After Boris Johnson decided against imposing tougher restrictions, residents of Wales and Scotland reacted violently.

The Prime Minister has resisted the Omicron warnings. He will rather rely upon guidance, which is intended to reduce socialisation in the New Year. This is not legal binding, but was put in place today in Scotland and Wales.

Crunch talked Monday night with Professor Chris Whitty (chief advisor) and Sir Patrick Vallance (chief advisor). This raised fears that Johnson will follow in the footsteps of others within the UK to introduce new rules.

However, pubs and nightclubs in England were given a huge lift as official Covid statistics appeared to justify No10’s reluctance to resort to economically-crippling curbs.

This has caused anger in Scotland, Wales and elsewhere where revellers will be subject to a variety of restrictions at the end of each year.  

Scottish nightclubs have been closed down today. However, hospitality companies must offer table service only if they are serving alcohol.

Bars, restaurants and indoor leisure facilities such as gyms, theatres and museums  also have to reinstate one-metre social distancing regulations.

In Wales, however, indoor events are limited to 30 participants, and outdoor events, 50.

Mark Drakeford, the first minister, also stated that two-metre social distance is required in offices and public buildings. Nightclubs are now closed. 

Nicola Sturgeon was and Mr Drakeford were both accused today of ‘jumping on the gun’, imposing stricter restrictions and destroying the hospitality industry.

Eileen Queen called the decision an “utter disgrace”.

Tweeted her: “An absolute disgrace that Sturgeon has all us having three weeks of this. 500 football fan a game. Hospitality hit horribly. 

Boris Johnson (pictured) is avoided imposing tough Covid restrictions for the New Year following a crunch meeting with scientists today

Following a crucial meeting with scientists today, Boris Johnson (pictured), is avoiding imposing harsh Covid restrictions in the New Year.

Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon imposed tougher restrictions for the country, scuppering plans for Hogmanay celebrations

Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s First Minister, imposed stricter restrictions on the country. This halted plans to celebrate Hogmanay.

First Minister of Wales Mark Drakeford speaks during a press conference at the Welsh Government Building in Cathays Park on December 22

Mark Drakeford is the first minister of Wales during a conference that took place at Cathays Park’s Welsh Government Building, on Tuesday 22 December.

Scottish and Welsh residents have reacted with fury over the introduction of new restrictions ahead of New Year's Eve

The introduction of restrictions in advance of New Year’s Eve has angered residents of Scotland and Wales.

Covid will not crack down on weddings, births or funerals in the future.

After previous Covid-19 lockdowns that restricted numbers, weddings, funerals and other events were blamed for creating undue stress, future restrictions on Covid-19 will not apply to them. 

Exemptions for life events form part of the entire set of scenarios created by the government in response to Omicron. 

In the recent days, the PM considered possible restrictions such as closing restaurants and pubs indoors, returning the rule of 6 or restricting how many households meet indoors, and limit capacity for mass events. 

But ministers are said to be against disrupting significant life events with the restrictions, even if they opt to bring back the rule of six in indoor settings, the Times reported. 

There are proposals to make it impossible for women in hospitals to be forced to have scans or checkups without consenting to their partners.  

The ministers remain ‘increasingly positive but very cautiously optimistic’ that they won’t impose harsh lockdown regulations in England prior to the New Year.   

A government source said to the Times that it’s not only that there’s no clear gap between hospitalisations or cases, but that patients tend to spend less time in hospitals. 

It is a stark difference from previous restrictions, under which the number of people allowed at weddings and funerals was capped – and saw the Queen attend Prince Philip’s funeral alone in April.   

The English government ignores advice and does nothing to heed it. This is how sturgeon feels about us. He has never hated any politician in his life. 

One person stated that Boris had wrongfooted Sturgeon as he followed science, while she followed her flawed nationalist political agenda.

‘She has single-handedly devastated the Scottish hospitality industry and ruined the country’s New Year festivities’   

Unknown third party tweeted, “Drakeford/Sturgeon jumped on the bandwagon.” They need to pay the damages they caused to Scottish and Welsh companies. 

“They cannot turn to the UK to finance their authoritarian actions.”

In England, infections were up just 7 per cent in a week to 98,515 on Monday, though the figures were for England only, and did not represent Britain’s situation as a whole.

But, Omicron’s threat to the NHS was exposed by other data. 

