Anger was expressed today by those who saw that the deputy headteacher of a primary school for paedophiles could have his sentence reduced to eight years because he raped and abused a young girl under 13.

Julie Morris, 44-year old RE teacher, and David Morris, 52-year old partner, recorded themselves molestation of a child aged under 13 in series of video clips. They then tried to avoid police by running to the Lake District, in a campervan, to flee to that area.

Julie and David were both sentenced to 13 years in jail. David, however, was released after serving only two thirds.  

Kieran Mullan, MP for Crewe and Nantwich, called the sentences ‘appalling’. MailOnline heard from him: “We have made some significant big steps forward. We moved from serious felons serving half their sentences to two thirds.” 

“We must recognize that this is a significant change. The harsh truth is that our justice system still has a long way to go before it can deliver the justice most people think is possible for serious offenders. 

The most notable example of child sex crimes is “Children rape.” My belief is that those who rape minors should be prepared to spend their whole lives in prison. Families and victims of rape suffer deep trauma for the rest their lives. 

It is a shame to think that someone could get out of prison in less than 10 years. Unfortunately, that’s what our guidelines permit and has been historically done. 

“We still have much to do before we see justice for all victims. 

Andrew Bridgen, MP for North West Leicestershire, asked: ‘How did this evil paedophile manage to rise to such a position of responsibility in our education system without being detected and exposed?’  

Julie Morris

David Morris

Julie Morris, an RE teacher, was 44 years old, while David Morris, 52, was a videotaped abusing and raping children under 13.

Julie had worked at St George's Central Church of England Primary School in Wigan for 10 years

Julie had worked at St George's Central Church of England Primary School in Wigan for 10 years

Julie worked 10 years at St George’s Central Church of England Primary Schools in Wigan.

Julie was the safeguarding officer at St George’s Central C of E Primary in Wigan. Julie’s parents described their shock after learning of Julie’s ‘highly-regarded’ and apparently ‘lovely’ actions. According to one, it was almost like her personality split.

Julie and David, who share the same surname but are not married, met through Plenty of Fish. This was after Julie’s 15-year-long relationship with David ended due to his unfaithfulness.

Soon, they began to share their “graphic and depraved” fantasies. They set up a chat group with the victim to talk about how they intended to abuse ‘their little toy’.

David was sent photos of Julie’s children from her school. Police said that the photographs weren’t indecent or criminal and they don’t show any evidence of harm to children. She was not charged with any offenses related to school.

Julie said that she had abused the victim, but stated that she was only attempting to help. Judge Andrew Menary commented that Julie admitted to abusing the victim but claimed she wanted to take part in it.

In summarising the matter, he stated that ‘Every so often you see cases, the conditions of which are almost unbelievable. One of these cases is this. It is a clear example of human inhumanity that has no limits.  

Teachers”split personality shocks’ parents 

Julie Morris, the safeguarding officer at St George’s Central C of E Primary school in Wigan described parents’ ‘total shock’ when they heard what their teacher, a ‘highly respected’ and ‘lovely’, had done.

MailOnline spoke to Coleen Williams (48), whose children went to the school. She said that she was in shock. It was like she has a different personality. 

“She appeared so sweet at school. But how can she be so loving when she’s committed such an inhumane act? It’s sickening. It would have been better for her to be in a more severe prison sentence.

Liz Hunter, 61 years old, spoke out about the terrible acts of Liz Hunter. Her grandchild was at school. Her parents can trust her with their children’s care. 

“I’m not sure who could have done it. Although I am so sorry for those children who were hurt, I know that all parents at the school are relieved the incident didn’t happen to any of their pupils.

Coleen Williams (48), whose children went to St George’s said that she was in shock. It seems like she was a person with two personalities. 

“She looked so beautiful at school, but how could she when she has done such a horrible thing? It’s sickening. It would have been better for her to be in a more severe prison sentence.

Liz Hunter, 61 years old, spoke out about the terrible acts of Liz Hunter. Her grandchild was at school. Her parents can trust her with their children’s care. 

“I’m not sure who could have done it. It was so awful for these children, but it is so gratifying that the school did not involve them.

Julie Morris pleaded guilty yesterday to two counts of child rape. Nineteen were for inciting children under 13 years old to have sexual activities, while two were for engaging in sexual activity with a child.

She also admitted to three other counts: taking indecent photographs of a children, engaging in sexual communication and possessing indecent imagery of a kid. After her sentence, she will be eligible for a four-year license. 

John Wyn Williams, the prosecution, stated that they met via Plenty of Fish, a dating app, in 2016. They had both separated and their relationship was ‘quickly becoming intensely sexual.

