Fury at AA for saying it wouldn’t help a lone man before a woman on the roadside. Customers ‘CANCEL’ memberships as a breakdown recovery company confirms that it doesn’t ‘prioritise based upon gender.

  • Helen Mott of the AA said she fell apart while “alone in darkness” 
  • Claimed that she was told by a phone operator that women and men are treated alike
  • According to Spokesman, they should instead “consider the location” when prioritizing. 
  • Some customers claimed that they would cancel their memberships. 

Members have attacked the AA following confirmation from car breakdown service that they do not prioritize gender-based calls. 

One member, who was unable to sleep at night due to darkness claimed that she was told on Twitter by an AA representative that the company treats all lone men and women equally because it is a matter of equality. 

Helen Mott explained that Dr Helen would have to wait in silence for up to 90 minutes and then she’d need to reevaluate the policies of the company. 

An AA spokesperson responded to her tweet and said they don’t prioritize gender. Instead, they ‘consider where you are located’. In other words, they would prefer someone who has been stranded on a motorway to one in a supermarket parking lot.

The firm was attacked by furious members, one asserting she would ‘cancel her membership’ while others claimed to have had an identical experience as Dr Mott. 

Sir Edmund King, President of the AA, intervened as well to point out that priority is given to anyone at risk. 

MailOnline was informed today by an AA spokesperson that Dr Mott’s response wasn’t very well worded and they have apologised. 

The women also stated that they are given the highest level of care in cases involving single mothers, and the priority is granted to customers who raise concerns.  

The AA has been slammed by members after the car breakdown firm confirmed it does not prioritise callouts based on gender. A member who had broken down 'at night in the dark' claimed on Twitter she had been told by an AA call handler that the firm treats lone women and men exactly the same because 'that's equality'

Members have criticized the AA after it was revealed that car breakdown company does not prioritize calls based on gender. On Twitter, a member that had fallen asleep at night claimed she was told by an agent of the AA that men and women are treated equally as the company treats them.

In a tweet, Dr Mott said that she had spoken to the AA last night and added: “hi @TheAA_UK. I’m a lonely woman whose car broke down in the middle of the night.” 

“Your call handler said to me, “Lone men and women are equal in priority.”

She also tweeted: “I will now sit alone in the darkness for at least 90 minutes, which is more stressful for me as a single woman than for men, especially if I follow the news.” It is time to revamp your policies.

The AA responded by saying: “Hi Helen! You’ve been correctly advised. While we don’t prioritize based on gender we consider location. For example, someone driving on the motorway would be preferred to someone parking in a carpark.

An AA spokesman told MailOnline today that the 'wording' of their response to Dr Mott 'wasn't great' and they had apologised

MailOnline was informed today by an AA spokesperson that Dr Mott’s response wasn’t as written and that they have apologised.

An anonymous, well-known barrister using the @CrimeGirl twitter handle claimed then that she would cancel her membership. 

She stated that the police prioritize lone women and highways agencies because they recognize their sex place women at risk from men. 

Another asked, “Why not?” Another demanded: “Why not? Women are more susceptible than men.”  

Others claimed that they had experienced a similar event. One person said that the same happened to him with the American Cancer Society. 

Two females were standing at the other side of the road, the one being pregnant was late at night, in torrential rainfall. 

“In the end, my parents drove 45 minutes to me to take my friend pregnant home. My Dad waited for me. The RAC.

A second addition: “AA That’s Appalling.” Your response to breakdown should not be based solely on risk. 

The popular anonymous barrister who uses the @CrimeGirl Twitter handle then claimed she would be cancelling her membership

An anonymous, well-known barrister using the @CrimeGirl twitter handle claimed then that she would cancel her membership

“I want your customers to see this. They will be impressed by your service and the way you respond here. Then they’ll take their money and go elsewhere.

An AA spokesperson stated: “We acknowledge that our initial response was not great, and we have apologized.” 

“In fact, any person at high risk is given priority. However, lone mothers are more frequently prioritized. If there are any concerns raised by customers, lone females receive the greatest level of care. 

Both Greenflag and the RAC, rival breakdown companies, say that they prioritize customers in ‘vulnerable circumstances’.