Covid hospital admissions rose to their highest levels since February Christmas Day. 1,281 coronavirus infected patients were admitted on wards. This is an increase of 74% from a week ago. 

With 143 deaths today, compared with 44 the previous Monday, death has more than tripled. This was due to an unusually slow pace, with no deaths recorded on Christmas Day or three on Boxing Day. 

The cases in Scotland rose to new heights over the Christmas break. However, the UK will not include the totals until Wednesday as they are included in Northern Ireland’s update. Officially, the tolls in Wales for Christmas will be recorded on Tuesday.

Despite Johnson’s aversion to introducing new restrictions Health Secretary Sajad javid dangled a threat of tightening restrictions 2022 to bring England on par with the rest. This was to encourage New Year’s Eve partygoers to’remain careful’

The Prime Minister, though, heeded pleas from the hospitality industry urging him to hold firm amid hopeful signs that Omicron is not as dangerous as previous variants.

After a disastrous Christmas, pub bosses stated that they are ‘on the edge’.    

Johnson received praise from his party members for being firm. Conservative MPs said that the data didn’t support him acting any tougher. 

Andrew Bridgen Tory MP North West Leicestershire called the Scottish and Welsh steps a ‘overreaction’.

James Evans, Welsh Conservative Senedd Member for Brecon and Radnorshire, joined those on social media criticising Mr Drakeford and Mrs Sturgeon for bringing in tougher measures.

He stated that the Welsh Government had not yet provided any scientific proof to support their restrictions. 

Mr Drakeford and Mrs Sturgeon have been accused of devastating the hospitality industries in Wales and Scotland

The hospitality sector in Wales, Scotland has been destroyed by Mr Drakeford (and Mrs Sturgeon).

“The People of Wales have seen through Mark Drakeford’s actions and are angry that Drakeford is trying to play politics with their lives.

William Lees Jones, the Boss of JW Lees hospitality chain, tweeted last night that Mr Drakeford and Mrs Sturgeon were outlawed from JW Lees pubs.

Twitter: “The @JWLeesBrewery Christmas gift for the UK this Year is that… @NicolaSturgeon @MarkDrakeford #SusanMichie@Peston #neil_ferguson”

The tweet was followed by Mr Lees Jones, who confirmed that the First Ministers had been ‘barred for their lives’. 

The New Year’s Eve restrictions follow an announcement from Mrs Sturgeon last week that just 100 people would be able to attend a standing indoor event and 200 seated in Scotland.

The outdoor events are also limited to 500 people, a restriction that has harmed football the most.

Twitter user furious said that Drakeford and Sturgeon would soon offer their help for HMG financial support.

Another commentator added that Sturgeon and Drakeford were turning out to be tiny socialist dictators. They will ruin the hospitality industry of Scotland and Wales by imposing lockdown regulations that are absurd and cause so much damage to people’s mental health.

From today, new Covid restrictions were introduced in Scotland and Wales. 

As leaders in Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland try to fight rising Covid cases, new coronavirus restrictions have been introduced. However politicians in England won’t discuss any further measures until Monday. 

These three countries have imposed restrictions on how big gatherings can get, social distancing requirements, and stricter guidelines for restaurants, pubs and leisure venues.  

Boxing Day matches in Scotland, which are played before a maximum 500-person crowd, will now be held in front of the new rules. In Wales however all major sporting events will take place behind closed doors. 

From today, a maximum of six people will be allowed to meet in pubs, cinemas and restaurants in Wales and a total of 30 people will be allowed at indoor events while 50 people will be allowed at outdoor events.

Mark Drakeford, the first minister, also stated that two-metre social distance is required in offices and public buildings. Nightclubs will be closed.

These rules are an updated version of Alert Level Two and will be in effect from this morning at 6am.

Large events in Scotland will require a one-metre distance. This will limit the number of people who can be seen indoors (100, 200, and 500) and outdoor activities.

One day later, three households may meet at outdoor and indoor venues such as bars, restaurants and cinemas. Where alcohol is served, table service is required.

Northern Ireland also has restrictions regarding Boxing Day (December 27) and Nightclub closings.

The number of households that can socialize will drop to three, while six or more people may meet up in bars, restaurants and pubs. If the members of the household are all from one house, then they can have up to ten persons. Table service is not available.

In public buildings and offices, a social distancing limit of two metres will apply.