Residents of Hampstead Heath say that plans to build 19-storey high tower blocks will cause havoc on the view point from which John Keats’ poem was inspired.

  • People living around Hampstead Health are against the new £600m plans
  • A 19-story flat, according to them, would be detrimental to the view from the spot.
  • John Keats (English poet) was famously inspired after seeing the area. 

Wealthy families living by leafy Hampstead Heath have branded £600million plans to build a 19-storey block of flats on a view beloved by poet John Keats as ‘horrific’.

Murphy’s Yard development in Kentish Town is visible from Hampstead Heath’s top. It’s where Keats got the inspiration to pen ‘I Stood Tipptoe upon a Little Hill’.

Folgate Estates developers insist that the site, which will include community spaces and event spaces, would be “a characterful and playful place for all”.

Locals were furious at the idea of a mocked view from a nearby beauty spot.

Folgate submitted his plans last year and Camden Council received 83 responses.

Emily, the resident who was only identified as Emily, stated that it would be a horrendous development.

Locals say that a 19-storey flat in particular would damage the current views from the spot

According to locals, a flat of 19 stories would be detrimental to the view from this spot.

This mock up image from the £600m plans for Kentish Town shows the proposed building

This mock up image from the £600m plans for Kentish Town shows the proposed building

A map of the site shows Folgate Estate's ambitious plan for Murphy's Yard in Kentish Town

Folgate Estate’s vision for Murphy’s Yard, Kentish Town is shown on a map. 

“The buildings’ height is a disaster and will forever change Hampstead Heath’s views. This is completely unacceptable. This is not a place anyone wants to call home. It is time for the council to shift its focus towards low-rise development.

Catherine Lucas, resident in North London, also shared these thoughts.

They are too large to be seen from so many places, and will make Kentish Town’s residents unhappy on a daily basis.

“The view from the Heath shouldn’t be underestimated, considering the mental health benefits that green spaces can bring to a densely populated city. Heath’s lower playing field and Lissenden Estate are claustrophobic because of the buildings.

And Samantha McManus said she believed ‘the height of the development proposed is to high and excessive blocking views from all side unnecessarily. It is best to limit buildings to low-rise.

The flats could be seen from Keats House if the project is approved. This museum is named in his honor.

English poet John Keats was famously inspired to write after gazing from Hampstead Heath

John Keats, an English poet was famously inspired after seeing Hampstead Heath.

The spot is a popular spot for tourists and residents taking time out from their busy lives

This spot is popular with residents and tourists who want to take a break from their hectic lives.

There he lived for two more years up until 1820, when he left to go to Italy. He died there in 1821.

If Folgate Estates get the planning application approved it will transform the Murphy’s Yard area into 18 plots for homes and other use.

The company stated that it will develop “exemplar buildings that celebrate the history and legacy of the local area”.

The plans also pledge to make a minimum of 750 homes, with 35% affordable housing and 3,000 sqm of affordable workspace.

Folgate director Paul Brosnahan said in a letter to neighbouring residents: ‘I wanted to thank all the people who have taken the time to engage in this process.

“We wanted to be open to all the perspectives of those who are connected to the site. This collaborative approach has resulted in the current scheme.

“This also includes the details of our outline application, which we will submit soon.

‘This is not the end of the conversation – there is still plenty of time and opportunity to have your say as the site comes forward with detailed planning applications.

“This however is the beginning of the transformation and regeneration of large parts of Camden that have been shut off for far too long. We will be making progress and my colleagues, as well as myself, hope to meet you personally to discuss the next steps of this amazing project.