Hilda Cabrales died after she was unconscious at a Los Angeles hospital two hours after Christy Giles was pronounced dead. 

Her father confirmed the news to The Sun; it is just days before her 27th birthday. 

An interior designer, she had recently moved to Los Angeles in July from Mexico. Monterrey University gave her a degree as an architect cum laude two years ago. 

Cabrales (26), and Giles (24) went out Friday, November 13 for a “very normal” night with another friend, who would prefer to remain anonymous. 

Hilda Marcela Cabrales has been pronounced brain dead two weeks after being left unconscious outside a Los Angeles with heroin in her system

Hilda Marcela Cabrales, a heroin addict who was left brain-dead outside of Los Angeles for two weeks, has been declared brain dead 

The 26-year-old interior designer was left by the same men who had dumped her friend Christy Giles' dead body outside a different hospital two hours before

Two hours earlier, the 26-year old interior designer had been left behind by the men who dumped Christy Giles’ body at a hospital in another city.

Giles (left) and Cabrales (right) were last seen leaving a warehouse party in LA with men they had met at the party. Family and friends suspect they were drugged and dead for hours before being taken to the hospitals

Giles (left), and Cabrales, (right) were last seen at a warehouse party near Los Angeles with two men whom they met at that party. Friends and family suspect that they were killed and drugged for several hours, before being transported to hospitals. 

Giles was found dead at the Southern California Hospital, Culver City, at 5.30 pm, on November 14, after Giles had not responded to texts for almost 12 hours. Balaclava-clad men drove a black Prius without plates and left his body on the street.

Two hours later, Surveillance video captured Cabrales unconscious body being dumped outside Kaiser Permanente West LA hospital. 

Cabrales’ parents immediately fled Mexico to be with their daughters when the news broke. Her heartbroken father, Luis Cabrales Rivera, told The Sun that doctors confirmed yesterday that his daughter would not wake up from her coma.  

Rivera cried. “My daughter was just diagnosed with brain death yesterday. Already we were expecting bad news. We are now trying to make the most of it.

“I asked God for Hilda’s return in 100 percent good health, but it would be better for her to go with Him if she were going to suffer from impairment.”  

The family of her ‘generous’ girl will donate her organs. “Her father and mother have agreed that her organs will be donated to the people in greatest need. That process will occur on Sunday or Monday,” she said.

“I didn’t discuss it with Hilda, but we are certain she would have preferred it that way. Hilda was so generous and good-hearted girl who always looked out for the needs of others. 

“Apparently, nine-to-12 organs could be donated. We decided this should be my last act to love her.”

While both Giles (left) and Cabrales (right) were found with heroin in their systems, their family and friends insist the women never would have willingly taken the drug

Both Cabrales and Giles were both found to have heroin in their system, but their families and friends claim that the women would never have taken the drug.

Model Christy Giles, 24, was found dead on the sidewalk on November 14 after three masked men dropped her lifeless body outside a hospital in LA

Model Christy Giles, 24, was found dead on the sidewalk on November 14 after three masked men dropped her lifeless body outside a hospital in LA

She was pronounced dead at Southern California Hospital in Culver City after her body was discovered nearly 12 hours after she stopped checking text messages and failed to get into an Uber Cabrales had called

She was pronounced dead at Southern California Hospital in Culver City after her body was discovered nearly 12 hours after she stopped checking text messages and failed to get into an Uber Cabrales had called 

When news broke of the tragedy, social media was overwhelmed with love and support for Cabrales & Giles. 

“We are all deeply saddened, but we’re grateful to God for allowing us to be here to say goodbye to her. It is a blessing that her final breath will allow her to continue giving life and will also enable others to have their lives. 

Friends and family are expected to honor her life Sunday or Monday, which would have been the 27th anniversary of her death. 

Rivera clarified that Rivera would be taking Rivera down to the operating rooms on Monday, but they will first let Rivera and Rivera say goodbye. Rivera explained that we would be allowed to speak a few words, play music, and sing her Happy Birthday if Monday is available.

In the past, it was reported that Giles and Cabarles had heroin in their systems. Family and friends swear neither of them would have taken this drug voluntarily. 

Rivera explained: ‘Hilda told me that she would sometimes smoke marijuana to help her to get to sleep but the drugs that were found in her system were not drugs she would have taken herself.’ 

“Her stepfather and mother are both doctors. They have told her repeatedly that opioids could lead to irreversible damage, or even cardiac arrest. 

Giles husband Jan Cilliers, who was in San Francisco at the time, says he awoke in the morning to check his wife's location on his phone and saw she was somewhere he didn't recognize

Jan Cilliers, Giles’ husband and San Francisco resident at the time of the incident, said that he was awakened in the morning by his mobile phone to verify his wife’s location. However, he saw her somewhere else.


Giles's husband Jan Cilliers told DailyMail.com the two women left the party with the men they met to head to an afterparty but apparently never made it

Video and photographs taken at night just before women left the hospital show Giles dancing at a warehouse party and Cabrales laughing.

