It was a lot of lemons. As a mass brawl breaks forth at the fruit and vegetable shop, men fight each other with guns

  • Video captures a mass fight at a fruit and vegetable shop in North London
  • The group appears to be waiting for the man, who leaves the shop immediately and is attacked 
  • The streets are littered with bananas, as men scuffle one another using poles

After a viral video of gang members attacking one another with guns, this is when a fruit-and-veg shop turns into the unexpected location for a massive brawl. 

The scene is captured on film and shows a man walking out of a grocery store. A group of four men waited outside Cricklewood in north London as the scene unfolded.  

On camera, one of the thugs is seen hitting the man with large sticks while the other man raises his arms in an attempt to defend himself.  

Footage recorded at the scene shows a man leaving a grocery shop in Cricklewood, north London, as a group of four men armed with weapons lay in wait outside

Video footage captured at the scene shows one man leaving Cricklewood’s grocery shop, north London. Outside, a group four men holding weapons were waiting.

One of the thugs can be seen on camera hitting the man with a large pole, as the man swings his arms up in a bid to fight back

The man is being attacked by one of the thugs with a long pole. As the man tries to fight back, he swings his arms high in an effort to get away.

A second hooded male bumps into the corner and knocks over the bowl of bananas.

After the brawl spills out onto the roadway, the man gets hit once more with the pole.

The attacker man accosted the men and shook the bus stops nearby.

Met representatives were contacted for comment.  

Fruit and vegetables including bananas spill out onto the pavement as the men attack one another during the evening

As men battle one another in the evening, fruits and vegetables like bananas pour onto the sidewalk.

The scuffle spills over into the road, with the man being hit again with the long pole before it is dropped and the gang flee the scene

As the fight spills onto the street, the man is hit with another long pole. Then the gang escapes the scene.

Video was shared on Twitter. It has been viewed more than 23,000 times. 

A Twitter user commented: Fair play to the man who left the shop alone V 5 of them.

“When he views this video, he’ll feel proud of himself. And so should he.

Unimpressed viewers said, “Wow! That’s too sad. I used to live near the house and it was beautiful 5 years ago.”

“Looks as if London is going insane.”

Some others made light of the situation.

One person on social media laughed: “Is that Alpha Males Assemble, fall out over fruits?”

One second said: “I wonder what the owner of the shop does with the fruit on the ground? Does he put it back into the bowls and sell it?”

‘Disagreement over last fresh items’, a third quipped.