Caley Road, Tunbridge Wells at about 3.15am on Saturday 4 December

On Saturday 4th December, at 3.15am, a male was killed in Tunbridge Wells’ Caley Road.

Police placed down tarpaulin at the scene of the alleged murder and have arrested five people from Essex

Five Essex residents were arrested by police after they placed a tarpaulin on the spot of the murder.

Debris was seen on a pavement in Tunbridge Wells after the incident, while a Kent Police van secured a cordon

After the incident, debris was found on Tunbridge Wells’ pavement. A Kent Police van secured an immediate cordon.

According to a police spokesperson, officers from the Kent Serious Crime Directorate as well as the Essex Serious Crime Directorate worked together in the investigation.

Following the death, officers made an appeal for information and investigations are still ongoing.

An official with the police said that officers wanted to review any footage from CCTVs, dashcams or doorbells captured around 3.15am in Tunbridge Wells.

He stated that you can also send us information via the Major Incident Public Portal.

Kent Police is available for information at 01622 6004100. Please quote reference 04-0191.

Anonymously, Crimestoppers in Kent is also available at 0800 555 112 or their website.