Giles and Cabrales are seen dancing and laughing at a warehouse party in East LA with friends

Hilda Marcela Cabrales

Cabrales and Giles went to Cabrales’s for what they described as an “very normal” Friday night.

He maintained that his daughter was very conscious of her health. Rivera stated that Hilda was aware of all this and that she wouldn’t have taken such a thing. Rivera stated that those aren’t recreational drugs, and Hilda is a healthy young girl who likes to go to the gym and do yoga. 

He confirmed that the father was distraught and said, “The people behind it have done this before.” While the names of the suspects are not publicly available, complaints have been made about Giles’ husband and friends as well as the Los Angeles Police Department. 

Rivera added, “We want everyone to keep an eye on this case until Christy and Hilda are in prison.” 

He confirmed that detectives had spoken to him several times. They told us this was personal for LAPD because they have done this before, but never as far as this. 

Rivera explained that the police have opened an emergency number and are apparently speaking to people. Rivera added, “The police have requested us to wait while they piece together this case.” Rivera continued, “The detectives said they were indignant at the possibility that these men could save Hilda or Christy’s lives, but chose to leave them alone to their fate.”

Jan Cillers, Giles’ husband, claims to know the men who his wife and Cabrales were last seen with. Sandy Evangelista Robinson is Giles’ friend and he has been reported to have received messages from women who are having similar experiences with these men.

Giles and Cabrales were a Soho House LA when they left for a warehouse party. Giles husband said he traced her phone to an apartment complex before the women were dropped off at their respective hospitals

Giles and Cabrales were a Soho House LA when they left for a warehouse party. Giles husband stated that he tracked her phone number to an apartment complex, before they were taken to their respective hospitals.

Giles' (left) husband Jan Cillers (right) says he knows the name of the men who were last seen with the two women. Cillers (pictured) and Cabrales' father, Luis Cabrales Rivera, have confirmed that many women have made complaints to them and police about the suspects

Jan Cillers (right), Giles’s husband, says he has the names of the men last seen with Giles. Cillers and Cabrales’ father Luis Cabrales Rivera have both confirmed to police that several women had made complaints about these suspects.

Cillers (pictured) told DailyMail.com detectives have interviewed two of the three men with whom she spent her final hours

Cillers (pictured), said that DailyMail.com detectives interviewed two of three men she had spent the final hours with.

One of his ex-girlfriends shared their names on social media. She wrote: “He’s dangerous, I’ve been contacted many women who have also suffered abuse from him.

They went to SoHo House, downtown LA, and then to a warehouse party nearby. 

They left downtown LA’s party with their men and found themselves in West LA at an apartment complex. The third friend, who had left earlier than expected, said that the two women ended up there. Cillers believes that Cillers offered the women a ride to an afterwards-party, but they declined.

At 1:30 AM, he tracked Giles’ mobile phone and shared the location of her apartment at 8641 West Olympic Boulevard. A photo was taken of his address and shared it with his social network followers.

Since then, detectives were spotted in the apartment block where they interview two of the men Cabrales or Giles who spent the last moments together. 

Christy recorded Christy’s last known location as West Hollywood. They allegedly told cops they had taken the girls home after the party.

Texts between the two women showed Giles sent a message to Cabrales at 5:30am when they were at the apartment, reading: 'let's go.' Cabrales replied: 'Yes. I'll call an Uber' and then '10 minutes away'- however, the two were never picked up

Two texts between Giles and Cabrales showed that Giles had sent Cabrales a text at 5:55am while they were still at their apartment. It read, “let’s go.” Cabrales replied: ‘Yes. Cabrales responded: “Yes, I will call Uber” and then “10 minutes away”. However, they never got picked up.

Four minutes later at 5:36am, a friend called Eddie who was at the official afterparty the girls had planned to go to texted Giles: 'Where you at?' - but that message was never read

At 5:36am, Eddie, a close friend who had been at the afterpartie the girls planned to attend, texted Giles asking: “Where are you?” But that message wasn’t read

However, texts from Christy’s phone reviewed by DailyMail.com cast doubt on the men’s alleged account – leading her husband to believe they forcibly drugged both women.

Hilda was greeted by Christy at their house, and he sent Hilda an uncomfortable text message at 5:55 am Saturday morning. Hilda replied ‘Yes. Call an Uber. I’ll call an Uber.

Eddie, a friend who was attending the official afterparty where the girls planned to go, texted Christy at 5:36am: ‘Where are you?

Christy did not read any of the text in her receipts, and neither did the others. Uber records also show that the women never got into their taxi.

Cilliers thinks that something occurred in six minutes to Cilliers’ wife and his friend, rendering them both incapacitated.

But it wasn’t until 12 hours later, at 5pm on Saturday, that CCTV at Southern California Hospital in Culver City showed men in masks and hats pulling up in a black Toyota Prius with no license plate and dumping Christy’s body – and another two hours before Hilda was left at nearby Kaiser Permanente hospital in West LA.

Cilliers claimed that hospital staff informed him that both the women were still cold at their admissions, suggesting that his wife was dead hours before he died.