The Fraggles of Fraggle rock, along with the Gorgs, Doozers and Silly Creatures of Outer Space were last seen on television screens in 1987.

The Muppets creator Jim Henson will soon be bringing the series back to TV. But, now one of its stars revealed that the Muppets show has kept him busy.

Simon O’Brien played BJ, the lighthousekeeper, in the last season. He told BBC Wednesday that it was one of his most dangerous roles.

Sprocket, the puppeteer’s dog was controlled by him because he said that’massive holes were made in the floor’ of the set.

This meant that “every time that you went onstage, you took you life in you hands,” the star stated, adding that the audience was often ‘oddly bruised and broke limbs’ during the performance.

Apple TV+ will release the first episode entitled Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock on Friday.

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Fraggle Rock star Simon O'Brien (left in character with his puppet dog Sprocket), who played BJ the lighthouse keeper in the show's final season, has revealed the role was 'one of the most dangerous jobs' he has ever had

The star said 'massive holes' were created in the floor of the show's set so puppeteers could control the character's dog, Sprocket

Simon O’Brien of Fraggle Rock (left with Sprocket, his puppet dog), revealed that the part of BJ lighthouse keeper in season’s last season was the most hazardous he had ever done. Star Simon O’Brien said that’massive gaps’ were created on the show’s floor in order to control Sprocket, the dog of his character.

Fraggle Rock was conceived by the creator of the Muppets, Jim Henson. Above: Henson in 1985 with the show's characters

Jim Henson, the Muppets’ creator, was the one who created Fraggle Rock. Above: Henson, 1985.

Fraggle rock aired its first episode on British television in 1983.  

Its main characters lived in a system of caves connected to ‘The Land of the Gorgs’ and ‘Outer Space’, where the silly creatures – humans – lived.

Fraggle Rock was connected to Outer Space by a tiny hole that led to the living quarters in a lighthouse.

There were five Fraggles named Gobo (Mokey), Wembley (Boober), and each was controlled by a puppeteer.

A variety of characters were also present, such as Aretha, the Cave Creature, Avalanche Monster and Brool, the Minstrel.

The only human character – the Captain – was first depicted by Fulton Mackay, who had previously portrayed prison officer Mr Mackey in 1970s sitcom Porridge.

The Captain and Sprocket lived with their dog in the lighthouse that was located near the Fraggles’ home.

In 1987, when the star had died, the character was first replaced by his nephew’, PK. John Gordon Sinclair portrayed PK.

Fraggle Rock's main characters lived in a system of caves connected to 'The Land of the Gorgs' and 'Outer Space', where the silly creatures – humans – lived. Above: The family of Gorgs, whose garden featured Marjory the Trash Heap. Marjory dispensed wisdom to the Fraggles

Fraggle Rock’s main characters lived in a system of caves connected to ‘The Land of the Gorgs’ and ‘Outer Space’, where the silly creatures – humans – lived. Above: Marjory, the trashheap was part of the family of Gorgs. Marjory gave wisdom to the Fraggles 

The Five named Fraggles were Gobo, Mokey, Wembley and Boober, with each being controlled by a puppeteer

There were five fraggles named Gobo and Mokey. Each was controlled by a puppeteer.

For the last season, Mr O’Brien’s BJ character, who is the son of Captain O’Brien, further enhanced the role.

In the US version, Captain was replaced with Doc by Gerard Parkes, an inventor.

O’Brien said that Fraggle Rock is a show that has stayed close to his heart. Jim Henson, the man I put this down is what I believe it was.

Jim had a special attitude. He loved puppeteers. His puppeteers were his best friend. He loved his puppeteers and treated them as artists instead of just puppeteers.

“He was the best worker he knew. It didn’t matter who your role was, everyone stayed together.

“And I feel that making something joyful is a way to bring joy.

The only human character – the Captain – was first depicted by Fulton Mackay (above), who had previously portrayed prison officer Mr Mackey in 1970s sitcom Porridge

In the US version of the show, the Captain's character was replaced by the inventor Doc, who was depicted by Gerard Parkes (above)

The only human character – the Captain – was first depicted by Fulton Mackay (left), who had previously portrayed prison officer Mr Mackey in 1970s sitcom Porridge. The Captain was replaced in the US by Doc (right), who was played by Gerard Parkes.

