French police were seen standing silent as up to 40 migrants launched dinghies into Channel today in an attempt to reach Britain. 

At least five children and several migrants were seen entering the sea from Wimereux beach, located just north of Boulogne.

A French police car was parked a few yards away with at least two officers inside. They appeared to be doing nothing, despite Emmanuel Macron’s promise yesterday that forces would work ‘nightly and day’ in order to prevent the crossings.

The vow came after the French government was challenged to explain how exactly £9million handed over by Britain this summer as part of a £54million package had been spent – even as crossings soared to record levels.

MailOnline was contacted today by an aide to Tory senior leader who claimed that the French were ‘playing the gallery’ and allowing cross-border crossings to continue while warning that “serious action” is unlikely to take place before April’s elections.

A group of 40 migrants ran with an inflatable dinghy across a beach near Wimereux, northern France, while police stood ny and did nothing

While police stood by and did nothing, a group of 40 migrants raced with an inflatable boat across the beach at Wimereux in northern France.

The migrants, including at least five children, were spotted going into the water from a beach just a few miles north of Boulogne-sur-Mer, in the early hours of the morning

In the wee hours of the morning, the migrants (including at least five children) were seen going in to the water just miles from Boulogne.

Yards away was a French police car with at least two cops inside who appeared to do nothing, despite Emmanuel Macron's government yesterday vowing that forces would be in action

One kilometer away, a French police vehicle had at least two people inside. It appeared that they did nothing, despite Emmanuel Macron’s promises yesterday that the force would act.

More than 4,000 migrants have made the journey in November so-far, the most ever in a single month, and the surge shows no sign of slowing down

The November surge has seen more than 4000 migrants make the trip, making it the largest single-month migration.

The vow came after the French government was challenged to explain how exactly £9million handed over by Britain this summer as part of a £54million package had been spent, as crossings soared

The vow came after the French government was challenged to explain how exactly £9million handed over by Britain this summer as part of a £54million package had been spent, as crossings soared

It is happening against the backdrop of worsening UK/France relations regarding post-Brexit Channel fish licences. Also, the AUKUS Submarine pact With Australia with saw Australia end a billion-dollar French agreement in favor of a new British and American deal.

In spite of worsening relations almost 25.000 migrants crossed the Channel in this year. This is far more than the approximately 8,000 immigrants who entered 2020 or the 1,000 who arrived in 2019.

The November trip has seen more than 4000 people make it, an unprecedented number for a single month.

French officials revealed details for the first time of how they have spent £9million from the British taxpayer, agreed as part of a £54million deal in the summer. 

According to a spokesperson for the interior ministry, more than 100 mobile vehicles have been delivered on the ground and used for arrests and patrols. The equipment was specifically designed for the terrain. 

Special kit could include 4x4s or rigid-hulled vessels, quad bikes and other vehicles equipped with advanced monitoring and detection devices. A spokesperson said that twenty-one vehicles were already delivered, and the troops are using them every day. Other vehicles will follow in 2022 and December.

The French, however, did not add any additional personnel.

During the last major Channel surge – which saw the ‘Jungle’ camp spring up near Calais in 2015 – France sent in 3,500 officers from its mobile police unit, the CRS. Only a few hundred reserve gendarmes currently serve in the field.

According to officials from the UK, the French have been left struggling with large-scale organised crime gangs’ demands.

The group of migrants boarded the dinghy and gestured as they started to make the journey across the Channel to Britain today

A group of migrants boarded a dinghy, gesturing as they made the crossing across the Channel from Britain to Britain.

Almost 25,000 migrants have crossed the Channel this year - far eclipsing the roughly 8,000 who came in 2020 and 1,000 who arrived in 2019

Nearly 25,000 migrants crossed the Channel in this year, surpassing roughly 8,000 immigrants who arrived in 2020 and 1000 who arrived in 2019.

Among the group travelling in the dinghy from France were very young children wearing life jackets as they made the arduous journey

As they traveled from France in the dinghy, many of their passengers were young children who were wearing life jackets.

Last week Home Secretary Priti Patel blamed the EU's free movement policy for allowing thousands of migrants to sweep across the Continent to France

Priti Patel, Home Secretary blamed EU’s freedom of movement policy last week for allowing thousands to cross the continent to France.

France has rejected British proposals to allow UK officers to work on the other side of the Channel to detect people-smuggling operations

France rejected British plans to permit UK officers to operate on the opposite side of the Channel in order to find people-smuggling activities.

Yesterday France announced that British money will be used for high-performance night vision equipment and thermal cameras.

Purchases of ‘Specially adapted clothing, searchlights and interception equipment, as well as torches, were also made.

It is an homage to the French minister of war Andre Maginot’s defensive line, which was built in the 1930s. The equipment will be used for’security of the coastline strip of more than 130km’. [100 miles]From the Dunkirk region to the Bay of the Somme.

A spokesman for the ministry added that it was part of the battle against illegal immigration on the Channel coast. To safeguard lives and people in need, the ministry has deployed its security forces every day to watch the coastline and stop makeshift boats leaving Britain. They also arrest people who smuggle people.

Sources within the British government stated that they were pleased to hear from France that it is now helping reduce this despicable crossing.

Priti Patel, Home Secretary of India blamed EU’s freedom-of-movement policy for allowing migrants to flood across Europe to reach France last week. She called on a cross Europe effort to address the issue.

France rejected British plans to permit UK officers to operate on the opposite side of the Channel in order to spot people-smuggling activities.

Six out of ten migrants arrive in France only on the day they attempt to cross – arriving from Belgium and the Netherlands.

People smugglers are charging more than £3,300 per head to make a Channel crossing, according to latest intelligence.

The new arrivals bring the total number to have made it to the UK this month to 4,019, exceeding the previous record of 3,879 in September. This year's total is now a record-breaking 23,761

These new arrivals increase the number of people who have reached the UK in this month’s total to 4,019, surpassing the September record of 3,879. The record breaking 23,761 total for this year is already in place