French officers arrest two Parisian men accused of attempting to attack ‘ISIS with a Christmas knife assault’.

  • At separate addresses, two 23-year old men were taken into custody in greater Paris.
  • ISIS propaganda was seized from their homes, according to local media
  • The detectives claimed they were planning to attack busy streets and shopping centers.
  • The men hoped that police would shoot them dead so they could be called’martyrs’. 

According to French media, two ISIS terrorists were arrested by French police. They planned to attack Christmas holidays.

According to BFM TV, the men aged 23 were taken into custody at two separate locations in greater Paris last Monday.

One of the suspects told officers he wanted to slaughter ‘disbelievers’ and that he hoped to be shot dead so that he could be ‘martyred’, Le Figaro reported. The man also pledged loyalty to ISIS.

Police say that they plotted knife attacks against shopping centers, universities and busy streets.  

Roasted chestnut street seller outside Les Deux Magots Cafe and Restaurant, Boulevard St Germain, Paris, in a file photo from last January. They arrested suspects are alleged to have been plotting knife attacks around Christmas and targeting crowded areas including shopping malls, universities and busy streets.

In a file photo taken last January, roasted chestnut street vendor outside Les Deux Magots Cafe & Restaurant, Boulevard St Germain. The suspects were allegedly plotting to attack Christmas with knives and target crowded areas such as shopping malls and universities.

Second suspect denies any terrorist plot. 

Cops seized ISIS propaganda at their two homes in Meaux and Seine-et-Marne.   

Both were arrested Friday. They have since been placed in protective custody.

The fourth of these plots has been foiled by the police this year. 

It comes as it was revealed that the government in the Alpes-Maritimes region has decided to bolster security around the Christmas market in Nice.

Nice was hit by an ISIS terror attack. On July 14th 2016, a 19-tonne Lorry drove at crowds killing 86 victims.

This was the most severe terror attack on France in the recent past.

The bombings, shootings, and wounds suffered by 130 victims in the Paris attacks of November 2015 at Bataclan theater and elsewhere around Paris are the worst.

A French teacher was murdered in Conflans by a Chechen teenage. He was later shot by the police. 

In 2021 there were at least three terrorist acts, one of which was on a Nantes policewoman on May 28th.

Police later killed the murderer. A well-known Islamist, he was radicalised while in prison.