A Cabinet minister wishes you a “cautious” Christmas

As the nation is gripped by a rising Covid, a Minister from Government today called on people to reduce their Christmas plans.

LBC spoke with Steve Barclay, who said he reduced the attendance to his Christmas festivities this year. This was due to his fears over the Omicron variant spreading.

Cabinet Office Minister said, “We’re telling people they need to keep Christmas going but be careful.” That’s what I plan to do for my own family.

“We all have the ability to protect our loved ones and ourselves by getting the booster.

He answered the question, “Cautious Christmas” is simply thinking about how many people you need to see. My family will not be able to come over for Christmas. While my wife’s parents will attend Christmas, others won’t.

Experts are warning that Omicron transmission is ‘eye-wateringly high’ and that the country is ‘in the most difficult, most uncertain time’ since at least March last year – and possibly ‘the whole pandemic’.

After requesting more proof that these measures were necessary, Boris Johnson’s ministers prevented him from placing further restrictions on England. The Prime Minister may still impose more restrictions after Nicola Sturgeon today cancelled the large-scale New Year celebrations held in Scotland.

A coronavirus-related drama continues on another day: 

  • Ministers plan to shorten the waiting period by reducing it from 10 to 7 days, so that thousands of people can be released in time for Christmas. 
  • Sir Jeremy Farrar (an ex-member of SAGE) has backed the idea of waiting another day for updated evidence on Omicron.  
  • YouGov found that Mr Johnson has a personal rating of minus 48, down from 35 percent last month. Only 22% approve of the government, and 60% disapprove. 
  • For the first time the NHS administered a million Covid jabs in just one day. However, the NHS still has a ways to go to meet the New Year booster goal.
  • Sadiq Khan urged Londoners to tune in instead and canceled London’s New Year celebration at Trafalgar Square.
Cabinet Office minister Steve Barclay told LBC he had downsized the number of family members at his Christmas celebrations this year, with only his in-laws attending, due to fears about the spread of the Omicron variant

LBC was told by Steve Barclay (Minister Cabinet Office) that he reduced the family member count for his Christmas festivities this year. This is due to concern about Omicron’s spread.

Sir Jeremy Farrar, a former SAGE advisor said that Omicron was spreading at an incredible rate. This is an amazing variant. Transmission is incredible, and there’s still a lot of uncertainty.

What is the impact on society? Staff absences and the availability of other services. There is a lot of uncertainty.

“My personal opinion is that while we wait for more restrictions to be formally placed at this time, each person can make today’s restrictions less likely.

“More data will become available today and tomorrow, and I would take action if there is an increase in transmission or an increase in hospitalisations across the country.

According to him, Omicron doubled every other day up until recent times, and that it wasn’t yet clear if this was stabilizing.

His prediction that between 6 and 10 millions cases would be made by New Year’s Eve indicated that many people had already changed their behaviors.

However, the ex-Government adviser cautioned of potential consequences for essential workers such as teachers and doctors if transmission was not stopped.

He stated that despite the difficult political and policy decisions and uncertainty that are currently occurring, it is an uncertain time. However, waiting for data to make formal decisions does not mean that we cannot do our best to minimize the risk of transmission.