As a result, a fourth paddleboarder died after a terrible trip. A woman was arrested for gross negligence manslaughter.

According to BBC, Andrea Powell (41), died at hospital following her rescue from her ill-fated flight.

Bridged resident Ms. Powell was taken immediately to Withybush Hospital after she had been rescued. She succumbed to her injuries today, it was confirmed. 

After the nine-person group got in trouble on the last Saturday’s paddleboarding trip along the River Cleddau, Haverfordwest (Pembrokeshire), a woman from South Wales was taken into custody

Under investigation, she was released. 

Flowers have been laid close to the scene of the drownings near Haverfordwest town centre

The scene of the drownings was near Haverfordwest, where flowers have been placed

Dyfed Powys Police reported that their thoughts were with the family of Dyfed Powys and all involved in the tragic incident.

Unharmed were the five others on the trip.

After the death of Powell, two more women and one male paddleboarder died.

Morgan Rogers (24), Merthyr Tydfil; Nicola Wheatley (44) from Pontarddulais Swansea and Paul O’Dwyer (42), from Sandfields Neath Talbot also died when they got in trouble on the river.

Father-of-three and instructor Mr O’Dwyer was praised for his courage and described by him as an ‘incredible man in every aspect’. He jumped into the water to save women.

Morgan Rogers, 24, Nicola Wheatley, 40 and Paul O'Dwyer (pictured), 42, died after a rainstorm hit nine paddleboarders on the River Cleddau in Haverfordwest, on Saturday

Morgan Rogers (24), Nicola Wheatley (44) and Paul O’Dwyer (22) both died on Saturday after a storm swept nine paddleboarders off the River Cleddau, Haverfordwest.

Five other party members, believed to be from the South Wales Paddle Boarders & Salty Dog Co were also present at the event and weren’t injured.

This group was part of an outing organized by the company. They had just minutes to go before being swept away by the torrential water.

Three victims were killed in horrific accidents. Tributes pour in to pay respects, while relatives of Ms Wheatley (known as Nikki) praised her for being a loving mother, wife and daughter.

One of her relatives said that she was a caring, kind and funny woman. In every aspect, she was extraordinary.

Father-of-three Mr O'Dwyer (pictured) has been praised for his bravery and described as 'an incredible man in every way' for jumping into the raging water to save the women

Pictured: Father of three Mr O’Dwyer has been recognized for his bravery. He was described as “an amazing man in every aspect” for leaping into the water to save women.

“She left an empty space in our lives, which will never be filled.”

Ms Wheatley worked in toxicology at London’s Guys and St Thomas’s Hospital in London before joining the Cardiff and Vale University health Board 15 years ago.

She worked as a consultant at the National Poisons Information service, and provided advice for doctors who were treating poisoned patients.

According to her colleagues, she is a dedicated and enthusiastic worker who was also a scientist.

It read: ‘She will be remembered for her calm, friendly and totally professional manner – even when faced with the most difficult of cases.

Nikki was enthusiastic, committed and extremely capable. We trusted her with all our campaigns and project organizing.

Tributes have flocked in for the three victims, with relatives of health worker Ms Wheatley (pictured), known as Nikki by colleagues, saying she was a loving wife, mother and daughter

Three victims’ relatives have received tributes.

Nikki will also be remembered for her dedication and talent as a scientist who contributed significantly to toxicology research and was able to present her findings at international levels.

She has left her children, husband, and extended families. They are in our thoughts and prayers during this awful time.

Ms Rogers, who loved outdoor adventures and was a member of the South Wales Paddleboarding Club, was described as a ‘lovely’ girl by her devastated friends. 

Merthyr Tydfil resident Ms Rogers served as deputy store manager in Aldi’s supermarket. However, she had plans to get involved with the fire service.

According to her friends, she is passionate about paddling and walks the Brecon Beacons alongside her pet dog.

Teresa Hall wrote on Facebook, “My beautiful girl Morgan, taken too soon.” I’m heartbroken. My baby, sleep tight.

Morgan’s family stated that Morgan was “the best she could be.” Katy and her father Rhys, Harry, Holly, Holly and Harry will miss Morgan.

Ms Rogers's friends said she was passionate about paddleboarding as well as walking the Brecon Beacons with her beloved dog

Friends of Ms Rogers said that she loved paddleboarding and walking the Brecon Beacons trails with her dog.

Before the tragedy, O’Dwyer had done a hazardous 24-hour marathon on a paddleboard along the River Wye for 100 miles near the Welsh border.

An ex-Royal Engineer Mr O’Dwyer was described as an ‘inspirational’ charity fundraiser.

The event raised £4,500 for a heart screening charity in honour of five friends who died of undiagnosed heart problems.

One family spokeswoman said that Paul was a loving husband, father and brother. Through his numerous fundraising efforts for charity, he dedicated his life to helping others.

Paul was a water-loving baby. He was a lifeguard at Aberavon when he was a child.

Ms Rogers (pictured), who loved outdoor adventures and was a member of the South Wales Paddleboarding Club, was described as a 'lovely' girl by her devastated friends

Ms. Rogers (pictured), who enjoyed outdoor adventures and was part of the South Wales Paddleboarding Club was described by her friends as a lovely’ girl.

