Friends of the schoolgirl who was allegedly poisoned by rats and died from their shock have been informed.As they mourn her loss, the residents of the flat block where she lived left behind an empty chair.

Fatiha Sabrin (11 years old) was discovered unresponsive in her Shadwell flat at Nida House, Sutton Street. 

According to reports, the schoolgirl was rushed with her family to an east London hospital. However, she died shortly after arriving.

The London Fire Brigade carried out a sweep and discovered a number of pesticides at the scene.  

Now, the child’s suicide is being considered ‘unexplained’ by Metropolitan Police. They have also confirmed that a post-mortem will be conducted in due course.  

Fatiha is currently being treated in the hospital with her mother and brother. 

Rena Begum is the headteacher of Buttercup Primary School in Shadwell East London. Fatiha was one of her pupils. She said that many classmates are unable to cope with Fatiha’s loss and feel ‘devastated at her absence from class.

Fatiha Sabrin, 11, was found unresponsive at her flat in Nida House on Sutton Street, Shadwell, east London, on Saturday

Fatiha Sabrin (11) was unresponsive to her Nida House flat on Sutton Street in Shadwell on Saturday

According to her, the children have difficulty coping. At their tender age, it is quite shocking to learn that no one is there.

Describing the schoolgirl as ‘role model’ who had ‘strong dreams of wanting to help the community and becoming a medical professional’, Ms Begum went on to say the primary school was now offering bereavement counselling for students.

According to the headteacher, “Her friends are distraught by her empty seat at class.”

“There was so much confusion, and they were crying. It was crucial for them to let it all out. They are receiving bereavement counseling.

Friends of Fatiha said last night that Fatiha’s father, who was trapped in Bangladesh’s airport since the tragedy, would be flying home to the UK. 

Following Fatiha’s death Sabbir Ahmad, a family friend, said: ‘She was a very bright girl. We discussed her future plans and she was there eight to nine days before.

“She was responsive to my questions and said she wanted to become a doctor and make a difference in her life.

“She was also an excellent writer and she won awards for her writing abilities.”

Others in the building reported feeling unwell on Saturday. The evacuation of all residents was completed.

The London Fire Brigade evacuated the building after discovering a “quantity” of pesticides.

Sabbir claimed that his wife arrived at the apartment to find the family in distress and alerted authorities. 

On Saturday a sweep of the building was carried out by the London Fire Brigade and a quantity of chemicals - believed to be used for pest control - were discovered. Pictured: Police officers at the scene

London Fire Brigade conducted a thorough sweep of the structure on Saturday. They also discovered that a variety of pesticides were being used. Pictured: The scene was manned by police officers 

The Metropolitan Police have said a special post-mortem examination will be scheduled and the schoolgirl's death is being treated as 'unexplained'

Metropolitan Police stated that a post-mortem examination would be conducted and that the death of the schoolgirl will be treated as “unexplained”.

According to The Sun, local sources suggested that the tragic incident could have been caused a strong rat poison.

Toni Santos Babi (a 19-year-old resident of the block) said that Toni Santos Babi had smelled something strange in her apartment. Toni also complained about a headache and a sore throat.

Several other individuals reported being unwell and were treated at the scene.  

Babi (19 years old) said that medical teams spent hours measuring the chemical levels of the building.

He was taken to the nearby hotel by police with his neighbors. They were informed that they would be staying there for at least two days.  

He said, “Around 5pm, firefighters entered my apartment to test levels of chemicals. They found higher numbers in the bathroom.

“In the meantime, additional police arrived and closed down the entire road. Another team of medics arrived to measure the chemical levels and told us to leave as soon as possible.

Apsana Beum from Labour, who was born and raised in Shadwell said that she is aware of the Nida House E1 fire this evening. All emergency services will continue to work together in their responses.

The ‘Constituents encouraged to help them avoid the roads that remain closed in the area of Sutton Street.

“Tragically this has led to the death of one young girl due to chemicals within the building.

“My thoughts and prayers are with her, her loved ones.

“I’m following up to help constituents, including all those who were evacuated or in the care of Tower Hamlets Council.” 

Liberal Democrat councillor Rabina Kahn, who visited Sutton Street residents Saturday and Sunday, also said that the loss of an eleven-year-old girl was heartbreaking.  

MailOnline received a statement from the Met Police confirming that residents were evacuated in an emergency. The Met Police is now taking care of them.

The London Fire Brigade carried out a sweep and discovered a number of pesticides. 

“They will all be taken out safely, and an investigation into how they arrived in the building will take place.  

Fatiha’s unsolved death will now be the subject of a post-mortem.