He explained that the communication between them was graphic and depraved, leading to their sexual fantasies being a reality.

Wyn Williams claimed that the couple had a’sordid’ secret. Police seized a cell phone during a warrant search and found an exchange about child sexual abuse.

David’s home was raided. Sandfield Road in Eccleston (St Helens), September 2nd, saw the theft of his laptop and digital equipment as well as his smartphone. 

However, he was cautioned and later released. He also had several devices confiscated, showing recordings of rapes and other sexual abuse, according to the court.

Wyn Williams claimed that the two defendants were both arrested on the same day, as they seemed to have been trying to evade authorities.

‘They were on their way to the Lake District in a camper van with £10,000 in their possession,’ he told the court.

Parents were told of the initial reports of her offences last month in a letter from the headteacher Mark Grogan


The headteacher Mark Grogan sent a letter to parents last month, informing them of the initial reports on her crimes.

In addition to the videos and pictures on David’s phone, officers also looked through 175,000 pages worth of text messages between the couple. This revealed sexually explicit communication. 

At Liverpool Crown Court, Julie – wearing glasses, a facemask and a cream cable knit jumper – entered guilty pleas to two counts of rape in addition to other charges

At Liverpool Crown Court, Julie – wearing glasses, a facemask and a cream cable knit jumper – entered guilty pleas to two counts of rape in addition to other charges

Wyn Williams claimed that the two defendants were both arrested on the same day, as they seemed to have been trying to evade authorities.

He said: ‘They were on their way to the Lake District in a camper van with £10,000 in their possession.’

In addition to the videos and pictures on David Morris’s cell phone, officers also searched through 175,000 pages worth of text messages between Morris and Morris, uncovering explicit communication.

They described the victim in the messages as “our little plaything”.

Paul Becker, who was defending Julie Morris’ case, stated that she had “lost everything” in her life, which included her career, reputation and home.

He explained that she was held high in regard even before her offense.

According to him, she felt like she was in a ‘lowebb’ when she met David Morris after finding out that her husband of 15 year had been unfaithful.

Julie Morris, in interview, admitted to the offenses but said that the victim wanted to participate.



Julie (pictured), David, and the victim also had a chat in which they discussed how they would abuse her. The court heard that David and Julie were also involved.

What Morris did to become a Plenty Fish Lovers after her husband dumped her

Julie Morris and David Morris were married, but they do not share the same last name. This was after Julie’s 15 year marriage to David ended due to his unfaithfulness.

Julie would eventually lose everything, her career, and even her home. She was at a low ebb when she found out about the cheating. 

John Wyn Williams, the prosecution, stated that they met via the dating app in 2016, after their separations. The couple’s relationship then ‘quickly evolved into intensely sexual. 

Soon after, they began sharing their ‘graphic and depraved’ fantasies that became ‘sordid’ reality when they set up a group chat with the victim, which they used to discuss how they planned to abuse ‘their little plaything’. 

Judge Menary stated that “That last statement was breathtakingly inappropriate.”

Charles Lander, David Morris’ defense lawyer, claimed that Morris had shown genuine remorse. He was also ‘under no illusions’ that he would go to prison for a lengthy time.

He stated that the couple had ended their ‘toxic’ relationship.

Mairead Neeson (senior prosecutor at CPS) said it was the worst case she has ever seen. My eyes swelled with tears.

“It’s an innocent young child who has had his innocence stolen.” 

David of Eccleston in St Helens pleaded guilty to seven counts rape and 13 counts for causing or encouraging a minor to sexually act. He also pled guilty to two counts each of taking indecent pictures, in categories A, C and possessing and disseminating indecent photos.

Julie worked for St George’s Central Church of England Primary Schools for 10+ years.

The headteacher Mark Grogan sent a letter to parents last month giving details of the original reports on her crimes.

He added: “It’s important to emphasize that the charges related to the alleged crimes are not associated with our school.”

According to the head, he realized it would shock everyone at school.

Reacting to the news at the time, one parent said: ‘She seemed lovely at school. It is a surprise. 

“Wow 3, possible, one definite” is Paedophiles insinuating response to his teacher partner snapping her elementary school children wearing fancy dresses – and they’re now being held for 29 years each for child sex offenses against girl under 13

Daily Mail by Liz Hull and Tom Rawstorne 

Julie Morris was the assistant head of a primary Church of England Church of England school.

She was also the head of religious studies and maths, as well as responsible for safeguarding vulnerable students and rolling out red carpets for visiting bishops.

The 44-year-old would even accompany the older children on annual residential trips to an activity centre in the Lake District – abseiling, hill walking and learning about nature.

