A group of Jewish teenage boys are captured on video spewing at a bus filled with Jewish men celebrating Hanukkah’s first night in Oxford Street.

  • Scenes unfolded in Oxford Street, on the bus carrying Jewish teens.
  • A gang of men smashed shoes into buses and attacked them from the exterior.
  • Police understood to be treating it as racially-aggravated  public order offence

The disturbing footage shows police investigating the actions of a group of Jewish teenage revelers celebrating Hanukkah. 

London’s iconic shopping area, Oxford Street was the victim of Monday night’s attack.

You can’t hear any of the insults made by the yobs in the Facebook video because they were outside the bus.

However, terrified passengers can clearly be picked up from the vehicle and told that they are all Jewish.

The attack happened on London's flagship shopping strip Oxford Street on Monday

London’s iconic shopping area, Oxford Street, was the victim of Monday’s attack

Jewish teenagers filmed the attack

It unfolded outside Boots

You can hear none of the insults made by the yobs in the Facebook video.

It is understood the Met is looking at it as a potential racially-aggravated public order offence

The Met may consider it a possible racially-aggravated offense against public order

One of the yobs unintentionally takes one of his shoes off and plucks it against the sides of the vehicle.

According to the Met, it is a possible offense of racially-aggravated Public Order.

One viewer said that the video was disgusting and intolerant.

“I pray they are arrested, caught and made an example of.” Peace.’

The brazen thugs showed little worry of getting into any trouble with the police

Brazen thugs didn’t seem to be afraid of being in trouble with police 

Viewers of the video were disgusted by the attack and branded it 'disgusting behaviour'

The video’s viewers were horrified by it and called it “disgusting behavior”.

A second added comment was: “Absolutely disgusting behaviour.”

The time of the video is unknown, but the scene was dark. Superdrug Boots and Boots are visible in the background.

Hanukkah is also called the festival of light and commemorates Jewish rebellion in the second Century B.C. It was against the Greek-Syrian empire, which tried to force its culture onto the Jewish people. They also adorned the Jewish Temple at Jerusalem with statues representing Greek gods.

This holiday lasts for eight days. According to Jewish tradition, one vial of oil that was sufficient for one-day, and enough for eight, miraculously burned for eight when Jews rededicated Jerusalem’s Temple.

Many Jews see the holiday as a symbol of victory over evil.