His sporting talents extended beyond surfing. He was a champion in army surfing, a member of the British Army 7-apart rugby team, Aberavon green stars rugby player and a ski instructor.

“His bucket list also included the London Marathon and running 100 miles, along with numerous triathlons such as Ironman Wales.

One friend, who did not want to be identified, said that the world had lost a true great man. He was one of our best. Paul was an outdoorsman who was in his prime and loved being a father.

“He did everything, from running 10ks to triathlons to surfing or skiing. He was raising funds to screen other men and has lost some friends due to heart attacks. He was that kind of guy. 

According to his Twitter profile, O’Dwyer describes himself as an “entrepreneur, electrician, surfing enthusiast, skier, and snowboarder”. Doting daddy’.  

The group, who were part of an organised outing, had been in the River Cleddau (pictured) only minutes when they were hit by a deluge of rushing water as they paddled near a weir

They were part of an organized outing and had only been paddling near the weir when they were struck by torrential water.

Aberavon Greenstars FC his local football club added their own tribute.

“Paul O’Dwyer. Where do we start? All that the man did was to benefit others.

All will miss you, Brother.

According to friends, O’Dwyer loved paddleboarding so much that he would spend weekends on the water.

Ocado’s engineer team manager Mr O’Dwyer joined the paddling expedition along with two friends from Port Talbot.

O’Dwyer was described as a “dedicated dad” and was a frequent paddleboarder at Aberavon near his house. He also gave lessons to the Salty Dog Co surfing shop.

Salty Dog Clothing Company said that it would say goodbye to its founder, Mr O’Dwyer of Port Talbot.

Five others in the party of nine paddleboarders were unharmed. Pictured: Morgan Rogers, who died in the accident

The accident left five others uninjured in the nine-person paddleboarding party. Morgan Rogers was killed in the accident.

Vickie Mckinven of Milford Haven said one of the paddleboarders was there and that O’Dwyer, who tried to help two paddleboarders get into trouble close to the weir, had unfortunately died.

Mckinven said that Ms Mckinven pulled out of her morning paddle as she was worried about the weather. She said that Paul did indeed lose his life while trying to save the lives of two other girls who were also suffering from an unanticipated downpour.

“Absolutely heartbreaking,” [they were]All good friends… they did so much for charity. 

Near the site of drownings, flowers were placed near Haverfordwest’s town centre.

Locals claimed that heavy rain caused flooding to overflow a weir, causing flood water to rush downstream and knocking out paddle boarders.

At the scene last Saturday, around 30 firefighters, including specialist wading crews and swift water rescue technicians, were among the large joint-search and rescue operation

Last Saturday saw around 30 firefighters on scene. This included specialists wading and quick water rescue crews.

It was flooding at that time. At least one local watersport company cancelled all of its activities as a result.

20-year-old Passerby Joel Williams jumped in the river to help someone who was suffering from distress. He had seen them on their paddleboards and then gave one person CPR.

Natasha was proud to be her son’s mother. There were many people trying to help. A person told him that it was impossible to jump in. He replied, “I can.”

“He tried to grab the man with the rope, but couldn’t. He then saw a woman floating in the water and grabbed her. Then, CPR was performed until emergency personnel arrived.

“He called us 20 minutes after the fact to say that he was in need of dry clothes, and also that he wanted a towel since he’d just pulled a young girl from the river. He seemed as serene as ever. It was like “What’?”

Natasha claimed that Mr Williams, an apprentice plumber, was from Haverfordwest. However, she said she was happy that he did not get swept away in a flooded river. 

She stated, “I’m not surprised by what he did, but I’m absolutely in awe.”

Police and the Marine Accident Investigation Board are still investigating the accident on the normally still River Cleddau. Pictured: Emergency services at the river last Saturday

Both the Marine Accident Investigation Board and police are continuing to investigate the incident on the River Cleddau. Pictured: The emergency services were at the river on Saturday, April 11.

“Joel was crazy at the time to do it, but you can’t when so many people are dying for their lives?”

“He is fine. He is strong enough to swim, which we are grateful for.

The Pembrokeshire County Coroner spoke out to say that inquests on the three victims would take place later in the month. 

On Saturday there were around 30 firefighters on scene. This included specialist wading and rapid water rescue crews.

The search was also supported by multiple helicopters belonging to the Coastguard, National Police Air Service and Wales Air Ambulance.

Liz Saville Roberts is the leader of Plaid Cymru Westminster. She said: “The distressing news about the River Cleddau accident in Haverfordwest”

God speed emergency services. Please support families.

Information was sent to the HM Coroner and Health and Safety Executive and to the Marine Accident Investigation Branch, (MAIB).

According to a MAIB spokesperson, a group of Marine Accident Investigation Branch inspectors arrived at Haverfordwest in order to conduct a preliminary investigation of the incident. This was done in cooperation with other agencies.

“The MAIB’s preliminary evaluation is designed to assist in determining how the future will unfold.”