“My little boy would refer to her as ‘Mum’ in school,” one parent would recall.

When news of Morris’ sexual misconduct against a teenage girl was reported in September, everyone struggled to understand what they were hearing.

David Morris and Julie Morris met on a dating app. They filmed themselves raping and sexually abusing a child

Julie Morris and David Morris met via a dating app. The two of them filmed each other raping and abusing children.

Police tried to placate fears by saying that the offenses were not related to her job, but the unanswered question only served to make parents more anxious.

Today, the depraved story of this paedophile teacher and her perverted partner – David Morris – can be told for the first time after she admitted a catalogue of child sex crimes, including two of rape.

Morris, a Liverpool Crown Court defendant, was sentenced yesterday to 13 and 4 months in prison, her boyfriend, a’monster,’ for 32 similar offenses, seven of which were rapes.

The court heard that the lovers – who had the same surname – were involved in a ‘toxic’ relationship in which they molested their victim and filmed the horrifying assaults for their sexual gratification.

As he placed them in jail, Judge Andrew Menary, QC, Recorder of Liverpool said, “As a Crown Court judge, I see many cases that involve the dreadful exploitation of children, but every now an again we see situations of which circumstances are almost beyond belief.”

“This is one of these cases. It is a sad reminder that the depths of human evil are not known.

The Daily Mail was told by a senior prosecutor that she had been reduced to tears during the case, and it was one of the most difficult cases in her career. 

Many of the details of what Morris and her lover did are unprintable in a family newspaper – and they doubtless make deeply uneasy reading for those who entrusted their children into her care.

The victim, Julie Morris, was an ex-student who had photographed children from the school for her boyfriend.

Even though none of the photos were inappropriate, prosecutors claimed that they were meant to be sent by her partner for sexual gratification. David Morris said that the one showing children in fancy dress was a photograph of an elementary school.

Evidence gathered by police including a large number of video messages shows that Julie Morris willingly and actively participated in grooming and abusing their victim.

Her 52-year old partner wrote her a message in which he said he had ‘naughty ideas’ about her girl. She replied, ‘As long I’m still involved, baby xxx. The girl was also described by them as “our little plaything” in their messages.

Soon, the grooming turned into sexual abuse. At least seven rapes were committed between May 2018 and this September. The first rape occurred when the girl had just turned eight.

It was mostly filmed with Morris occasionally giggling behind the scenes.

Julie Morris, 44, pleaded guilty at Liverpool Crown Court to 18 offences, including two counts of rape, nine of inciting a child under the age of 13 to engage in sexual activity and two of engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child

Julie Morris, 44, pleaded guilty in Liverpool Crown Court to 18 offenses, 9 of which were inciting a minor to engage in sexual behavior, and 2 of engaging in sexual conduct in the presence of another child.

It was all due to the fact that their evil acts were stopped.

Police raided the London home of a paedophile at the beginning of 2020. Analyzing his phone, it was revealed that Morris and David Morris were in touch and had shared images of children. Morris was taken into custody by police at St Helens in Merseyside, early September.

Following his release on bail, officers received tip-offs that Morris’ girlfriend and her boyfriend were planning to flee. They were arrested in his campervan with £10,000 in cash.

Shortly thereafter, St George’s Central Church of England Primary Schools in Tyldesley (near Wigan) informed parents of their ‘distressing’ new information.

Although paedophilia convictions for women are rare, they do occur. However, many of the perpetrators claim to have been influenced or pressured to participate in abuse by male third parties.

In this case. Julie Morris stated to police that she was afraid her partner would reveal nude photos he took of her to her family and friends if she didn’t cooperate. However, she admitted to police that there was no threat of this happening.

Her defense was rejected by the judge, who stated that she was an enthusiastic participate’ in the abuse and fed on her boyfriend’s insatiable appetite’ to have child sex.

Mairead Neeson (a Crown Prosecution Service Senior Crown Prosecutionary) stated that there is not evidence to support the claims in thousands of communications between the couple. “Julie Morris wasn’t an innocent woman, she was coerced to commit the crimes. She was just as responsible as David Morris. She’s 100 percent aware of everything going on.

“She’s fully involved. She knows what’s happening, and she encourages it. She is not saying “stop this” or “please don’t do that”. She encourages the participant to keep going.

And Morris’s behaviour is all the more shocking because of who she was – a veritable pillar of the local community in whose person countless people had put their trust.

A regular churchgoer, she had been worshipping at the same Methodist church in Pemberton, Wigan, for 30 years – leading prayers and services and teaching at the Sunday school.

