Four students are accused of gang-rape at university. They are accused of assaulting 19-year-old undergraduates.

  • Four student sportsmen were accused of gang raping an undergraduate.
  • A 19-year old woman claims she was attacked at Oxford Brookes by international students
  • She claims the attack took place when she stole headphones from their house.
  • After an internal investigation, Oxford Brookes expelled three out of four students

Four student sportsmen were accused of gang raping an undergraduate.

The 19-year-old woman claims that Oxford Brookes students attacked her as she went to pick up headphones from their house.

It is believed that one of the accused was admitted at the university while being investigated in the United States for two allegations of rape by an undergraduate student.

After an internal investigation, Oxford Brookes, a centre for elite sports, expelled three of these four students.

A 19-year-old woman claims four international students at Oxford Brookes (university is pictured) gang-raped her when she went to collect a pair of headphones from their house

A 19-year-old girl claims that four students at Oxford Brookes (university shown in photo) gang-raped it when she went to get a pair of headphones from their home.

One of the three was later reduced to a term suspension on appeal. He was instructed to write a letter of remorse to the victim. A fourth person was issued a written warning.

The alleged victim stated that she had laughed off group sex when it was first brought up in conversation by the men. 

However, when she returned to her room, she found that furniture had been moved as well as bottles of alcohol.

She told The Times that suddenly the mood changed, and it became less jokey. It was more like, “You’ve spoken this, you’re all talk. You owe us, this is what you promised to us.”

“I just kept repeating that I said that a few weeks ago, so I don’t owe you anything,” he said. They replied, “No, you owe me group sex, I’ve accepted it, we have proof.” 

An investigation by Thames Valley Police was dropped without charges brought. Police said there was ambiguity over consent as the woman agreed to take part in some sexual activity

Thames Valley Police dropped the investigation without charging anyone. Police stated that there was no ambiguity in consent because the woman had agreed to participate in some sexual activity.

According to the newspaper, the student tried suicide after the alleged attack. She was hospitalized for seven weeks after taking an overdose. 

The men claim that the woman consented to group sexual activity in text messages in the past and that she initiated the sexual activity.

Thames Valley Police ended their investigation without charging anyone.

Police concluded that there was no ambiguity in consent since the woman had agreed to engage in sexual activity prior and after the alleged assault.

The Oxford Brookes misconduct investigation found that the victim complained of a violation of university regulations by three of four athletes. They relied on “balance of probabilities” as proof.

It said that the students had not taken adequate care to establish consent throughout the entire evening. This is a form of abuse.

Oxford Brookes (pictured) expelled three students after an investigation. One's punishment was later reduced to a term's suspension on appeal and a fourth was given a written warning

After an investigation, three students were expelled from Oxford Brookes. After an investigation, one student was punished with a term suspension and the other was given a written warning.

The university inquiry does NOT imply any criminal behavior.

A spokesperson for Oxford Brookes stated that harassment and sexual violence are not allowed.

“We can confirm that in February 2018, allegations were made against the university regarding sexual violence committed by a number of students. 

These allegations were thoroughly investigated in accordance to university processes. We also liaised with the police and completed our internal conduct procedures.

“Appropriate penalties, which included the most severe penalties for the university in relation some of the students were applied, and were upheld on appeal. 

“We acknowledge the distressing nature the allegations.”