Boris suffers a fresh blow as his poll ratings plummet to new lows after months of sleaze and ‘Partygate’ chaos. 71 percent believe he’s doing a poor job.

  • YouGov survey suggests that public has a greater negative view of Boris Johnson’s performance
  • A dramatic turnaround in recent months thanks to Partygate furores and sleaze
  • Johnson is currently facing Tory mutiny due to his response to Omicron.  

Boris Johnson took a hit tonight when polls showed that 71% said they think he’s doing a terrible job.

Since months, the PM has struggled to get rid of allegations of sleaze or lockdown-busting parties. He also had Tory mutinies about “Partygate”.

The latest YouGov research shows that the barrage was affecting his relationship with the voters.

The percentage of people who feel Mr Johnson is performing well is down to 23 percent, but the proportion saying that he is failing to perform has increased to 71%.

His net rating is minus 48, which is the lowest since his entry at No10. This marks a significant turnaround from May when he received a positive overall score. 48% praised his performance at that time, while 47% disapproved.  

Boris Johnson has been struggling to shake free of months of allegations about sleaze and lockdown-busting parties, as well as suffering Tory mutinies over 'Partygate'

Boris Johnson, who has struggled to free himself from months of claims about sleaze parties and lockdown-busting parties as well as Tory mutinies surrounding ‘Partygate’.

YouGov found the proportion who think Mr Johnson is performing well has slumped to 23 per cent, while those saying he is doing badly has soared to 71 per cent

YouGov discovered that Mr Johnson’s performance has declined to 23 percent, while his rating of poor has increased to 71%.

Downing Street will also be worried about evidence that Keir Starmer is opening up a lead on the 'best PM' metric, and is now preferred to Mr Johnson by 33 per cent to 23 per cent - although Labour is still not widely seen as ready for government

Downing Street is also concerned about the evidence that KeirStarmer has opened up a lead in the “best PM” metric. He is preferred over Mr Johnson by 33% to 23% – even though Labour is not yet ready to be government.

Downing Street will be also worried by evidence Keir Starmer opens up a lead for the ‘best pm’ metric. This is preferable to Mr Johnson now by 33 to 23 percent to 23%, although Labour remains not widely accepted as being ready for government. 

As Mr Johnson struggles to recover from last week’s defeat in North Shropshire, the grim statistics, including the most recent survey, were revealed.  

At the weekend, he suffered another setback when his ally Lord Frost abruptly stopped slamming Covid curbs.

With a final shot at the “direction of Travel” and stating that he hoped the end to lockdown would prove irreversible, the Brexit minister left.

After the huge mutiny last week over Plan B curbs, mutinous backbenchers were retweeting messages suggesting it may be too late for the premier. 

Mr Johnson is also facing pressure to push through new restrictions to combat the surging Omicron variant, which would be deeply unpopular with many of his own MPs and ministers.