Canal Plus, a French television station has announced that it is no longer sending commentators to Premier League games with fans at ground not covered in facemasks. This is despite an increase in Covid-19 cases.

Last night’s Late Foot Club featured three speakers who spoke out about the fact that their company had been taking extreme precautions for over two weeks and lashed out at the inept attitude towards protecting against the virus.

‘We’ve been in the Canal studios for the last two weeks and indeed, given the numbers mentioned, it’s for the best,’ one presenter said. 

‘Because when you don’t wear a mask you risk becoming positive and English people, until a few days ago, did not wear masks. Since I started going to the stadium in August, I have never witnessed an Englishman wearing a mask. 

Today, all supporters who travel to England’s highest-flight matches must complete a Covid status statement. After the introduction of Plan B, valid NHS Covid passes or proof that a positive test was performed are now required.

This crackdown includes fans covering their faces inside the stadium and in busy areas. It is an attempt to reduce the spread coronavirus following the rapid-spreading Omicron variant. 

French TV station Canal Plus have revealed they no longer send commentators to Premier League games because of the casual attitude to face masks and coronavirus from fans

Canal Plus, a French television station has revealed that they are no longer sending commentators to Premier League matches due to the informal attitude of fans to wearing coronavirus and face masks

Speaking last night, the three presenters delved into the current state of Covid in England

The three presenters discussed the state of Covid England last night.

Yesterday there were over 4,700 Omicron confirmed cases. Ministers claim that this number is increasing at a rate of almost doubling every other day. This means that almost 100,000 Omicron cases will be confirmed by Christmas Eve.

Nearly 1 million will be then isolating themselves on Christmas Day.

Fears that Premier League members will be forced to remain closed-doors again have been re-ignited by the worsening healthcare crisis. Indeed, Sportmail It has been discovered that club members are worried about mass postponements, and even a possible shut down.

Progress in vaccination of players has been slow. It was revealed that 42 Covid positives were reported in the top flight, which is the highest number of such cases in one week. Five clubs at least confirmed the cases.

The wave of new Omicron cases have sparked fears that Premier League football may be hit

Fears have been raised that Premier League football might be in danger due to the influx of Omicron cases.

Everton forward Richarlison has been jabbed, but the vaccination programme remains slow

Richarlison is Everton’s Forward, however the programme for vaccination has not been accelerated.

The slow pace at which their vaccine programmes are administered has made clubs’ concerns worse. The majority of Omicron-infected players have to wait for their booster jabs, which can take a while. 

Premier League members insist on the ability to carry out normal operations, including strict testing procedures and emergency protocols.

But, several sources have claimed that the club’s representatives told them otherwise. Sportmail They are privately questioning whether they will be able continue in the face of mass postponements, without compromising the integrity of competition. 

Six Premier League games were delayed by officials last Christmas. However, they did not cause a season-ending shutdown. 

Deputy Chief Medical Officer Jonathan Van-Tam has urged footballers to get their vaccinations

Jonathan Van-Tam, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, has encouraged footballers to have their vaccines.

The Premier League have introduced a raft of new rules to try and prevent disruption to games

 The Premier League have introduced a raft of new rules to try and prevent disruption to games

They have introduced Covid passes to supporters with symptoms and after yesterday’s new restrictions were passed by the government.

Before match day, supporters aged 18 or over must complete a Covid status declaration via the club’s website. Within 48 hours, they will need to confirm whether they had a valid Covid pass. 

At the stadium they must show either a pass or a negative result. Checks will be made at all grounds. Failure to pass either test could result in a denial of entry. 

It has been confirmed that facemasks are not required ‘within stadium bowl’. However, supporters can wear them in ‘congested areas’.

Supporters will now be required to show a valid Covid pass or a negative Covid test result

Now, supporters will need to present a current Covid pass or negative Covid test results.

Richard Masters, chief executive of Premier League, stated that he was doing everything possible to ensure fans are safe and the grounds remain open as full capacity. 

“The safety of everybody remains our number one priority. We have been closely working with clubs, government and other local health authorities since the start the season to get fans ready and the stadiums operational for COVID certification.

It is important for fans to take time to learn what they need to do when visiting Premier League stadiums. That is why we require fans to report their COVID status prior to a matchday. 

“We want all to be able to watch matches in safe settings. We and our clubs will keep urging fans to follow the public’s health advice and do everything they can to make sure that this happens.”


Sajid Javid, Health Secretary, has told MPs in a worrying statement that Omicron, although less severe than Delta, spreads easily and has the potential of causing a disruption to the NHS. 

Omicron case numbers could reach as high as “200,000 per day” and may double in the next two to three days, he said. This number is higher than the Covid total, but experts disagree with it.

Downing Street maintained that the projection was valid. 

Yesterday’s update by Professor Chris Whitty, England’s Chief Medical Officer, warned that Omicron is spreading at an ‘unbelieveable rate’. 

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has told the Cabinet that a 'huge spike in Omicron is coming'

Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister has stated to Cabinet that an Omicron spike is imminent.

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, told Cabinet members that there will be a “huge increase in Omicron”. According to public health officials, restrictions can last for as long as eight weeks.

Omicron is quickly gaining ground in London, where there are many Premier League teams. The capital’s Covid infection rate has risen by 55% in just two weeks, to 537 cases per 100 000 people. This is the highest since January.

The number of hospitalisations has increased by 50% in the same time period. They have gone up from 90 to 140 admissions per day.