She would make her profession in education. After completing a psychology degree at Lancashire University she went on to receive a special maths teaching qualification from Edge Hill University.

She was first employed as a teacher at Castle Hill St Philip’s Church of England Primary School in Wigan.

Then she went to St George’s School, another school of the church. She was named deputy at St George’s in 2011.

In addition to being responsible for maths and religion education, she also trained as a’safeguarding leader’ at the school.

In 2003, she married a professional singer. Morris was devastated when her husband left her to find a woman.

David Morris was also there when she met her for the first-time in July 2016.

He also had recently ended a relationship that was not working out. Kwik fit mechanic, he could be often found outside his St Helens residence tinkering around with an older campervan. He was a fundraiser for a 3-year-old boy with a terminal illness who wanted to go to DisneyLand. In August 2018, he appeared on the pages of his local newspaper. By taking part in a tandem parachute jump, he raised £2,500 for the trip.

He stated, “It’s amazing.” He said, “I expected to be a nervous wreck. But I was not.” The child’s relatives claim that he was a close friend and offered his help, even though he wasn’t their family.

David Morris wasn’t a do-gooder. His new girlfriend and he were both already abusing the victim. According to the court, they became sexually intimate from the day they met. Their ‘graphic’ and ‘depraved communications made their fantasies a reality.

They exchanged sexual interests over three years in a series of explicit messages that amounted to 175,000 pages.

David Morris, a teacher who had seen Plenty of Fish with her, met the teacher and began to share their fantasies of ‘graphic and depraved. 

David Morris shared his thoughts about the child in a few messages. She was described as a slut by David Morris, who also compared her with his girlfriend. The extent of their grooming was so extensive that they even had to include the girl in group chats.

Their exchanges were too disgusting to even describe. Video footage that shows Julie Morris with the victim in their underwear is a similar story. One showed Julie Morris laughing and the couple sitting on a sofa, encouraging the victim not to touch Julie Morris.

Police raided the London home of a paedophile and discovered a connection to David Morris. Merseyside police executed a warrant for his arrest on September 2. After being interviewed, his phone was taken and he was released on bail.

The police received information that the suspect and his girlfriend were plotting to run away.

They both confessed to the crime when they were presented with the evidence. According to prosecutors, given the content of the film they had seen they had no other choice.

Morris explained to police, as an excuse, that she had made certain that the victim wasn’t under duress or suffered any pain. She also said that Morris had made it clear that she was willing to perform the acts.

It was an extremely sickening claim given her history, and it was described by the judge as “breathtaking” in its inappropriateness.

Source at the center of the investigation said that despite being a school safeguarding lead, she should be trained in the recognition of signs of grooming. However, she was actually using these techniques to protect children.

Police were unable to review all the footage David Morris retrieved.

Instead they focused their efforts on finding the worst offenders and creating victims.

Julie Morris, a witness at an earlier hearing, was seen crying as she listened to the evidence. Miss Neeson stated that this display was a stark contrast to her previous behavior.

According to her, she may have been crying, but no tears are visible in the videos. She actually giggles in the videos. In an interview, she was described by police as detached and cold.

“There was no emotional response.”

“The description of their actions are so horrendous that I burst into tears after I finished reading them.

It’s a child who has had his innocence stolen. It’s the most severe case that I have ever seen in my twenty-year career.

Then she said, “It is shocking that someone who was respected and held a trusting position in the community has fallen from grace.”

Julie was safeguarding lead at St George's Central Church of England Primary School in Wigan. The offences are not related to her employment at the school in Wigan

Julie was the safeguarding leader at St George’s Central Church of England primary school in Wigan. These offences do not relate to Julie’s employment at Wigan school.

Paul Becker, Morris’s defense attorney, claimed that Morris had suffered a hard childhood. Her parents divorced when she turned four, and her father died at nine.

“She was unloved in her home and bullied at school. She also had low self-confidence.

According to the barrister, Morris was from Hindley, Wigan and she was “thoroughly ashamed” and “appalled” at her actions.

He said, “She has lost her entire reputation, career, and home due to her criminality.”

Wigan Council issued a statement saying that St George’s acknowledged parents were ‘appalled’ at the ‘distressing facts’ in the case.

According to a spokesperson, the school was assured by the police that the photos of students were not indecent. Also, no crime had occurred.

He said, “These are deplorable offenses and behavior, especially by someone in position of trust,”

“We understand that parents might have questions or concerns after the initial visit. We will work with police officers to address them as well.

“Undoubtedly, it was an ugly chapter in school history. However, we are hopeful that the close-knit school can continue to grow without further damage from the despicable actions one person has committed.”