There are literally fireworks at the pitch! Both Waterford and Hashtag United are marred by stupid fans who aim rockets at the players on Bonfire Night – one match was abandoned after they refused to stop.

  • Waterford’s game with Shamrock Rovers was called off due to fireworks
  • The away stand fans set off fireworks and then threw the items onto the pitch
  • Anthony Wordsworth received help after he was struck by fireworks.
  • The game restarted after an eight minute stoppage and Shamrock Rovers won
  • Hashtag United also lost their game when one of its players was struck by a fireworks. 

Fireworks disrupted games around the globe on Friday night, but not more than those of Hashtag Unified and Waterford.  

Footage has emerged of fans in Ireland igniting fireworks and aiming them at the players on the pitch. As a result, Waterford’s game was suspended. 

Meanwhile, Hashtag United had to abandon their game after fireworks let off in a nearby house struck one of their players on the pitch.     

Games at both Hashtag United and Waterford were disrupted by fireworks on Friday night

On Friday, fireworks disrupted the games at Hashtag Unified and Waterford.

Footage (above) has emerged of fans lighting the fireworks and throwing them onto the pitch just 15 minutes in to the game

Below is footage of people lighting fireworks and throwing them on the pitch 15 minutes into the match.

Waterford’s fixture against Shamrock Rovers had to be suspended following fireworks that were set off at the RSC.

After fans from the away stand set off fireworks and then threw the objects onto the pitch, referee Rob Hennessy had to stop the game. 

Players and sport staff were seen protecting their heads as they ducked to take cover during the fixture on Friday evening.   

A video has been released showing people lighting fireworks on the pitch and throwing them onto it just fifteen minutes before the start of the game. 

Three large fireworks exploded over the heads of the players before Hennessy called for the game to be suspended. 

Anthony Wordsworth, Waterford’s resident fireworks expert was visible injured and sought assistance from his teammates after he had been struck two times. 

After an 8 minute delay, the game resumed. However, a PA announced that the referee had stated that “if any further anti-social behavior is observed, then the game would be abandoned.”  

Shamrock Rovers went on to win the game 3-1 despite Waterford taking an early lead through John Martin. 

According to police, several people associated with fireworks were taken from the stadium. 

Those fans are likely to face prosecution as the law in the Republic of Ireland states that ‘only category F1 fireworks (such as sparklers) are available for sale, possession and use to amateurs.’ 

Just days earlier, Dundalk had announced that anyone caught using pyrotechnics during matches would be banned for life.    

The Hashtag United reserve team were winning their game against Crookz United 2-0 when Matas Skrna (above) was struck by a firework

When Matas Skrna, above), was striking by a firework and the reserve Hashtag United team beat Crookz United 2 to 1.

The rocket came flying out of a house nearby and hit Skrna on the ankle. The player fell to the ground in agony but the club have since confirmed he is ok

Skrna was hit on his ankle by the rocket as it flew from a nearby house. Although the player was in pain, the club confirmed that he is okay.

After fans set off fireworks on the pitch, Hashtag United’s reserve team was forced to abandon their game. 

The Hashtag United reserves were winning their game against Crookz United 2-0 when Matas Skrna was struck by a firework. 

The rocket came flying out of a house nearby and hit Skrna on the ankle. After a moment of agony, the player collapsed to the ground before his team-mates helped. 

The club have since confirmed on Twitter that Skrna is ok but said the game had to abandoned as the house where fireworks came from refused to stop. 

According to the club, which is based in Essex, the police were also called following the incident.