Moment gang, arming with TASERS and knives attacked group of men. They then stole two watches.

  • Video footage shows two men being raped and knocked on the floor by thugs
  • A gang member in masked mask tases defenseless men while a passerby shouts, “Leave them alone!”
  • It is believed that thieves stole two watches and made off with the proceeds in a black sedan.
  • Incident happened on Tuesday in Knightsbridge, London and has been reported to the police

Terrifying footage shows a gang of thieves armed with Tasers attacking two men in the middle of London street.

The three muggers can be seen knocking their victims to the ground after violently stunning them – and then making off with two watches.

It happened Tuesday night in Knightsbridge central London.  

Terrifying footage shows a gang of thieves armed with Tasers attacking two men on a darkened street in Knightsbridge, central London on Tuesday

In horrifying footage, a gang of burglars armed with Tasers attacked two men in Knightsbridge on Tuesday.

One of the stun guns is being fired at one man by a male hooded man, and a witness can be heard shouting “Leave them alone!”

You could hear the Taser crackling sounds and see bright flashes coming from it as muggers disable their targets.

The victim falls to the ground and one of the masked men appears to look through his pockets for any valuables.

A bystander can be heard shouting 'leave them alone' as one of the hooded men fires a stun gun at one man

One man is stun-armed and a witness can be heard shouting “Leave them alone!”

A second member of the gang could be seen with a knife.

The incident is being filmed by a man from the top who shouts to the group, ‘I am calling police. But the attackers continue to attack.

The thugs appear to have found some items and then jump in a getaway vehicle before speeding off.

Met Police spokesmen said, “Police are asking for witnesses and information after a robbery at Knightsbridge.”

A Met Police spokesman said: 'Police are appealing for witnesses and information following a robbery in Knightsbridge'

Met Police spokesperson said that police are looking for witnesses after a Knightsbridge robbery

“A group of people were strolling along at 12:05 on Tuesday, November 16 when three men approached them and threatened to steal their watches.

“They also assaulted 2 males within the group.

“The four suspects, who had two stun guns as well as a knife in their possession, fled the scene in a vehicle driven by another person.

According to the report, “None” of the victims received serious injuries from the incident.

No arrests. Investigations continue.