Tiger King

Think back to March 2020. Tiger King was released a couple of days before the first lockdown and everybody watched it because, for many of us, there wasn’t much else to do. 

Jeff Lowe, the owner of the private zoos in the story is now back.

Joe Exotic is currently in prison. He was charged with hiring someone to murder Carole Baskin (a conservationist and activist who wanted to shut down his business). Netflix promises more ‘madness and mayhem’.

Joe Exotic (above), the big-cat enthusiast, is still in prison for hiring someone to kill conservationist and activist Carole Baskin

Joe Exotic, the big-cat lover and activist is currently in prison after he hired someone to murder Carole Baskin (above), a conservationist and activist for big cats.

It’s certain to prompt more discussion about whether the jolly-japes atmosphere is appropriate for a story involving serious crimes. Netflix available starting Wednesday


John Milius (screenwriter of Apocalypse Now) co-created this show. It focuses on two soldiers Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo, who get caught up in the turbulent events of the 1st Century BC. BritBox, from Thursday 

No Man Left Behind

This gritty documentary uses archive footage, reenactments and personal testimony to show the modern military encounters. 

No Man Left Behind features the notorious Black Hawk Down incident (above), Bravo Two Zero and the shooting down of a US pilot in 1999

No Man Left Behind features the notorious Black Hawk Down incident (above), Bravo Two Zero and the shooting down of a US pilot in 1999

You will find the Black Hawk Down incident and Bravo Two Zero as well as the shot down of a US pilot by the Nato bombing Yugoslavia, 1999. Disney+, starting Wednesday

Dark Waters

Rob Bilott, a defence lawyer (Mark Ruffalo), accepts a case from a friend. This leads to Rob Bilott putting his life at risk to face chemical giant DuPont. 

Dark Waters has many heartbreaking twists and turns. It is an epic retelling the story of the scandal that rocked corporate America, and revealed a long history of environmental pollution. Anne Hathaway co-stars as Bilott’s wife. Netflix now

Shrink Next Door

Anchorman star Will Ferrell is back with Paul Rudd for a comedy inspired from a true story. 

Rudd plays psychiatrist Ike Herschkopf, who inserts himself into every area of his patient Martin Markowitz’s (Ferrell) life, even moving into his home and taking charge of his business. 

As you’ve probably guessed, it proves to be a recipe for disaster. Apple TV+ Get it now


This weird and wonderful Marvel series from Fargo’s Noah Hawley is exactly the sort of unusual work Dan Stevens left Downton Abbey to do. 

David Haller plays him. This mutant is a strong one who has difficulty distinguishing between reality and illusions. Amber Midthunder, an American Native actress plays Kerry Loudermilk. He is a mutant who has a passion to fight hand-to-hand.

Native American actress Amber Midthunder (above) plays Kerry Loudermilk, a mutant with a passion for hand-to-hand combat

Amber Midthunder is an American Native actress who plays Kerry Loudermilk (above). She’s a mutant obsessed with hand-tohand combat.

It’s highly stylised, visually stunning, very funny and makes brilliant use of a soundtrack that includes Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones and Ravel’s Bolero. Disney+, starting Wednesday 

The Wheel of Time

The story is set in epic fantasy and only women can use magic. Moiraine (Rosamund Pike) must undertake a dangerous journey with five youngsters, one of whom could be a prophesied powerful sorcerer who will save the world – or destroy it.

There are eight episodes in the first series but, if they’re a hit, you can expect many more because there are 14 novels in Robert Jordan’s book series, on which the show is based. Amazon, starting Friday 

The Mind Explained

Oscar winner Emma Stone will narrate the second series of this neuroscience documentary series. 

Every episode is focused on one aspect of the brain. This makes it easy for people to understand complex concepts by using animations and interviews. Netflix, starting Friday 

Christmas Flowers

It wouldn’t be the holiday season without at least one opposites-attract romance, and Netflix always delivers.

Christmas Flow tells the story of a romantic relationship between a rapper and a journalist in French. However, their differences can stop them from starting their romance. Netflix available starting Wednesday

Why are there so many people talking about..

Valley Of Tears (All4) 

In 1973, on October 6, during the Jewish religious festival of Yom Kippur – the Day of Atonement – a coalition of Arab countries led by Syria and Egypt launched a surprise attack on Israel. 

The country wasn’t expecting aggression, having routed its enemies during the Six-Day War six years earlier, and had become somewhat complacent.

This ten-part Israeli drama is the most expensive the country has ever made

It is the highest-priced Israeli drama of ten parts.

The Israeli forces, however, fought back fiercely and forced a ceasefire. Each side suffered heavy losses, and conflict resulted in heightened tensions among the US and Soviet Union (allies of Israel) and the Arab Coalition.

This ten-part Israeli drama – the most expensive the country has ever made – is based on those events, weaving together several storylines based on the testimonies of thousands of veterans and involving characters who are composites of real people.

It is evident that the money was spent on intense and realistic battle scenes using tanks salvaged from the Yom Kippur War.

The film-makers want their show to be compared to Band Of Brothers, and if it’s not quite up there with the brilliant Second World War epic, it’s certainly a hugely accomplished and involving piece of work that does for tank crews what Das Boot did for submariners.

Neil Armstrong



Portrait Of A Lady On Fire

A powerful French romance in the 18th Century. The portrait of an aspiring young nobleman is painted by a woman hired as a painter.

The artist and the subject may fall in love. But they know their forbidden marriage cannot last.

Portrait Of A Lady On Fire features extraordinary performances from the two principal actors, Adèle Haenel and Noémie Merlant (above)

Portrait Of A Lady On Fire features extraordinary performances from the two principal actors, Adèle Haenel and Noémie Merlant (above)

Stunningly filmed by writer and director Céline Sciamma, it is filled with visually ravishing scenes and features extraordinary performances from the two principal actors, Adèle Haenel and Noémie Merlant.

It is utterly disturbing in the final ten minute. It is truly a treat to watch. BBC iPlayer now

Top Gear

Low viewing numbers caused the original Top Gear to cease production in 1977. The revamped Top Gear, starring Jeremy Clarkson as the host, launched in 2002. It is still immensely popular. Each episode can be streamed by the BBC. BBC iPlayer now

It’s a good thing to have trouble

Jennifer Lopez is an executive producer of this drama. Callie and Mariana, their siblings (Maia Mitchell and Mariana) make a move to Los Angeles. They begin careers and encounter a wide range of life-changing events. BBC iPlayer now

Protecting the Guilty 

The good news is that the legal sitcom’s first series, with Katherine Parkinson, is now streaming. The bad news is there won’t be any more. It’s a shame, because there was more to the story of Will junior barrister and his coworkers. BBC iPlayer now