France finally cracks down on migrant smuggling as 15 gang members are rounded up for charging hundreds of refugees £5,000 each to cross Channel to Britain in packed boats

  • 15 gang members arrested for charging migrants £5,000 for passage to Britain
  • According to police, the profits earned by smugglers were approximately 3,000,000 Euros ($3.4 Million).
  • Tensions between London and Paris are rising over record numbers of crossings

France finally cracks down on migrants smuggling. 15 members of an international smuggling network that illegally crossed the Channel to Britain were detained.

The gang members allegedly charged hundreds of refugees £5,000 each for a place in a packed boat across the Channel. 

This announcement is made as tensions rise between Paris and London over record numbers of migrants crossing Channel. France has been urged to take tougher measures against them.

The suspects included Iraqi Kurds (Iraqi Kurds), Pakistanis, Pakistanis, and Vietnamese who approached migrants at Grande-Synthe in the northern part of France to encourage them to travel to England by small boats.

France has finally cracked down on migrant smuggling and detained 15 suspected gang members that helped people illegally cross the Channel to Britain (pictured, French police watch the makeshift cam pin Grande-Synthe)

France finally cracks down on migrants smuggling. 15 suspect gang members were detained by France. (pictured: French police inspect the Grande-Synthe cam pin).

The gang members allegedly charged hundreds of refugees (pictured, migrants in Grande-Synthe) £5,000 each for a place in a packed boat across the Channel

The gang members allegedly charged hundreds of refugees (pictured, migrants in Grande-Synthe) £5,000 each for a place in a packed boat across the Channel

French police began an investigation in October 2020. They found that the network was helping at least 250 migrants per month to cross into England using small boats, which can transport as many as 60 migrants.

A migrant would need to pay 6,000 Euros ($6,800) for passage to England. The smugglers made some $3 million in profits.

Xavier Delrieu who was the lead investigator of the investigation said that it was a network made up of criminals with a history of complicity. He also spoke out to say that drivers and secret financier backers were involved.

Passage to England would cost a migrant 6,000 euros ($6,800) and the smugglers racked up some 3 million euros ($3.4 million) in total profits, police said. Pictured: Migrants huddle together on the beach at Dungeness, UK, after three crammed boats arrived on the shoreline

According to police, migrant entry into England costs 6,000 Euros ($6,800) while the total profits of the smugglers are around 3,000,000 euros ($3.4 Million). After three boats carrying smugglers arrived at the shore, migrants gather on Dungeness beach, UK.

The new arrivals bring the total number to have made it to the UK this month to 4,019, exceeding the previous record of 3,879 in September. This year's total is now a record-breaking 23,761

With the new arrivals, the total number who made it to the UK for this month is now 4,019, surpassing the previous September record of 3,879. The record breaking 23,761 total for this year is already in place

Last week, the 15 suspects were taken into custody. Cash was also seized in amounts of around 45,000 euros ($45,000).

The French authorities claim that 31500 persons attempted to travel to Britain in the first year. 7,800 have been saved at sea since then, a figure which has doubled from August.

Britain’s ruling Conservative party, which is headed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, faces intense pressure from supporters and the media to lower the number of people crossing.

British authorities say that over 25.000 people arrived in the Channel illegally this year. That’s more than triple what was recorded for 2020.

This has contributed to increasing tensions post Brexit between Britain and France. There is also a dispute over fishing rights that remains unresolved. 

According to British authorities, over 25,000 people have now arrived illegally across the Channel so far this year, already triple the figure recorded in 2020

British authorities claim that more than 25,000 illegal immigrants have crossed the Channel this year. This is triple the number recorded in 2020.