Living within Fraggle Rock with the Fraggles were wthe Doozers, who are small, green and pudgy.  They wore miniature hard hats and their lives were dedicated to working

Fraggle Rock was home to the Fraggles, who were tiny, green and pudgy.  The Doozers were miniature hard hat-wearing workers and lived a life dedicated to work.

The connection between Fraggle Rock and Outer Space was a small hole leading to the living quarters of a lighthouse. Above: Sprocket the dog with Gobo and Wembley

Fraggle Rock connected with Outer Space via a narrow hole which led to the lighthouse’s living quarters. Above: Sprocket with Gobo, Wembley

Speaking of his love for the show, Mr O'Brien told BBC Radio 4's Today Programme: 'Some shows just stick in the heart and Fraggle Rock was certainly one of them. I put that down to the man himself, Jim Henson'

O’Brien spoke of his affection for Fraggle Rock, telling BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme that he believes it was one of the best shows ever made. Jim Henson is the reason I attribute that to me.

O’Brien was a TV star who became famous for his role in Brookside. He joked that he is the only person on planet Earth to have met a Fraggle.

“In the last storyline, poison was being poured into the ground and into the world of the Fraggles. It was poisoned into the ground. They realized that they must do something. I was the one who enlisted BJ’s help to save them.

“So they rose to the surface.”

Fraggle Rock returned to television in April 2020, with several short episodes.

Fraggle Rock: Rock On! Each episode was shot using an iPhone 11 and featured the iconic characters. These shows were shot in the home of the producers.

Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock will be instead a series full-length episodes.

A number of well-known celebrities, including Cynthia Erivo (Patti Labelle), Ed Helms, Kenan Thomson, and Ed Helms are scheduled to make an appearance.

Apple TV has stated that the Fraggles will “kick-off the New Year by embarking upon epic, hilarious adventures about how magic happens when we celebrate, care for, and support our interconnected planet.”

A scene from Fraggle Rock's original US trailer. The final season of the creation aired in 1987. It has now been revived after more than 30 years

Fraggle Rock’s US Original Trailer. This was the last season. It aired on 1987. The show has been revived in its final season after being on the air for more than 30 consecutive years.

One of the Gorgs is seen in the original show's trailer. The Gorgs were furry creatures headed by husband wife Pa and Ma

In the trailer for the original series, one of the Gorgs can be seen. Ma and Pa, a husband-wife team who led the Gorgs, were furry animals.

Unlike the Doozers, the Fraggles spent most of their time enjoying themselves. Above: A scene from the show's original trailer

The Fraggles, unlike the Doozers spent their most time having fun. Above: An excerpt from the original trailer.

Social media was filled with excitement about the show’s return. One fan said, “Forget all else. Fraggle Rock will be making a comeback!”

One other said, “I’m so happy @AppleTVPlus have brought back #fragglerock.”

A third added: ‘2022 is saved, there’s a Fraggle Rock reboot coming…’

Dave Goelz (voice actor for Boober, Uncle Traveling Matt) told BBC Breakfast Wednesday that the tone was exactly the same in the new and original series.

The first episode of Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock, is set to air on Friday. Well-known stars including Cynthia Erivo, Patti Labelle, Ed Helms, Kenan Thompson are set to appear

Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock’s first episode will be aired on Friday. Stars such as Cynthia Erivo and Kenan Thompson, Patti Labelle and Ed Helms are all set to make an appearance.

According to a statement by Apple TV, the Fraggles will 'kick off the new year by embarking on epic, hilarious adventures about the magic that happens when we celebrate and care for our interconnected world'

Apple TV stated that the Fraggles would “kick off 2019 with epic, funny adventures about magic that occurs when we care for and celebrate our interconnected universe.”

“Everybody respected the intention of the show. There was tremendous excitement internally about it. The show was very enjoyable to work on.

When he spoke about new actors that have assumed other roles, he said: “It’s very thrilling. These actors are dedicated. This group of people was a kid when the original TV show premiered, but they still have the same enthusiasm. The actors do an amazing job of portraying the characters.

BBC Breakfast host Dan Walker tweeted: “Love that #FraggleRock has become a trending topic.” Everybody… DANCE YOUR CARES AWAY…’